First-tier Tribunal (Housing and Property Chamber)


About the Inquiry

We held an evidence session on Wednesday 11 March 2020 to look at how The First Tier Tribunal for Scotland (Housing and Property Chamber) is working. The Tribunal was set up to deal with a variety of disputes and issues from landlords, tenants, letting agents and factors.

The Committee wanted to hear about: 

  • what the Tribunal are doing well
  • the challenges the Tribunal are facing
  • what issues those using it are experiencing
  • where improvements could be made  


The First Tier Tribunal for Scotland (Housing and Property Chamber) deals with problems in the private rental housing sector. Before the Tribunal was created, issues were dealt with by the Sheriff Court and two other bodies. The Tribunals (Scotland) Act 2014 transferred their powers to the Tribunal in 2016.

The things people ask The Tribunal to deal with usually fall into 6 main areas:  

  • Private rented sector applications (such as eviction or how much rent should be paid)
  • Repairing standard applications (to force a landlord to carry out necessary repairs)
  • Landlord’s (right of entry) applications (to allow landlords access to their property to carry out inspection and repairs)
  • Rent assessment applications 
  • Homeowner (property factor) applications (where a factor has not carried out maintenance to a property)
  • Letting agent applications (where an agent has not complied with the letting agent code of practice)  

More information on all of these can be found on the Scottish Judiciary website. 

The Tribunal does not deal with social housing sector issues.


11 March 2020

At this meeting we heard from;

  • Shelter Scotland
  • Scottish Association of Landlords
  • Property Managers Association Scotland
  • The Law Society of Scotland
  • Living Rent; and
  • Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service

Written evidence was submitted by;



The Public Petitions Committee (PPC) wrote to the Convener regarding Petition PE1743

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