Section F: Motions and Amendments

Motions and amendments are normally printed the day after they are lodged. If an amendment is lodged to a motion then the original motion will appear alongside the amendment, along with any support lodged that day, in this section.

Each Monday, this section also contains all motions and amendments lodged the previous week that are still live and any motions and amendments that have been lodged for debate in the coming week. A motion or amendment is live if it has not been debated, withdrawn or otherwise deleted from the list.

Where a motion or amendment has been withdrawn, it is indicated in this section the day after it has been withdrawn. Support for motions and amendments received after they are lodged is shown at the end of this section the day after such support is received.

Motions and amendments can be published with various symbols

  • Asterisks before the motion or amendment number indicate a motion or amendment published for the first time
  • Asterisks also identify alterations to the text of a motion or amendment made since it was first published
  • A hash symbol identifies motions eligible for debate at Members’ Business
  • A diamond symbol identifies motions lodged for Members’ Business that have not yet attracted the required cross-party support
  • An "R", identifies motions or amendments in which the Member who lodged it has a registrable interest.

The Parliamentary Bureau periodically deletes motions or amendments not scheduled for debate and which are over six weeks old.

Any questions in relation to this section should be directed to the Chamber Desk

New and altered motions and amendments

*S4M-13080 David Stewart: Moray Firth Radio Legend, Tich McCooey—That the Parliament congratulates Tich McCooey on his 33 successful years with the Inverness-based Highland radio station, Moray Firth Radio (MFR); understands that Tich has been with the station since its launch almost 33 years ago and is the longest serving presenter with the station; believes that his daily four-hour daytime show is one of the most listened to programmes on the station and that the show will continue in its 10am-2pm weekday slot until Tich hangs up his headphones for the last time in June 2015; understands that, before Tich took on his popular role as a radio presenter with MFR, he worked in the automotive industry, driving lorries and also working as a mechanic, notes that, since joining MFR, he has also appeared as a regular star in the Inverness pantomime, and further notes the considerable fundraising work undertaken by Tich through his show alongside the MFR Cash for Kids charity.

*S4M-13079 Rob Gibson: Accolades on Two Continents for Old Pulteney—That the Parliament congratulates Inverhouse Distillers on its 12-year-old malt whisky, Old Pulteney, winning gold medals at the recent World Whisky Awards in London and at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition; further congratulates the distiller on winning a silver medal at the San Francisco awards for its Old Pulteney Navigator whisky, which was won despite stiff competition from whiskies from fifty-six countries; considers that these awards build on the world-class reputation that Old Pulteney already enjoys, and wishes a fair wind to all those who produce the Maritime and Navigator malts.

*S4M-13078 Neil Findlay: Jak Trueman Posthumously Recognised as Young Scot of the Year—That the Parliament welcomes the announcement that the late Jak Trueman from Mid Calder has been posthumously recognised as the Young Scot hero and overall winner of Young Scot of the Year; understands that Jak’s regular updates on his experiences with cancer and his fundraising efforts proved to be an inspiration for thousands of people across Scotland, and welcomes what it considers this fitting recognition of a remarkable young life.

Supported by: Cara Hilton*, Patricia Ferguson*, Elaine Murray*, Drew Smith*, Richard Simpson*, Anne McTaggart*, Liam McArthur*, Jayne Baxter*, Graeme Dey*, Johann Lamont*, Graeme Pearson*

*S4M-13077# Liam McArthur: Supporting See Me in Work—That the Parliament notes that Mental Health Awareness Week 2015 runs from 11 to 17 May; supports all efforts during that week, and throughout the rest of the year, to stamp out stigma and discrimination regarding mental health issues of whatever kind; welcomes in particular the campaign, See Me in Work, which aims to end stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health issues in the workplace; understands that, while many businesses and organisations understand the impact of mental health in the workplace, it can be challenging to develop a mentally-healthy working environment; believes that See Me in Work, which has a programme that is designed to support staff and improve working environments, can make a positive contribution to improving conditions for people with mental health issues; understands that one in four will experience a mental health illness at some point in their lives; considers that such initiatives have the potential to be of real benefit to a great many people when they need it, and notes the calls for employers in Orkney and across Scotland to get involved with the programme.

