Language in Parliament

Friday 4th October 2019 

Friday 15th November 2019 

A day long event for Higher English students examining the use of language in Parliament

Parliaments are all about language: spoken in debates, written in reports, and set down in laws. This event brings experts from different areas to provide an in-depth look into the importance of language, writing, and speech-making in the daily work of the Parliament. In workshops, students will explore the rhetoric and writing behind speeches, the editorial judgment used in accurately reporting the Parliament’s work, and how language can be unbiased, persuasive, and clear when making laws.

Places will be shared between the schools that apply, although priority will be given to schools that have not taken part in previous years. If attending, schools will be allocated 8 spaces for pupils, plus 1 space for an accompanying adult. Students will take part in all 3 workshops: Speechwriting, The Official Report and Bills & Legislation.

Provisional Programme:

09 30 — Welcome and introduction

10 00 — Setting the scene — tour of Debating Chamber

10 30 — Workshop 1

11 30 — Break

11 45 — Workshop 2

12 45 — Lunch (provided)

13 30 — Workshop 3

14 30 — MSP Q&A session

15 00 — Finish

What students will get from the workshops


persuasive language, rhetoric, and the role of speeches in the Parliament. Using a variety of examples of political speeches this workshop explores key techniques used in persuasive writing, discussing ways in which you can enhance your persuasive writing pieces.

The Official Report:

the challenge of conveying the spoken word in a written report, and the way a word, comma or apostrophe can change the meaning of a sentence. This workshop involves close reading and explores the relationship between spoken and written language. It will help develop writing skills needed for folios and exams. The Official Report conveys the meaning of what is said – communicating meaning is one of the key skills required to pass at Higher.

Bills and Legislation:

this workshop will help particularly with skills needed in Close Reading and exam essays, looking at real examples from the Scottish Parliament and exploring the importance of language when writing legislation. When answering Close Reading questions you must be able to demonstrate understanding and express yourself clearly. In exam essays time pressures mean you must be able to write quickly but also precisely and clearly.


This is a free event.

Please contact us to register your interest.
(0131) 348 5401


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