Media Tower

The Media Tower is located at the corner of Horse Wynd and the Canongate and sits adjacent to the Debating Chamber.

There are four floors in the Media Tower. The ground floor forms the public entrance to the Main Hall. The mezzanine level provides office accommodation for print journalists as well as the chamber conference facilities. At first floor level there are offices for the Parliament’s own broadcasting unit, as well as the main press conference facilities, and the second floor level contains offices for broadcast journalists

The Media TowerExternal panels

Around the building you will find distinctive panels of granite and oak. A good example of this is on the Media Tower. As with many features around the building designed by Enric Miralles they are open to a range of interpretations. Benedetta Tagliabue once described them as 'curtains'. 

Black and white corridor

The space between the Chamber and the Media Tower at first floor level is an area where the media can conduct interviews with MSPs. It is referred to as the ‘black and white corridor’. The floor is covered with black and white Italian marble tiles, echoing the equivalent space in the Church of Scotland's Assembly Hall on the Mound which the Parliament occupied during the construction of the Holyrood building.

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