Who's who in the Scottish Parliament

The Scottish Electorate

  • Anyone living in Scotland who is over 16 years old and on the Electoral Register
  • The electorate vote for MSPs


  • There are 129 MSPs (Members of the Scottish Parliament) elected by the Scottish people:
  • 73 constituency MSPs, and 56 regional MSPs (7 for each of the 8 regions)
  • Each person therefore has 8 MSPs to represent them in Parliament.
  • MSPs vote for the Presiding Officer and the First Minister

Presiding Officer

  • One MSP is elected to chair the meetings of Parliament.

First Minister

  • MSPs vote for the First Minister.
  • The First Minister is head of the Scottish Government and has overall responsibility for the policies (proposals) of the Government.
  • The First Minister must ensure that these policies are implemented (put in place).
  • The First Minister represents the Government in the media and at official meetings.
  • The First Minister selects the MSPs who will be in the Government.

Scottish Government

  • The Scottish Government is the government in Scotland for all devolved matters.
  • The Scottish Government is formed by the party or parties holding the majority of seats in Parliament.
  • The MSPs in the Government are called ‘Scottish Ministers’.

MSPs block

Current MSPs

Details of your Constituency and Regional MSPs including their parliamentary activities and contact details.

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