Edinburgh is a walkable city for both residents and visitors. We strongly recommend walking to those who live within three miles of the Parliament. Walking is the most cost effective form of transport and produces zero emissions. It also has enormous health benefits. Walking can improve blood circulation and breathing, strengthen muscles, support joints, and put you in a good mood.

You can also combine walking with your regular transport mode.

Get the right gear

Choose comfortable shoes with a supporting heel and cushioned sole. Wear comfortable clothes and gear appropriate for Edinburgh weather; pack layers in your bag to be prepared for changing weather. Wear bright colours or reflective bands for visibility during the dark in winter.

Shower and changing facilities

The Scottish Parliament has facilities for building users who need to shower and change into work attire.

Have a light meal before walking

You will need to eat to give you the energy you need for your walking routine, but a heavy meal could give you an uncomfortable stomach during walking.

Keep hydrated

If you walk more than two miles, consider packing a small bottle of water in your bag to keep you hydrated.

Enjoy your walk

Set your own pace and enjoy the freedom that walking brings.

Know your routes

Plan your route to the Parliament using walkit or download Edinburgh walking map

Try different routes for new scenery or meditative walking

Join an active travel challenge to raise fund for your chosen cause or charity organization.

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