Supported by: Tavish Scott*, Cara Hilton*, Elaine Murray*, Richard Simpson*, Rob Gibson*, John Finnie*, Graeme Dey*, Jean Urquhart*, John Pentland*, Malcolm Chisholm*, Jamie McGrigor*

*S4M-13076 Michael Matheson: The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (Cash Searches: Constables in Scotland: Code of Practice) Order 2015 [draft] —That the Justice Committee recommends that the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (Cash Searches: Constables in Scotland: Code of Practice) Order 2015 [draft] be approved.

Supported by: Paul Wheelhouse*

*S4M-13075 Elaine Smith: Promotion for Albion Rovers—That the Parliament congratulates Albion Rovers FC on becoming the 2014-15 League Two champions; understands that the Coatbridge side lifted the championship trophy on 25 April after winning its final home game of the season; acknowledges that, with promotion to League One, the Monklands derby between the Rovers and Airdrieonians will be a fixture in the 2015-16 season; congratulates the team’s players, coaches and board on what it sees as this tremendous achievement, and wishes everyone at the club all the best for 2015-16.

*S4M-13074 John Finnie: Community Takes Control of Carloway Estate—That the Parliament congratulates the Carloway Estate Trust on it officially taking control of the Carloway Estate on Lewis; understands that, in 2014, 77% of the estate’s 700 residents backed community ownership in a ballot to push ahead with a community buyout; joins the trust in thanking the previous owner, the Galloway family, on what it considers both its willingness to sell the land and professional behaviour throughout the process; understands that the trust has hired staff to develop the estate and to help deliver community projects; believes that the buyout will deliver long-term benefits to the community, and hopes that the conduct of the trust and the Galloway family throughout the process will set an example to all future community buyouts.

Supported by: Anne McTaggart*

*S4M-13073 John Finnie: Network Rail Bosses’ Pay Rises—That the Parliament believes that it is totally unacceptable for Network Rail to offer reported pay rises of more than 40% to senior directors while refusing wage increases for its workers; understands that many Network Rail staff perform their duties in dangerous conditions, often at unsociable hours, to help ensure the continued running of services, and believes that, if there are to be pay rises, then Network Rail should begin at the bottom and not the top.

Supported by: Cara Hilton*, Anne McTaggart*, Patrick Harvie*

*S4M-13072 John Finnie: Welcoming the Appointment of Human Rights Commissioners—That the Parliament congratulates Susan Kemp and Dr Alan Mitchell on their appointment to the Scottish Human Rights Commission (SHRC); understands that they will take up their roles when the current commissioners, Kay Hampton and Shelagh McCall come to the end of their appointments; thanks Kay and Shelagh on what it sees as their fantastic work in making the SHRC a leading human rights institution and in the development of Scotland’s first national human rights action plan, and looks forward to Susan and Alan carrying on the work of their predecessors in aiming to ensure that the human rights of everyone in Scotland are realised.

Supported by: Tavish Scott*, Elaine Murray*, Anne McTaggart*, Liam McArthur*, Graeme Dey*, Ken Macintosh*, Patrick Harvie*

*S4M-13071 Colin Beattie: Award for Care at Home Support Group—That the Parliament congratulates James Mackale from Loanhead on receiving £3,250 from the Millennium Awards Trust; understands that Mr Mackale intends to use the funding to establish the Care at Home Support Group, which will provide home care services throughout Midlothian and Edinburgh for people with additional support needs and mental health problems, and wishes Mr Mackale all the best with this initiative.

