Section F: Motions and Amendments

Motions and amendments are normally printed the day after they are lodged. If an amendment is lodged to a motion then the original motion will appear alongside the amendment, along with any support lodged that day, in this section.

Each Monday, this section also contains all motions and amendments lodged the previous week that are still live and any motions and amendments that have been lodged for debate in the coming week. A motion or amendment is live if it has not been debated, withdrawn or otherwise deleted from the list.

Where a motion or amendment has been withdrawn, it is indicated in this section the day after it has been withdrawn. Support for motions and amendments received after they are lodged is shown at the end of this section the day after such support is received.

Motions and amendments can be published with various symbols

  • Asterisks before the motion or amendment number indicate a motion or amendment published for the first time
  • Asterisks also identify alterations to the text of a motion or amendment made since it was first published
  • A hash symbol identifies motions eligible for debate at Members’ Business
  • A diamond symbol identifies motions lodged for Members’ Business that have not yet attracted the required cross-party support
  • An "R", identifies motions or amendments in which the Member who lodged it has a registrable interest.

The Parliamentary Bureau periodically deletes motions or amendments not scheduled for debate and which are over six weeks old.

Any questions in relation to this section should be directed to the Chamber Desk

New and altered motions and amendments

*S4M-13246 Angela Constance: Equity and Excellence in Education—That the Parliament agrees that there is much to be proud of in Scotland’s schools, with children achieving record exam results, fewer young people leaving school with no or few qualifications and record numbers securing positive destinations on leaving school; recognises that Scotland currently sits mid-table in the international rankings for school education; believes therefore that much more needs to be done to make all of Scottish education truly excellent; further believes that tackling inequity by delivering excellence is a key priority for the Scottish Government; acknowledges that, while the Scottish Government is committed to doing all that it can to eradicate poverty and that poverty can be a barrier to attainment, it should not be used as an excuse for failure; welcomes the fact that the Scottish Government has said that all options will be considered and that the evidence of what works will determine future policy, and calls on all involved, including parents, teachers, school leaders, employers and politicians, to play their part in overcoming barriers to delivering an education system that ensures that every child in every community has every chance to succeed at school and in life.

Supported by: Fiona McLeod*, Alasdair Allan*

*S4M-13245 Tavish Scott: Global Classroom Conference Comes to Shetland—That the Parliament notes that the 19th Global Classroom Conference will be held in Shetland from 20 to 29 June 2015; believes that the Global Classroom, a long-established partnership of eight schools from Shetland, Sweden, Germany, the Czech Republic, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the USA, has helped hundreds of pupils from Shetland to travel and make friends in the partner schools while "learning locally" and "thinking globally"; commiserates with the pupils from the one school that cannot attend this year’s event, those from the Shirley Boys’ High School in Christchurch in New Zealand, which is still being rebuilt after the 2011 earthquakes; congratulates the pupils and staff of Anderson High School in Lerwick who have worked to prepare a packed programme of workshops, presentations and trips around the isles based round this year’s theme of Sharing Pasts, Shaping Futures; further congratulates the parents who will provide the visitors with Shetland hospitality in their homes, and wishes all participants well for an enjoyable and inspiring time over the 10 days of the event.

Supported by: Mary Scanlon*, Rob Gibson*, John Pentland*, Jamie McGrigor*, Anne McTaggart*, Adam Ingram*, Jean Urquhart*, Kenneth Gibson*, John Finnie*

*S4M-13244 Sandra White: Traditional Construction Skills—That the Parliament welcomes the event held on 19 May 2015 at Glasgow Cathedral Square to showcase the range of traditional construction skills, such as carpentry, joinery, roof slating, plastering, stonemasonry, tiling and brickwork, that are currently being undertaken by modern apprentices in Scotland; recognises that the event was part of the wider Scottish Apprenticeship Week, organised by Skills Development Scotland, and was a collaboration of partners in the Glasgow Traditional Building Forum, which includes the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), Historic Scotland, Glasgow City Council and trade bodies, and brought together pupils from local schools with apprentices based at the City of Glasgow College and West College Scotland; believes that events such as these play a vital role in promoting the construction industry and the opportunities that the sector can provide to young people; notes that, according to CITB, recruitment of construction apprentices in Scotland is up 21%, a four-year high, and further welcomes the ongoing commitment by CITB and the wider construction sector to promote the industry to young people, irrespective of background, in order to make Scotland’s construction industry both stronger and more diverse.

