Special Delivery: The William Wallace Letters

William Wallace Letter

Free exhibition, The Scottish Parliament

  • Wednesday 15 August – Saturday 8 September. 

William Wallace stirred strong reactions in the years leading to his execution in 1305, and still does today.

This exciting exhibition explored the turbulent times in which he lived, and offered a special chance to see the only two documents with a personal link to him.

Wallace emerged from obscurity in 1297 to play a key role fighting in the Scottish wars of independence.

On display were the letter issued by Wallace and Sir Andrew Murray after the Battle of Stirling Bridge, in which they plead for the Hanseatic trading port of Lübeck to resume trade with Scotland.

Visitors could also see the letter from King Philip IV of France asking agents to assist Wallace in his business before the Pope in 1300.

  • Images courtesy of the National Archives, London and Lubeck City Archives.
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