Supported by: Rob Gibson*, Dennis Robertson*, Joan McAlpine*, Jean Urquhart*, Kevin Stewart*, Hanzala Malik*, Anne McTaggart*, Richard Lyle*, Stuart McMillan*

*S4M-13070 Mike MacKenzie: Hope Kitchen Oban—That the Parliament congratulates Hope Kitchen in Oban, on securing an award of £10,160 from the Bank of Scotland Foundation’s small and medium grants programmes; understands that this will cover a funding shortfall in running costs for the next year; considers that this enables the Service Manager, Sue Vest, the Catering Coordinator, Jess Macdonald, the Board of Trustees and volunteers to plan for the future; commends the volunteers for the many hours that they spent completing applications for funding, and considers that Hope Kitchen, which provides food, shelter and companionship for vulnerable and marginalised people, justifies the support of businesses, churches and individuals, which, together with the essential larger awards, will enable this visionary project to continue.

Supported by: Dennis Robertson*, Joan McAlpine*, Jean Urquhart*, Kevin Stewart*, Hanzala Malik*, Richard Lyle*, Rob Gibson*, Chic Brodie*, Stuart McMillan*, John Finnie*

*S4M-13069 Hanzala Malik: EIS-FELA Calls for Further Funding for Colleges—That the Parliament acknowledges that the Further Education Lecturers’ Association (EIS-FELA) held a demonstration outside the Parliament on 30 April 2015; understands that the purpose of the demonstration was to call for further funding for colleges across Scotland and to highlight to MSPs the importance of the education sector to Scotland’s economic future; understands that the demonstration addressed the detrimental effects that austerity cuts have had on Scottish colleges; considers that the cuts have led to fewer courses and student places, support being slashed and has seen lecturing jobs cut; understands that EIS-FELA is the only recognised trade union representing college lecturers in Scotland; notes that the union will urge the Parliament to offer a better deal for colleges, lecturers and students, and believes that this issue needs to be addressed as students are Scotland’s future and further education is vital for a prosperous Scotland.

Supported by: Richard Simpson*, Cara Hilton*, Iain Gray*, Anne McTaggart*, Neil Findlay*

*S4M-13068 Hanzala Malik: China and Pakistan Sign a £36 Billion Investment Contract—That the Parliament acknowledges that the President of China has signed a £36 billion investment agreement with Pakistan; understands that this will be used to help build a China - Pakistan economic corridor, which will consist of a network of railways, roads and pipelines between the two long-time allies and run for an estimated 1,800 miles from Gwadar Port in Pakistan to the western Xinjiang region of China; understands that this represents a major advance in China’s agenda to enhance its influence over central and south Asia and will give it direct access to the Indian Ocean and beyond; further understands that it exceeds any investment made by the US in Pakistan; believes that Pakistan hopes to use the project to strengthen its economy and to end chronic power shortages; understands that both countries view this as a chance to help build an even stronger relationship and to boost their economies, and wishes the project success.

Supported by: Richard Lyle*, Anne McTaggart*

*S4M-13067 Colin Beattie: Award for Lyme Disease Detection Device—That the Parliament congratulates Bruce Alexander from Roslin on receiving £3,500 from the Millennium Awards Trust; understands that Mr Alexander intends to use this funding to set up Garrapat, an easy to use device for the removal of ticks and early detection and successful treatment of Lyme disease; considers that, without early detection, Lyme disease can lead to a lifetime of debilitating symptoms, and wishes Mr Alexander all the best with this project.

Supported by: Dennis Robertson*, Jean Urquhart*, Dave Thompson*, Kevin Stewart*, Liam McArthur*, Richard Lyle*, Graeme Dey*, Hanzala Malik*, Stuart McMillan*, Joan McAlpine*

*S4M-13066 Kevin Stewart: Congratulations to Albyn School—That the Parliament congratulates Albyn School in Aberdeen and the other schools from across Scotland that have reached the finals of the 2015 Euroquiz, which will be held in the Parliament on 11 May; recognises that this annual event will once again be webcast worldwide, and hopes that all of the participants enjoy their day.