*S4M-13243♦ Patricia Ferguson: Congratulations to Joanne Martin of Possilpark—That the Parliament congratulates Joanne Martin of Possilpark in the parliamentary constituency of Maryhill and Springburn on securing a place to study medicine at the University of Aberdeen; notes that Joanne is a former pupil of Springburn Academy; understands that Joanne’s initial applications to medical schools at Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee universities were all rejected although she had the qualifications required; further understands that Joanne then expanded her CV and experience by teaching health and hygiene in Ghana for three months and by taking an Open University course; believes that medicine and veterinary science have the lowest number of entrants from so-called deprived areas; considers that young people from such areas face more challenges in life and are unlikely to have the same extra-curricular activities and opportunities available to them and that they are also unlikely to have networks of professional contacts to provide mentoring and support; notes calls for the Scottish Government to do all that it can to ensure that universities take these factors into account when processing applications, and commends Joanne for her courage and determination, strengths that it believes will stand her in good stead as she pursues her chosen course of study.

*S4M-13242 John Pentland: LANDED Peer Education Service—That the Parliament congratulates LANDED Peer Education Service in Motherwell on its Big Lottery Young Start grant of £50,000; applauds the service, which provides peer education services for young people and service providers in Lanarkshire on sexual health, alcohol, smoking and drugs; understands that the charity will introduce a project to recruit young people aged between 16 and 22, who will be trained as peer volunteers to deliver awareness workshops to other young people; considers that the Young Start grants programme aims to create opportunities for children and young people to raise their potential and increase their skillset for later employment, and wishes LANDED Peer Education Service every success in this and future projects.

Supported by: Kevin Stewart*, Anne McTaggart*, Hanzala Malik*, Kenneth Gibson*, Jackie Baillie*, David Stewart*

*S4M-13241 Richard Lyle: Success of the Lanarkshire County Primary Schools’ Chess League Championship—That the Parliament congratulates St John the Baptist Primary School Primary School in Uddingston on winning the Lanarkshire County Primary Schools’ Chess League Championship; recognises that 48 teams entered the competition and that each played 12 matches on the last Thursdays in November, February and March; notes that the final took place on 15 May 2015 at St Bride’s Primary School in Cambuslang; wishes all of the children involved well, and encourages their continued participation in the sport.

Supported by: David Torrance*, Kevin Stewart*, Adam Ingram*, Bill Kidd*, Joan McAlpine*

*S4M-13240 Liam McArthur: In Memory of Cllr Alistair Gordon—That the Parliament notes with sadness the untimely passing of Cllr Alistair Gordon, following a lengthy illness; understands that Alistair was first elected to the Orkney Islands Council in 2003, initially representing the constituencies of Firth and Sunnybrae, then latterly the West Mainland; believes that his passionate belief in service to the community and good governance will be missed by many, including the fellow members of the Orkney Manifesto Group, which he helped to establish in 2012; recognises that Alistair’s contribution to the Orkney community extended well beyond his work on the council, including 15 years as a science teacher at Kirkwall Grammar School and a period in journalism at both the newspaper, The Orcadian, and BBC Radio Orkney; further believes that Alistair will be greatly missed by those whose lives he has touched over the years, and passes on condolences to his wife, Elaine, and their four daughters, Catherine, Helen, Emily and Margaret.

Supported by: Anne McTaggart*, Mary Scanlon*, Stuart McMillan*, Kenneth Gibson*, David Torrance*, Jim Hume*, Hanzala Malik*, Bill Kidd*, Jamie McGrigor*

*S4M-13239 Paul Martin: Easthall Residents Association—That the Parliament congratulates Easthall Residents Association on being accredited as an Investor in Young People; considers that the association provides a number of invaluable services to the community, including social and welfare facilities; notes that the organisation focuses on the development of young people and engages with local residents to help relieve poverty in the area; welcomes its ethos of giving young people a chance, whether as employees or volunteers, and believes that this has been key to its success in helping young people to build confidence while developing new skills.

