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Everyone in Scotland can become involved in the work of the Scottish Parliament, whatever language they use

Gaelic has played an important part in the Scottish Parliament since it opened in 1999, which was formalised following the passing of the Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act 2005. Following this Act, the Parliament developed its statutory Gaelic language plan, to give structure to the increased opportunities to engage with its work through Gaelic. This plan puts into practice the principle that the Gaelic and English languages should be accorded equal respect.

You can use Gaelic to engage with the Parliament whether you are a fluent speaker or learner

  • You can write to or email the Scottish Parliament using Gaelic and you will receive a reply in Gaelic. You can also phone us on our Gaelic number 0131 348 5395
  • You can follow us and interact with us on social media in Gaelic. We have a strong social media presence in Gaelic including a Twitter feed and a Gaelic blog.
  • A wide range of information and educational resources are available in print and online in Gaelic.
  • The Parliament’s website contains a range of Gaelic pages
  • We offer Gaelic or bilingual sessions for schools, colleges and other educational groups. See the education section of our website for further details.
  • For people interested in Gaelic or learning the language, we have a Gaelic Word of the Week feature on Soundcloud which enables learners to learn some simple Gaelic while learning about the Parliament.

You can also participate in the parliamentary process through Gaelic

  • You can write to or email your MSPs in Gaelic.
  • You can submit written evidence to parliamentary committees in Gaelic.
  • You can submit public petitions in Gaelic.
  • If invited to address the Parliament, you may do so in Gaelic subject to prior agreement from the Presiding Officer.
  • If invited to give oral evidence to a parliamentary committee, you may do so in Gaelic subject to prior agreement from the committee convener.

We also aim to raise awareness of the language amongst the general public through measures such as bilingual signage in our building and the use of Gaelic in our publications.

For full details of Gaelic in the Scottish Parliament, see our SPCB Gaelic language plan and our language policy.


SPCB Gaelic Language Plan 2018-23

The third phase of our Gaelic Language Plan is now open for consultation

A phrase written in Gaelic on the Canongate Wall

Speak a Little Gaelic / Write a Little Gaelic

Speak a Little is a new publication which contains some simple Gaelic phrases, terms of address and useful parliamentary terminology.

Contact us

For any questions about Gaelic in the Scottish Parliament, contact our Gaelic Development Officer:

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