Supported by: Dennis Robertson*, Chic Brodie*, Anne McTaggart*, Mark McDonald*, Richard Lyle*, Hanzala Malik*, Joan McAlpine*, Stuart McMillan*, Nanette Milne*

*S4M-13065 Clare Adamson: Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme—That the Parliament welcomes the launch of the Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme in Lanarkshire and across other local authority areas in West Scotland; understands that eligible small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can apply for vouchers of between £100 and £3,000 that offer a potential step-change in broadband speed of over 30 Mbps; believes that the vouchers are designed to help with the capital costs of connecting or upgrading to superfast broadband; understands that no SME match-funding will be required as successful applications will be fully funded, and congratulates BT, and its funding partners, the Scottish Government, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, the UK Government’s Broadband Delivery UK, local authorities and the European Regional Development Fund, on the rollout of the £126 million access fibre network infrastructure.

Supported by: Mike MacKenzie*, Stuart McMillan*, Dennis Robertson*, Kevin Stewart*, Liam McArthur*, Richard Lyle*, Hanzala Malik*, Joan McAlpine*

*S4M-13064# Jean Urquhart: Media, Society and Democracy—That the Parliament believes that there is widespread debate in Scotland about the relationship between the media, political power and democracy; believes that critical and well-supported journalism is essential to a thriving democracy; believes that many Scots have lost trust in a range of media institutions; notes the development of new methods of delivering news and commentary through the internet and social media; notes the importance of local media and press in areas such as the Highlands and Islands, which rely on the many and diverse local news services available, and welcomes the continuing public debate on how media can be held to account by citizens and civil society and how to sustain and develop diverse media outlets that contribute to generating positive engagement with politics, the Parliament and the important issues facing society.

Supported by: John Finnie*, Anne McTaggart*, Mike MacKenzie*, Graeme Dey*, Gordon MacDonald*, Kenny MacAskill*, Patrick Harvie*

*S4M-13063♦ Jean Urquhart: Sex Workers’ Rights—That the Parliament notes that sex work is legal in Scotland; believes that, despite this, sex workers enjoy few of the protections offered to others and are subjected to deeply harmful social stigma and that. as a result, sex workers in the Highlands and Islands and elsewhere are exposed to unacceptable risks; notes the advice of the World Health Organization and the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS in recommending that countries move toward full decriminalisation of sex work as part of their response to HIV/AIDS and other STIs; understands that this is supported by organisations that represent sex workers, including SCOT-PEP and Sex Worker Open University in Scotland; notes that a decriminalisation model, which is similar to that requested by these organisations, has been in place in New Zealand since 2003; considers that this policy has helped secure sex workers’ rights and reduced harm, and notes the view that decriminalisation warrants the most serious consideration in the ongoing public and political debate on Scotland’s approach to sex work.

Supported by: Patrick Harvie*, John Finnie*, Anne McTaggart*, Hanzala Malik*

*S4M-13062# Jean Urquhart: Polish Language Learning—That the Parliament welcomes the 1+2 approach to language learning in primary schools; congratulates those local authorities, including Highland Council, that have already appointed 1+2 Development Officers to realise the ambition of having two languages besides English taught in all primary schools; welcomes the offer of assistance in developing Scotland’s Polish language teaching from the Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Edinburgh; understands that Polish is, after English, the language most commonly spoken at home by Scottish school pupils; believes that Polish language teaching in some schools would give pupils the opportunity to learn from each other and promote integration, and commends the efforts of campaigners and educators working to expand the availability of Polish language teaching and qualifications in Scotland.

Supported by: Kenny MacAskill*, Patrick Harvie*, John Finnie*, Anne McTaggart*, Liam McArthur*, John Mason*

S4M-13060 Bill Kidd: Barista of the Year—That the Parliament congratulates Kirsty Rafferty on being shortlisted for the Sodexo Barista of the Year award 2015 at Royal Ascot on 13 May; notes that the competition is a part of the annual Sodexo Service of Excellence awards; wishes her the best of luck in the competition, and expresses its appreciation to Kirsty for representing the Parliament so well at a national competition and for her 10 and a half years’ service in the Parliament.

