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Current Bills

An alphabetical list of Bills currently before the Scottish Parliament.

Members in the Chamber

Bills Explained

The various types of Bills that can be introduced to the Scottish Parliament and the procedures and requirements for processing Bills through the Scottish Parliament.


Previous Bills

An alphabetical list of all Bills introduced in the Scottish Parliament in Sessions 2, 3, 4 and 5. Bills are added to this list once the legislative process is complete.

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Previous Bills by Session

All Bills considered by the Scottish Parliament categorised by session.

Act of the Scottish Parliament receives Royal Assent

Bills passed by the Parliament

A complete list of all the Bills of the Scottish Parliament passed from 1999 to present.

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Current Proposals for Members' Bills

A Member’s Bill is a public Bill introduced by a member who is not a member of the Scottish Executive. Before gaining the right to introduce a Bill, the member must follow various procedural steps.

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Proposed Private and Hybrid Bills

Information about proposed Private and Hybrid Bills - including the text of advertisements announcing the intention to introduce such Bills in the near future.

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Legislative and Public Bodies Act Consent Memorandums

Documents prepared by the Government or a MSP describing a Westminster Bill that contains provisions on devolved matters, or provisions that would alter the devolved competence of the Parliament or the Government.

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Bill Summaries

Bill Summaries are prepared by research staff of the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) and provide brief information on each bill.

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Legislation Team

The Legislation Team handles the introduction of Bills and publication of Bills and Acts, amendments to Bills, clerking support for consideration of Bills in the Chamber, and advice on legislative procedure.

Bills on new website

All Bills from Session 5 are now only available on our new website. 

When you select any of the links to Session 5 Bills in the Current Bills or Previous Bills sections you will be automatically taken to the new website.

Please help us keep improving the new website by using the feedback tab available on every page.

Read our blog post to find out more

Scottish Legislation

the official home of enacted and revised UK legislation, including Acts of the Scottish Parliament, Acts of the Old Scottish Parliament, Scottish Statutory Instruments, and Scottish Draft Statutory Instruments

provided by The National Archives

How are laws passed?

Legislation animated graphic

Our How laws are passed webpages include videos and case studies to explain the different stages of the law-making process, how to follow proceedings and how you can get involved.

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