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Next Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Affairs Committee Meeting

Date: 15th Meeting, Thursday 16 May 2019

Location: Robert Burns Room (CR1)

1. Decision on taking business in private: The Committee will decide whether to take item 4, and any consideration of draft annual reports at future meetings, in private.

2. Local commercial radio: The Committee will take evidence from—

Glenn Preston, Director, Scotland, Tony Close, Director of Content Standards, Licensing and Enforcement, and Neil Stock, Director of Broadcast Licensing, Ofcom;

and then from—

Graham Bryce, Group Managing Director, Hits Radio Network, and Peter Davies, Project Manager, Bauer Media; and

Adam Findlay, Head of Radio, DC Thomson Media.

3. Consideration of evidence heard (in private): The Committee will consider evidence heard earlier in the meeting.

4. Annual report: The Committee will consider a draft annual report for the parliamentary year from 12 May 2018 to 11 May 2019.

5. Work programme — Appointment of an Adviser (in private): The Committee will consider the selection of an adviser in relation to its inquiry into the future of Arts Funding.

Official Report of Meeting 16 May 2019

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