Supported by: Colin Keir*, Kevin Stewart, Richard Simpson, Anne McTaggart, Mike MacKenzie, Richard Lyle, Rob Gibson, Dennis Robertson, Kenneth Gibson, Christina McKelvie, Margaret Mitchell, David Torrance, Chic Brodie, Michael Russell, Malcolm Chisholm, John Finnie, Jean Urquhart, Mary Scanlon, Jim Hume, Jackson Carlaw, Liz Smith, Nanette Milne, Angus MacDonald, Adam Ingram, Joan McAlpine, Iain Gray, Kenny MacAskill, Hanzala Malik, Liam McArthur, Stuart McMillan, George Adam, Jamie McGrigor, Patricia Ferguson, Jackie Baillie

S4M-13059 Patricia Ferguson: Springburn Academy Students Celebrate Springburn’s History—That the Parliament congratulates the students of Springburn Academy on their oral history project, which looked at the history of Springburn and in particular the contribution to life in the area made by Springburn Park, including what it considers the park’s iconic winter gardens; understands that they used rigorous methodology in assembling the material needed for the project, including interviewing people about their memories of the gardens in former times; commends the students on what it considers their excellent presentation at a recent meeting of the Winter Gardens Trust, and recognises the support and leadership offered by both Andy Clark of the University of Strathclyde’s Scottish Oral History Centre and the school’s staff.

Supported by: Kevin Stewart, Drew Smith, Anne McTaggart, Mike MacKenzie, Richard Lyle, Dennis Robertson, Elaine Murray, David Torrance, Jean Urquhart, Hanzala Malik, Claudia Beamish, David Stewart, Jackie Baillie

S4M-13058 John Pentland: St Bernadette’s Parish Church, Motherwell—That the Parliament congratulates St Bernadette’s Parish Church, Motherwell, on the 50th anniversary of the opening of the church building; understands that a celebration mass, which is to be led by Bishop Nolan and diocesan priests, takes place on 30 April 2015; believes that this will be attended by parishioners and members of the wider community; welcomes the efforts to recognise what it considers this important anniversary, which include the production of a parish handbook; understands that the parish was formed shortly after the new Diocese of Motherwell was established and that it was agreed that north Motherwell, which had experienced rapid growth, should have a parish of its own; notes that the first building was a temporary structure that later became the church hall after the new church was completed and formally opened on 25 April 1965; understands that the parish saint is St Bernadette, who is considered the famed visionary of Lourdes; notes that the parish has retained its connection to that region, with many parishioners making pilgrimages to Lourdes over recent years, and wishes the parish and its congregation well.

Supported by: Neil Findlay*, David Torrance, Hanzala Malik, Anne McTaggart, Richard Lyle, Kenneth Gibson, Michael McMahon, David Stewart, Jackie Baillie

S4M-13057 Gordon MacDonald: Balerno Farmers’ Market 10th Anniversary—That the Parliament congratulates the Balerno Village Trust on achieving 10 years, on 9 May 2015, of successfully operating the farmers’ market held on Balerno Main Street on the second Saturday of each month; considers that the market provides the local community with the opportunity to purchase a range of quality products, including locally produced meat, cheese, vegetables and award-winning breads; notes that the Balerno Village Trust offers free stalls to community-based groups, giving them the opportunity to raise awareness and funds from users of the market, and believes that the farmers’ market’s continued success is down to the many individuals who volunteer on a monthly basis to set up and run it for the benefit of the community.

Supported by: John Scott*, Kevin Stewart, Sarah Boyack, David Torrance, Stewart Maxwell, Mike MacKenzie, Richard Lyle, Rob Gibson, Graeme Dey, George Adam, Chic Brodie, Nigel Don, Kenneth Gibson, Joan McAlpine, Adam Ingram

S4M-13056 Joan McAlpine: Congratulations to Shelby Watson—That the Parliament congratulates Shelby Watson, who is a 17-year-old T33 wheelchair racer from Johnstonebridge, on winning gold in her category at the London mini-marathon; understands that, in doing so, Shelby raised over £500 for the Multiple Sclerosis Society, Dumfries Branch and that that she presented her medal to Lucy Glendinning, a young girl who, before the race, gave her a necklace for luck; believes that Shelby is a fantastic ambassador for disability sports; acknowledges that she has been selected to represent Scotland at the CP-ISRA World Games 2015 in Nottingham, and wishes her good luck in this and future events.