Supported by: Kevin Stewart*, Neil Bibby*, Anne McTaggart*, Mike MacKenzie*, Patricia Ferguson*, Colin Beattie*, Dennis Robertson*, David Stewart*, Jackie Baillie*, David Torrance*

*S4M-13238 Mike MacKenzie: Fair Isle Migration Project—That the Parliament congratulates the Fair Isle Migration Project on the completion of its study into bird migration; understands that the project is a scientific collaboration between the Fair Isle Bird Observatory Trust and the University of Aberdeen, undertaken to analyse data collected from the Fair Isle Bird Observatory since 1955; notes that the findings have revealed significant changes in the number and timing of some long-distance migrant birds coming from Africa; considers the research findings essential for scientists to identify and understand these changes and their causes; welcomes that Dr Will Miles of the Fair Isle Migration Project will present some of his initial research from the sanctuary at RSPB Scotland’s Big Nature Festival in Musselburgh on 23-24 May 2015, and looks forward to considering the findings.

Supported by: Kevin Stewart*, Rob Gibson*, Jamie McGrigor*, Christina McKelvie*, Mary Scanlon*, Joan McAlpine*, Roderick Campbell*, Stuart McMillan*, John Wilson* R, Bill Kidd*, Colin Beattie*, Chic Brodie*, Adam Ingram*, Stewart Stevenson*, David Torrance*

*S4M-13237 John Pentland: Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2015—That the Parliament celebrates the fifth annual Scottish Apprenticeship Week, which will run from 18 to 22 May 2015; applauds Skills Development Scotland on what it considers the continued growth in quality modern apprentices being offered in Scotland; considers that, for many people, a modern apprenticeship is a preferred option that provides industry-recognised qualifications and experience of the world of work and is a fantastic avenue for people of all ages to embark on a strong career; believes that strong partnerships have been created with major employers across a broad spectrum of industries, ensuring that quality vocational training is available to young people, and wishes all apprentices well in their future careers.

Supported by: Christine Grahame*, Kevin Stewart*, Cara Hilton*, Jackie Baillie*, Anne McTaggart*, Mike MacKenzie*, Graeme Dey*, Mary Scanlon*, Stuart McMillan*, Roderick Campbell*, Jim Hume*, David Torrance*, Patricia Ferguson*, Colin Beattie*, Hanzala Malik*, Alex Rowley*, Jayne Baxter*, David Stewart*

*S4M-13236 Richard Simpson: Mary’s Meals Feeds One Million—That the Parliament congratulates Mary’s Meals, the Scottish-based charity, on reaching out to one million children, whom it feeds every day; considers this milestone a huge achievement; congratulates all those involved at every level in Scotland and in the countries that Mary’s Meals serves on the efficiency of the organisation; believes that, by ensuring that children are fed and attend school, the short- and long-term benefits will be substantial, and expresses the hope that the generosity of those who have made this milestone possible will continue and help Mary’s Meals to go even further.

Supported by: Kevin Stewart*, Jayne Baxter*, Anne McTaggart*, Lewis Macdonald*, Neil Findlay*, Gordon MacDonald*, Stewart Maxwell*, Bruce Crawford*, Dennis Robertson*, Gil Paterson*, Bill Kidd*, Mike MacKenzie*, Jackson Carlaw*, Patricia Ferguson*, Mary Fee*, Alex Rowley*, John Pentland*, Colin Beattie*, Hanzala Malik*, Alex Fergusson*, Michael Russell*, Liam McArthur*, Tavish Scott*, Adam Ingram*, David Stewart*, Jackie Baillie*, Stuart McMillan*, David Torrance*, Jamie McGrigor*, Liz Smith*, Nanette Milne*, Kenneth Gibson*

