Crofting Legislative Priorities




On 5 October, the Committee agreed to undertake a short focussed review of priorities for crofting law reform. 

The key objectives of this piece of work were to:

  • inform the Committee of the activity already undertaken by stakeholders and the Scottish Government in working towards a reform of crofting law;
  • allow it to make an assessment of the priority action that has so far been identified; and
  • make recommendations on any action it considers necessary to progress and complement the reform process

In November 2016, the Committee held in four evidence sessions, where we heard evidence from crofting stakeholders:

Committee Report

The Committee published a report on a Review of Priorities for Crofting Law Reform on 9 March 2017.

Read the full report

The Committee received the Scottish Government's response on 31 March 2017 -


The Committee issued a call for evidence, which ran from 24 October to 25 November 2016.

Written evidence


For further information on the work of the committee you can contact the Clerks at 

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