Supported by: David Torrance, Chic Brodie, Elaine Murray, Anne McTaggart, Richard Lyle, Rob Gibson, George Adam, Kevin Stewart, Nigel Don, Adam Ingram, Kenneth Gibson, Mike MacKenzie, Stuart McMillan

S4M-13055 Christina McKelvie: MND Scotland—That the Parliament congratulates MND Scotland, which supports people with motor neurone disease, on being named as a finalist at the 2015 Scottish Charity Awards; understands that these awards celebrate the amazing work of charities that dedicate themselves to making the country a better place to live; notes that MND Scotland aims to raise awareness of what can be a devastating condition and helps people living with it; sends its best wishes to MND Scotland, and hopes that it wins the prize.

Supported by: Bruce Crawford*, John Finnie*, Sarah Boyack, David Torrance, Chic Brodie, Kenny MacAskill, Jackson Carlaw, Elaine Murray, Richard Simpson, Liam McArthur, Richard Lyle, Cara Hilton, George Adam, Claire Baker, Kevin Stewart, Margaret Mitchell, Adam Ingram, Mike MacKenzie, Anne McTaggart, Jenny Marra, Rob Gibson, Jean Urquhart, Hanzala Malik, Nanette Milne, Jackie Baillie, Angus MacDonald, Joan McAlpine

S4M-13054 Graeme Dey: CIE Tours International Awards—That the Parliament congratulates Glamis Castle on being presented with the award for Best Overall Visit in the UK by the Irish bus tour operator, CIE Tours International, at its recent awards ceremony at the VisitScotland Expo in Aberdeen, after it achieved a customer satisfaction rating of more than 90%; commends all those who work at Glamis Castle, especially as the award follows the castle being presented with a merit award in 2013 and 2014 by CIE Tours International; understands that, this year, CIE Tours International introduced seven best overall categories to its awards ceremony; notes that 30 of the 50 prizes awarded went to Scottish hotels and visitor attractions, with the Best Overall Tour Feature prize going to Working Sheepdogs at Leault Farm, the Best Overall Hotel Accommodation award going to the Apex International Hotel in Edinburgh with the Marriott Dalmahoy Hotel winning the Best Overall Hotel Service and Hospitality prize, and believes that this is a sign of the high quality product that Scotland has to offer visitors.

Supported by: Liz Smith, Nanette Milne, Roderick Campbell, Kevin Stewart, Mike MacKenzie, Rob Gibson, Richard Lyle, Adam Ingram, Joan McAlpine, Jamie McGrigor, David Torrance, Nigel Don, Chic Brodie

S4M-13053 Tavish Scott: Shetland Young Fiddler of the Year 2015—That the Parliament congratulates Bryden Priest from Uyeasound, on winning the title of Shetland’s Young Fiddler of the Year 2015; further congratulates Jasmin Smith from Bigton, on being recognised as the Traditional Young Fiddler of the Year and the Junior Young Fiddler of the Year, Ashleigh Jarmson from Lerwick, the Junior Traditional Fiddler of the Year, Emma Leask from Gulberwick and George Spence from Uyeasound, who won the Intermediate Young Fiddler of the Year and Traditional Intermediate Young Fiddler of the Year titles; understands that all five, who are from right across the islands, faced keen competition from some 100 others aged from seven to 16; recognises what it considers the key role of the judges, Peter Gear, Maurice Henderson and Catriona Macdonald, who had the pleasurable but challenging task of listening to 272 tunes played over two days, and considers that the success again of the competition, together with the high numbers of entrants, shows that the future of Shetland’s traditional fiddle music is in very safe hands.