*S4M-13235 Alison Johnstone: The University of Edinburgh and Fossil Fuels Investment—That the Parliament believes that, in order to achieve a reasonable chance of limiting climate change to internationally agreed levels, the majority of the world’s fossil fuels must remain unused and therefore supports the goal of financial divestment from the fossil fuel industry; congratulates those bodies that it believes have taken positive steps, including the University of Glasgow, which has agreed to withdraw its investments from fossil fuels companies and cited the "devastating impact" of climate change as the reason; considers that the University of Edinburgh’s decision not to divest is a missed opportunity to help safeguard the environment and provide economic security for generations to come, and supports the campaign by People & Planet Edinburgh, to encourage the university to reconsider its approach to ethical investment.

*S4M-13234 Graeme Dey: Scottish Craft Butcher Awards—That the Parliament congratulates D H Robertson and Fleming Butchers, both of which are based in Arbroath, on their success at the 2015 Scottish Craft Butcher Awards; commends D H Robertson on receiving gold awards for its beef burger and Cajun salsa chicken mini buffet pie, which was created by the apprentice, Sean Melville, and silver awards for its Mexican madness chicken and pepper bake and mince and onion bridie; welcomes the three silver awards presented to Fleming Butchers for its steak and gravy pie, cheese and macaroni pie and beef burger; understands that almost 300 products from across Scotland were judged by a team of experts at the City of Glasgow College, and commends the work of these butchers in delivering top quality produce to the people of Angus.

Supported by: Gordon MacDonald*, Bill Kidd*, Mike MacKenzie*, Colin Beattie*, Gil Paterson*, David Torrance*, Dennis Robertson*, Chic Brodie*, Nigel Don*, Kevin Stewart*, Rob Gibson*, Joan McAlpine*, Adam Ingram*, Roderick Campbell*, Nanette Milne*

*S4M-13232 Christina McKelvie: Allowing 16 and 17-year-olds to Vote in Scottish Parliament and Local Elections—That the Parliament welcomes the Devolution (Further Powers) Committee plans to allow 16 and 17-year-olds to vote in Scottish Parliament and local elections; supports the specific arrangements created for registration to allow them to vote as soon as they turn 16; understands that the committee received more than a thousand responses from 16 and 17-year-olds who took part in the referendum; further understands that Dr Jan Eichhorn highlighted the benefits of lowering the age of suffrage, given that 62% of the Scottish young people talked about politics after the referendum compared with only 35% in England; notes that Bruce Crawford, the convener of the committee, said that the enthusiasm and engagement that the referendum generated demonstrated that young people want to vote; hopes that the Bill will be backed in the chamber and that the House of Commons will introduce the same for the UK elections, and strongly wishes that the Bill will allow young people to be deeply involved into the political system.

Supported by: Gordon MacDonald*, Bruce Crawford*, Patrick Harvie*, Mike MacKenzie*, Colin Beattie*, Gil Paterson*, David Torrance*, Kenneth Gibson*, Nigel Don*, Kevin Stewart*, Anne McTaggart*, Rob Gibson*, Joan McAlpine*, Stewart Maxwell*, Adam Ingram*, Christine Grahame*, Chic Brodie*, Dennis Robertson*, Michael Russell*

*S4M-13231 Stuart McMillan: European Maritime Day—That the Parliament recognises that European Maritime Day (EMD) is marked annually on 20 May and aims to increase the visibility of the maritime sector and support an integrated approach to maritime affairs; notes that EMD 2015 took place in Piraeus, Greece and was devoted to the role of territories, ports and coastal cities and, more broadly, the issue of coastal areas; further notes the role of the Scottish Government and its agencies and partners in promoting the issue of marine tourism through the recent publication of the Scottish Marine Tourism Strategy, Awakening the Giant; believes that the marine tourism sector is an important industry for Scotland; welcomes what it sees as the continued commitment by the Scottish Government to the industry, and hopes for further engagement with other sectors, such as food and drink, in order to maintain the growth of marine tourism in Scotland.

