Information resources

We produce a range of resources that explain how the Scottish Parliament works and encourage public involvement. All of our resources are free and many are available in a range of languages and formats. 

  1. Our animations below include, first, simple introductions to key aspects of the Scottish Parliament. These are followed by animations that give more detailed information about parliamentary process and procedures. 
  2. Our interactive apps allow you to find out about the Chamber, committees and how to make your voice heard. 
  3. Our leaflets below provide information on the Parliament, your representatives, visiting and getting involved. 

If you have any feedback or comments on these resources, please contact Public Information.

These resources were produced during session 5 and will be updated in due course. 


Powers - animation

A short guide to the powers of the Scottish Parliament.


Committees - animation

A short guide to the role that committees play in the Scottish Parliament and how you can get involved.


Members of the Scottish Parliament - animation

A quick introduction to how MSPs can help you.


The Scottish Government - animation

A short guide to the difference between the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Government.


Laws - animation

A quick animated guide to how laws are made in the Scottish Parliament


Petitioning the Scottish Parliament

This animation explains how you can petition the Scottish Parliament, including the issues you can raise and how the process works.


The Role of Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) (English)

A short overview of the different roles of Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs)


Scottish budget process - animation

An overview of the Scottish budget process


First Minister's Questions (FMQs) - animation

A quick animated guide to First Minister's Questions (FMQs)


The Role of the Presiding Officer

An overview of the role of the Presiding Officer and Deputy Presiding Officers


Decision time - animation

Watch our short animation to find out what happens at decision time in the Chamber and how you can discover what has been decided.


Legislative consent - animation

Learn about legislative consent in our short animation.

Picture of Debating Chamber

The Debating Chamber

Use this interactive resource to find out about the Debating Chamber.

Picture of committee room


Use this interactive resource to find out about committee rooms


Your Voice

Use our interactive guide to find out how to make your voice heard at the Scottish Parliament.


Your Scottish Parliament

This leaflet explains the role of the Parliament and includes the 2016 election results.


Your Parliament at Work

This leaflet explains the work of MSPs in the Parliament and how to get involved.


Your Representatives

This leaflet gives an overview of the different elected representatives you have in the Scottish Parliament, local authorities, the UK Parliament and the European Parliament and lists some of the issues they deal with.


The 'Who Represents Me?' series

Leaflets that explain why people who live in Scotland have different types of representation, and that clarify the role of the Scottish Parliament.

Visitor Services Tour Guide

The 'Visit Holyrood' series

Leaflets that help people to get the most out of their visit to the Parliament building

Three of the leaflets produced by Scottish Parliament Public Information

Leaflet Order Form

A quick and easy way to order free leaflets produced by Scottish Parliament Public Information.

picture of contact card, information stand and bookmarks

Promotional Resources

Promotional resources available to order

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