Section G: Bills

New Bills introduced or reprinted on 20 May 2015

Footway Parking and Double Parking (Scotland) Bill—A Bill for an Act of the Scottish Parliament making provision for the restriction of parking on footways and at dropped footways, and double parking (SP Bill 69) (Member's Bill)

Introduced by: Sandra White

Explanatory Notes (and other accompanying documents) (SP Bill 69-EN) and a Policy Memorandum (SP Bill 69-PM) were printed to accompany the Bill.

New amendments to Bills lodged on 20 May 2015

Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Bill – Stage 2

Before section 60

Colin Keir

93 Before section 60, insert—

<Licensing of booking systems

(1) Article 2 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 (Licensing of Booking Offices) Order 2009 (SSI 2009/145) is amended as follows.

(2) In paragraph (2), the words from “premises” to the end of the paragraph become sub-paragraph (a).

(3) At the end of paragraph (2) insert—

“(b) any electronic application or other communication systems for the taking of bookings from members of the public for the hire of a relevant vehicle.”.

(4) The title of article 2 becomes “Licensing of booking premises and systems”.>

Section 60

Colin Keir

94 In section 60, page 35, line 21, at end insert—

<(3D) The Scottish Ministers must by regulations prescribe the methodology to be used by licensing authorities to assess the demand for private car hire services for the purposes of subsection (3C).

(3E) Regulations under subsection (3D) are subject to the negative procedure.”.>

Section 68

Cara Hilton

95 In section 68, page 42, line 28, at end insert—

<( ) A notice under subsection (4) must include a statement of their policy with respect to the exercise of their functions under this Act in relation to sexual entertainment venues, including in particular an assessment of how such exercise will contribute to their commitments to address violence against women.>

Cara Hilton

96 In section 68, page 43, line 32, leave out from beginning to <provided.”,> in line 5 on page 44

Cara Hilton

97 In section 68, page 44, line 10, at end insert—

<( ) In paragraph 7 of Schedule 2 (notice to be given of application), after sub-paragraph (2) insert—

“(2A) The applicant shall in addition send notice to any organisation specified by the local authority, being—

(a) a local violence against women partnership operating in the authority’s area,

(b) such other body as appears to the authority to have a function similar to that of a local violence against women partnership.”.>

After section 71

Cara Hilton

98 After section 71, insert—

<Conditions for Part 3 licences: displays or advertising

(1) Paragraph 9 of Schedule 2 to the 1982 Act (disposal of applications for licences) is amended as follows.

(2) In paragraph 9(1)—

(a) in sub-paragraph (1)(a), for “unconditionally” substitute “subject to conditions under sub-paragraph (1A) relating to displays or advertising”,

(b) in sub-paragraph (1)(b), for “conditions” substitute “such other conditions as the authority think fit”.

(3) After paragraph 9(1) insert—

“(1A) The conditions referred to in sub-paragraph (1)(a) above shall be conditions regulating displays or advertising on or in or otherwise connected with such shops.”.

(4) In paragraph 9(2)—

(a) before “conditions” where it first occurs insert “other”,

(b) for “(1)” substitute “(1)(b)”,

(c) sub-paragraph (2)(b) is repealed.>

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