Supported by: Kevin Stewart*, Roderick Campbell*, Stewart Maxwell*, Bill Kidd*, Mike MacKenzie*, Rob Gibson*, Neil Findlay*, Colin Beattie*, Gil Paterson*, Jean Urquhart*, Kenny MacAskill*, Dennis Robertson*, David Torrance*, Joan McAlpine*, Nigel Don*, Kenneth Gibson*, Chic Brodie*, Michael Russell*, Adam Ingram*

*S4M-13230 Kenneth Gibson: Boost to Bursaries—That the Parliament welcomes the decision by the Scottish Government to increase student bursaries from £17,000 to £19,000 for households earning under £24,000; understands that this move has been warmly welcomed by NUS Scotland, whose president, Vonnie Sandlin, stated that the "announcement is a strong recognition of the importance of student support to improving fair access and a step forward in boosting the amount of money the poorest students have”, and believes that the Scottish Government’s decision is a positive step toward tackling educational inequality and in keeping with the proud Scottish tradition that education should be based on the ability to learn, not the ability to pay.

Supported by: Mike MacKenzie*, Rob Gibson*, John Wilson*, Stewart Maxwell*, Roderick Campbell*, Bill Kidd*, Colin Beattie*, Chic Brodie*, Bruce Crawford*, Dennis Robertson*, David Torrance*, John Mason*, Jean Urquhart*, Christina McKelvie*, Joan McAlpine*, Graeme Dey*, Stuart McMillan*, Adam Ingram*

*S4M-13229 Neil Findlay: Homelessness Crisis—That the Parliament understands that, over the last five years, there has been a 55% increase in the number of homeless people; expresses its concern at reports that four homeless people have died as a result of being crushed in bin lorries while sleeping in wheelie bins and 93 others have had near misses, and calls on charities, councils and the Scottish and UK governments to do all that they can to end what it sees as the scourge of homelessness.

Supported by: Patrick Harvie*, Anne McTaggart*, Jayne Baxter*, Sarah Boyack*, Patricia Ferguson*, John Pentland*, Ken Macintosh*, David Stewart*, John Finnie* R, Jim Hume*

Motions and amendments which have attracted additional support

S4M-13228 Child Safety Week 2015 ­(lodged on 19 May 2015) David Torrance*, Gil Paterson*, Nigel Don*, Christina McKelvie*, John Mason*, Mike MacKenzie*, Richard Lyle*, Jim Eadie*, Sandra White*, Adam Ingram*, Jackie Baillie*, Angus MacDonald*, Jean Urquhart*, Joan McAlpine*

S4M-13226 IMF Paper on Global Energy Subsidies ­(lodged on 19 May 2015) Gil Paterson*, Jean Urquhart*, Patrick Harvie*

S4M-13225 Donation to Wishaw General Hospital ­(lodged on 19 May 2015) Gil Paterson*, Sandra White*, Adam Ingram*

S4M-13224 Postcode Map Launched to Find Right Glasgow Hospital ­(lodged on 19 May 2015) Gil Paterson*, Sandra White*

S4M-13223 World Whisky Day ­(lodged on 19 May 2015) Bruce Crawford*, Gil Paterson*, Lewis Macdonald*, Mary Scanlon*, Sandra White*, Adam Ingram*, Stuart McMillan*

S4M-13222 Bright Future for DRC Generations ­(lodged on 19 May 2015) Gil Paterson*, Sandra White*, Adam Ingram*

S4M-13221 Caledonian Canal, World First ­(lodged on 19 May 2015) Gil Paterson*, David Torrance*, Kenneth Gibson*, Kevin Stewart*, Stuart McMillan*, John Wilson*, Stewart Maxwell*, Mary Scanlon*, Sandra White*, Adam Ingram*, Christian Allard*

S4M-13220 Supporting the National Society of Apprentices Scotland ­(lodged on 19 May 2015) Kevin Stewart*, Mike MacKenzie*, Colin Beattie*, David Torrance*, Kenneth Gibson*, Nigel Don*, Anne McTaggart*, Richard Simpson*, John Lamont*, Neil Findlay*, Graeme Dey*, Tavish Scott*, Cameron Buchanan*, Jamie McGrigor*, Jim Hume*, Jackson Carlaw*, Liz Smith*, Nanette Milne*

