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Fisher in Snow 1966 by John Bellany

Bellany, John

John Bellany, Fishers in the Snow

Kilclooney Dolmen by Liam Delton

Belton, Liam

Liam Belton, Kilclooney Dolmen, Donegal

Harry Benson, 'portrait of Sir David Steel' and 'portrait of Geroge Reid'

Benson, Harry

Harry Benson, Portraits of Presiding Officers

The Boyle Family, 'Study of Sand and Black Rocks, Hebrides'

Boyle Family

Boyle Family, Study of Rippled Sand and Black Rocks, Hebrides

Sara Brennan, 'Broken Linen Line tapestry'

Brennan, Sara

Sara Brennan, Broken Linen Line

Crassula, blue painted bronze, wooden plinth

Buisman, Sjoerd

Sjoerd Buisman, Crassula

Image not available

Cattrell, Peter

Peter Cattrell, Highlands and Lowlands

Thomas Joshua Cooper, Photograph of the sea

Cooper, Thomas Joshua

Thomas Joshua Cooper, The Swelling of the Sea Furthest West, North-most

Oak and sycamore desk

Colwell, David

David Colwell, Visitor Information Desk

Pre-Union Coat of Arms by Mark Dennis

Dennis, Mark

Mark Dennis, Pre-Union Coat of Arms

Declaration of Arbroath

Declaration of Arbroath

Declaration of Arbroath

Oil painting of Dr Winifred Ewing by David Donaldson

Donaldson, David

David Donaldson, Dr Winifred Margaret Ewing

The Parliament's Chanukiah

Draper, Julian and Parry, Nicholas

Julian Draper and Nicholas Parry, Chanukiah, 2014

Granite egg by Sigurđur Guđmundsson

Guđmundsson, Sigurđur

Sigurdur Gudmundsson, Granite Egg

Ghost Orchid, 2012 by Siobhan Healy

Healy, Siobhan

Ghost Orchid, 2012 by Siobhan Healy

Jorg Hempel, Photographs of other Parliaments and their Debating Chambers

Hempel, Jorg

Jorg Hempel, Photographs of other Parliaments and their Debating Chambers

Light under Clouds, Digital prints

Hendrie, Niall

Niall Hendrie, Light under Clouds

Fields of Endeavour tapestry

Hodge, Maureen

Maureen Hodge, Fields of Endeavour: Territory II

3 cement portrait heads by Kenny Hunter

Hunter, Kenny

Kenny Hunter, Three Works form the Opus Series

Exposed painting by Callum Innes

Innes, Callum

Callum Innes, Exposed Painting: Cobalt Black, Violet, Charcoal Black

Marble cube sculpture by Salvador Juanpere

Juanpere, Salvador

Salvador Juanpere, 135 Vectors

Glass, light and sound installation by Alison Kinnaird

Kinnaird, Alison

Alison Kinnaird, MBE, Psalmsong

The Mace by Michael Lloyd

Lloyd, Michael

Michael Lloyd, The Mace

Oil lives, digital photographs

Logan, Owen

Owen Logan, Oil Lives series

Mixed media painted wood construction featuring motif of a boat seen from above

Maclean, Will

Will Maclean, Voyage of the Anchorites

Night Roses, 2002

Magnus, Marianne

Marianne Magnus, Night Roses

Caricatures by Malcolm McCormick

McCormick, Malcolm

Malcolm McCormick, Caricatures of Presiding Officer

100 porcelain sentances

McMullan, Shauna

Shauna McMullan, Travelling the Distance

Artist's imagined scene upon the opening of the Scottish Parliament in 1999.

McVeigh, Michael

Michael McVeigh, Scotland Declares Itself a Nation

Orkney photograph

Moberg, Gunnie

Gunnie Moberg, Orkney and Shetland series

Poem by Edwin Morgan

Morgan, Edwin

Edwin Morgan, Open the Doors!

Evening Low Tide Tobermory

Morrison, John Lowrie

John Lowrie Morrison

Shaun Murawski and his portrait of Her Majesty The Queen

Murawski, Shaun

Shaun Murawski, Her Majesty The Queen

Photograph by Mark Neville

Neville, Mark

Mark Neville, Annie and Snowy


Nicol, Ruth

Ruth Nicol, Holyrood 2014, Robert Garioch, 2014

Mossers, Rebels and Wolves

Onwin, Glen

Glen Onwin, Mossers, Rebels and Wolves, Heather forest (Coral) tree, 2004

The Arniston Stone


The Arniston Stone

Right Honourable John Smith QC MP

Paolozzi, Sir Eduardo

Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, bronze of John Smith QC

Service by David Rowlands

Rowlands, David

David Rowlands, Service

Carved coat of arms of Scottidsh quartered arms in style of late 17th centuary.

Squire, Romilly

Romilly Squire, Coat of Arms

Norma Starszakowna, Hinterland, 2004

Starszakowna, Norma

Norma Starszakowna, Hinterland

Three Honours of Scotland statue by Graham Stewart

Stewart, Graham

Graham Stewart, Three Honours of Scotland

Lunar Table

Stoddart, Mark

Mark Stoddart, Lunar Table


Sulter, Maud

Maud Sulter, Akwambo

Flexion by Alison Watt

Watt, Alison

Alison Watt, Flexion

Photograph of Standing Stone on Orkney, Scotland

Watson, Albert

Albert Watson, Standing Stone, The Orkneys

10 colour photographs

Wheeldon, Claire

Claire Wheeldon, Inclusion series

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