Regional Marine Plans


About the Inquiry

At its meeting on 12 September 2017, the Committee agreed to take a strategic approach to its work of the marine environment and to conduct an inquiry into the marine environment over the remainder of the session, focusing on implementation of the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010. On 6 March 2018 the Committee subsequently agreed the focus of its inquiry and on 26 June 2018 the Committee agreed to an inquiry into regional marine planning, exploring the role, status and effectiveness of the Regional Marine Plans (RMPs) and their integration with the terrestrial planning system.



Call for evidence (closed)

The Committee agreed to scrutinise the experience of developing and implementing the first two RMPs in Shetland and Clyde, and consider initial discussions on the third RMP under development in Orkney.

On 31 May 2019 the Committee issued a call for evidence. The closing date for written submissions was 12 July 2019.

The Call for Evidence focused on Part 3 of the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010, which makes provision for the creation of Marine Planning Partnerships and Regional Marine Plans (RMPs).

Read the call for evidence


11 June 2019: Roundtable on marine issues including a panel to discuss opportunities for marine planning and licensing systems to deliver more for the marine environment.

25 July 2019: On 17 May the Committee wrote to the Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform, to seek further information/clarification on a number of marine-related topics.

October 2019: Committee members visited the Shetland, Clyde and Orkney MPPs, holding informal meetings with stakeholders and with community groups.

January 2020: The Committee held an informal briefing meeting with Marine Scotland.

18 February 2020: The Committee agreed to publish an interim report and invite stakeholders to respond to this in a structured way; and to commission international best practice briefing to be complete by August.

Interim report

26 June 2020: Interim report published and targeted call for views launched. Read the report:

July 2020: the Committee wrote to stakeholders in relation to its interim report on regional marine planning.

6 October 2020: The Committee considered the written submissions


November 2020: The Committee held an informal briefing meeting with the research team on the commissioned research on international comparisons. Read the research:


Following the evidence session on 11 June 2019 RSPB Scotland wrote to the Committee with further information. Read the letter:

On 17 May the Committee wrote to the Cabinet Secretary to seek clarification and further information on a number of topics in relation to the marine environment. On 17 June The Cabinet Secretary responded. Read the letters: 

On 26 June 2020, the Committee published an interim report. On 14 July 2020, the Minister for Rural Affairs and the Natural Environment responded. Read the letter and the Convener’s reply:


The Committee published its final report on 17 December 2020. Read the report:

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