S4M-13219 National Waiters Day 2015 ­(lodged on 19 May 2015) Gil Paterson*

S4M-13217 West of Scotland Constituencies Have Highest Turnouts in the UK (lodged on 19 May 2015) Gil Paterson*, Stewart Maxwell*, Mary Scanlon*, Adam Ingram*

S4M-13211 Red Cord Card ­(lodged on 19 May 2015) Gil Paterson*, Sandra White*, Jim Eadie*

S4M-13210 Johnston Carmichael (Scotland) Accredited as an Investor in Young People ­(lodged on 19 May 2015) Gil Paterson*, Sandra White*

S4M-13209 Aberdeenshire West Awards for All ­(lodged on 19 May 2015) Gil Paterson*, Sandra White*

S4M-13208 Regulation of Charity Fundraisers ­(lodged on 19 May 2015) Gil Paterson*, David Torrance*, Mary Scanlon*, Neil Findlay*

S4M-13206 Celebrating Scotland’s Active Relationship with Malawi ­(lodged on 19 May 2015) Gil Paterson*, Mary Scanlon*, Sandra White*

S4M-13205 The Outward Bound Trust Secures Investment in Youth ­(lodged on 19 May 2015) Gil Paterson*, Adam Ingram*

S4M-13204 150th Anniversary of Stoneywood Primary School ­(lodged on 19 May 2015) Gil Paterson*, Sandra White*, Chic Brodie*, Adam Ingram*

S4M-13202 Cambuslang Man Raises Thousands for Charity ­(lodged on 18 May 2015) Gil Paterson*, Sandra White*

S4M-13201 Trident is a Disaster Waiting to Happen, says Whistleblower ­(lodged on 18 May 2015) Bruce Crawford*, Gil Paterson*, Dave Thompson*

S4M-13200 Funding Success for Glasgow Kelvin ­(lodged on 18 May 2015) Gil Paterson*

S4M-13199 Youth Football’s Contribution to Men’s and Women’s Football (lodged on 18 May 2015) Gil Paterson*, Sandra White*

S4M-13198 Congratulations to the Cleft Lip and Palate Association ­(lodged on 18 May 2015) Gil Paterson*, Dave Thompson*

S4M-13197 Poll Tax Peer ­(lodged on 18 May 2015) Gil Paterson*

S4M-13195 Only 10 of the 50 Largest Employers in Scotland Pay the Living Wage ­(lodged on 18 May 2015) Margaret McDougall*

S4M-13193 European Commission’s Review of the Directives that Protect Nature ­(lodged on 15 May 2015) Gil Paterson*

S4M-13188 The Value of Scotland’s Green Spaces ­(lodged on 15 May 2015) Gil Paterson*, Christine Grahame*

S4M-13186 Scottish People Raise £4 Million for Nepal Earthquake Victims (lodged on 15 May 2015) David Torrance*, Gil Paterson*, Christine Grahame*

S4M-13183 Community Support for Prostate Cancer Patients ­(lodged on 15 May 2015) David Torrance*, Gil Paterson*, Nanette Milne*, Margaret McDougall*

S4M-13182 150th Anniversary of Wemyss Bay Railway ­(lodged on 15 May 2015) David Torrance*, Gil Paterson*, Stewart Maxwell*

S4M-13181 Glasgow Anniesland Community Groups Proving to be Big Winners ­(lodged on 15 May 2015) Gil Paterson*, Sandra White*

S4M-13180 Congratulations to Aberdeen Awards for All Scotland Winners (lodged on 15 May 2015) Gil Paterson*

S4M-13179 Tackling Antisocial Motorcycling, Seven Years of Operation Trinity (lodged on 15 May 2015) David Torrance*, Gil Paterson*

S4M-13178 Adult Learning Impact Awards 2015 ­(lodged on 14 May 2015) David Torrance*, Gil Paterson*