Supported by: John Finnie*, Kevin Stewart, Sarah Boyack, David Torrance, John Wilson, Liz Smith, Nanette Milne, Stewart Maxwell, Mary Scanlon, Anne McTaggart, Liam McArthur, Mike MacKenzie, Richard Lyle, Jim Hume, Rob Gibson, Nigel Don, Alex Fergusson, Jackie Baillie, Jamie McGrigor

S4M-13052 John Swinney: British Sign Language (Scotland) Bill: Financial Resolution—That the Parliament, for the purposes of any Act of the Scottish Parliament resulting from the British Sign Language (Scotland) Bill, agrees to any expenditure of a kind referred to in Rule 9.12.3(b) of the Parliament’s Standing Orders arising in consequence of the Act.

S4M-13051 Jackie Baillie: Helensburgh and Lomond Success at Entertainment Awards—That the Parliament congratulates the team at the Helensburgh tapas restaurant, La Barca, on being named Scotland’s Favourite Mediterranean Restaurant for the second year in a row; notes that La Barca beat off competition from four other finalists to be crowned winner at the Scottish Entertainment and Hospitality Awards 2015; understands that, since opening the restaurant in December 2012, the owners, Milan and Cara Nikolic, have attracted an ever-increasing following of loyal customers from Helensburgh and beyond who return again and again; considers it a fantastic achievement for a restaurant in Helensburgh to win the award two years running in the face of strong competition from well-established Glasgow and Edinburgh eateries; acknowledges the achievements of the four other Helensburgh and Lomond attractions that received nominations, including Loch Lomond Shores for Best Marketing Team, Rosslea Hall House Hotel for Best Wedding Venue and Most Romantic Getaway, Jam Jar Kitchens for Best Newcomer and the Loch Lomond Sea Life Centre for Favourite Family Getaway, and sends its best wishes to all the staff involved.

Supported by: Sarah Boyack, David Torrance, Stuart McMillan, Kevin Stewart, Richard Lyle, David Stewart, Hanzala Malik

S4M-13050 Mike MacKenzie: Orkney, One of the Country’s Most Romantic Destinations—That the Parliament welcomes that the Orkney Islands have been recognised and shortlisted as one of the most romantic destinations in the UK, as part of a series of awards organised by the publishers, Mills & Boon; notes that Orkney has been shortlisted alongside Bath, Brighton, St Ives, Stratford-upon-Avon, the Lake District, the Brecon Beacons, Edinburgh, Oxford and York; considers that Orkney’s dramatic and magical landscape has long been a draw for couples from across the world, and believes that this recognition will further boost tourism to Orkney and will do for many years to come.

Supported by: John Finnie*, Kenny MacAskill, Kevin Stewart, Jean Urquhart, Chic Brodie, Richard Lyle, Adam Ingram, David Torrance, John Wilson, Christina McKelvie, Rob Gibson, Kenneth Gibson, David Stewart, Joan McAlpine

S4M-13049 Anne McTaggart: British Heart Foundation Research Awards 2014-15—That the Parliament commends the British Heart Foundation (BHF) on being the nation’s leading independent funder of cardiovascular research, with funding of over £435 million worth of active research projects and £58 million invested in Scotland in 2014-15; notes that the BHF was founded in 1961 by a group of medical professionals wanting to fund extra research into the causes, diagnoses, treatment and prevention of heart and circulatory disease; believes that, in just over 50 years, through hard work and extraordinary scientific and societal progress the BHF has helped transform the landscape of heart disease across the world; recognises that in 2014-15 it is funding 54 research projects across Glasgow with a total investment of over £19 million; understands that these research projects are led by the University of Glasgow, the University of Strathclyde and the Medical Research Council in Glasgow; considers that medical research at institutions such as the University of Glasgow and the University of Strathclyde is at the forefront of the fight for every heartbeat, and wishes the researchers every success in the future in tackling the single biggest killer in Scotland.