S4M-13177 Kirsty Awarded More Awards ­(lodged on 14 May 2015) David Torrance*, Gil Paterson*

S4M-13176 Lloyds TSB Foundation Supports Bellshill and Mossend YMCA (lodged on 14 May 2015) David Torrance*

S4M-13173 Rail Freight in Scotland ­(lodged on 14 May 2015) David Torrance*, Gil Paterson*

S4M-13172 Congratulations to the Muslim Senior Welfare Club ­(lodged on 14 May 2015) Gil Paterson*

S4M-13171 HMICS Local Policing and Inspection Report of Aberdeen City Division ­(lodged on 14 May 2015) David Torrance*

S4M-13170 Phoenix Futures Scotland’s 21st Birthday ­(lodged on 14 May 2015) David Torrance*

S4M-13169 Caithness Horizons Secures Museum Accreditation ­(lodged on 14 May 2015) David Torrance*, Gil Paterson*

S4M-13168 Islamic World Must not Surrender to Foreign Media Stereotypes (lodged on 14 May 2015) David Torrance*, Christine Grahame*

S4M-13166 Doctors Urged to Stop Over-treating ­(lodged on 14 May 2015) Gil Paterson*

S4M-13161 BEMIS Scotland and Skills Development Scotland, Modern Apprenticeships ­(lodged on 14 May 2015) David Torrance*

S4M-13159 PAMIS to Lead PMLD Awareness Week ­(lodged on 14 May 2015) David Torrance*, Christine Grahame*

S4M-13158 Peat Extraction for Horticulture ­(lodged on 14 May 2015) David Torrance*, Christine Grahame*

S4M-13149 Voluntary Arts Week 2015 ­(lodged on 14 May 2015) Christine Grahame*, Margaret McDougall*

S4M-13148 Congratulations to Befriend a Child ­(lodged on 13 May 2015) David Torrance*

S4M-13145 Memorandum of Understanding ­(lodged on 13 May 2015) David Torrance*

S4M-13132 Scottish Scaffolding Apprentice of the Year ­(lodged on 12 May 2015) David Torrance*

S4M-13131 North Butcher Picks up Rural Award ­(lodged on 12 May 2015) David Torrance*

S4M-13129 Welcoming World IBD Day ­(lodged on 12 May 2015) Gil Paterson*, Dave Thompson*, Mary Scanlon*, Sandra White*, Cara Hilton*

S4M-13128 Congratulations to Flora Glekin ­(lodged on 12 May 2015) David Torrance*

S4M-13126 Glasgow’s Status as a Cultural Capital Confirmed by Landmark Research ­(lodged on 12 May 2015) David Torrance*

S4M-13123 New Campaign, Is it Coeliac Disease? ­(lodged on 12 May 2015) David Torrance*

S4M-13110 Through Our Eyes ­(lodged on 11 May 2015) Malcolm Chisholm*

S4M-13106 Farcical House of Lords ­(lodged on 11 May 2015) Jim Eadie*

S4M-13104 Women’s Interfaith Fair in Coordination with Refugee Festival Scotland 2015 ­(lodged on 06 May 2015) Jackie Baillie*, Bruce Crawford*, Anne McTaggart*, Mike MacKenzie*, Rob Gibson*, Neil Findlay*, Hanzala Malik*, Colin Beattie*, Gil Paterson*, Dennis Robertson*, David Torrance*, Joan McAlpine*, Chic Brodie*, Adam Ingram*

S4M-13092 SFRS Contribution to Nepalese Earthquake Relief ­(lodged on 05 May 2015) Christine Grahame*

S4M-13038 Economic Consequences of the Brexit ­(lodged on 28 April 2015) Christine Grahame*

S4M-13029 Trade Deals, TTIP and Democracy ­(lodged on 27 April 2015) Christine Grahame*

S4M-12998 36th Celtic Media Festival ­(lodged on 22 April 2015) Christina McKelvie*

S4M-12348 Protecting Rent-tied Pub Tenants in Scotland ­(lodged on 19 February 2015) Claire Baker*, Ken Macintosh*, Margaret McDougall*, David Torrance*

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