Supported by: Sarah Boyack, Nanette Milne, Elaine Murray, Richard Simpson, Cara Hilton, Roderick Campbell, Kevin Stewart, John Mason, Mike MacKenzie, Richard Lyle, Liam McArthur, Lewis Macdonald, Jayne Baxter, Drew Smith, Patricia Ferguson, David Torrance, Kenneth Gibson, Gordon MacDonald, Jackie Baillie, Tavish Scott, Malcolm Chisholm, Hanzala Malik, Dennis Robertson, David Stewart

S4M-13048 Jackie Baillie: West Dunbartonshire Council’s Civic Champions 2015—That the Parliament congratulates Nicole Joyce on being named Dumbarton’s Citizen of the Year 2015 at the Provost’s Civic Awards, which were hosted by West Dunbartonshire Council; understands that Nicole received the award in honour of her fundraising efforts for the British Acoustic Neuroma Association, which is the UK’s only specialist charity that supports people with acoustic neuroma and other related conditions; notes that Nicole is a newly qualified nurse at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley; understands that she had a serious illness when aged 16 and that, despite constant pain, she overcame hearing loss and showed determination in pursuing her nursing studies; believes that Nicole has been an inspiration to everyone; notes that the Commonwealth Gold medal winner and Alexandria native, Ross Murdoch, who previously trained at the Vale of Leven swimming pool, was named Sports Champion; further notes that Alie Anderson, Kevin Anderson, Pamela McMartin, Mary Burch, the Loch Lomond Rescue Boat Team and the Vale of Leven Autism and Asperger’s Forum were also nominated; thanks the council for organising the second such ceremony, which celebrated the achievements of the area’s residents, and commends all of the nominees on what it considers their dedication to serving the communities of Dumbarton and the Vale of Leven.

Supported by: Sarah Boyack, David Torrance, Elaine Murray, Kevin Stewart, Anne McTaggart, Richard Lyle, Adam Ingram, Margaret McCulloch, Stuart McMillan, Nigel Don, David Stewart, Kenneth Gibson

S4M-13047 Aileen McLeod: Climate Change (Additional Greenhouse Gas) (Scotland) Order 2015 [draft]—That the Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee recommends that the Climate Change (Additional Greenhouse Gas) (Scotland) Order 2015 [draft] be approved.

Supported by: Richard Lochhead

S4M-13046 Mark Griffin: British Sign Language (Scotland) Bill—That the Parliament agrees to the general principles of the British Sign Language (Scotland) Bill.

S4M-13044 Johann Lamont: Congratulations to Elaine Williamson—That the Parliament congratulates Elaine Williamson, who lives in the Glasgow Pollok parliamentary constituency, on receiving a further award of £20,000 for her project, Recycle Mobility Centre; understands that Elaine previously received a Start It award from the Millennium Awards Trust to fund her project; further understands that the Recycle Mobility Centre aims to offer a quality service that refurbishes and maintains mobility equipment to a high standard and sells at an affordable price to those who can least afford to buy new equipment, and wishes the project continued success in the future.

Supported by: Sarah Boyack, Elaine Murray, Cara Hilton, Kevin Stewart, Mike MacKenzie, Richard Lyle, Graeme Dey, Drew Smith, David Torrance, John Pentland, Hanzala Malik, David Stewart, Kenneth Gibson, Anne McTaggart, Jackie Baillie

S4M-13043 Johann Lamont: Congratulations to Natasha Earle—That the Parliament congratulates Natasha Earle, who lives in Cardonald in the Glasgow Pollok parliamentary constituency, on securing a further award of £20,000 from the Social Entrepreneurs Fund for her project, Birth, Baby & Beyond; understands that Natasha previously received a Start It award from the Social Entrepreneurs Fund to set up the project in October 2013; further understands that Birth, Baby & Beyond is aimed at helping Glasgow families with little or no income by providing free starter packs of essential baby and child items, and wishes the project continued success in the future.

Supported by: Elaine Murray, Richard Simpson, Cara Hilton, Roderick Campbell, Kevin Stewart, Drew Smith, David Torrance, Hanzala Malik, David Stewart, Jackie Baillie, Anne McTaggart

S4M-13042 David Torrance: Kirkcaldy Groups Benefit from Asda’s Carrier Bag Community Grants—That the Parliament welcomes Asda’s initiative to invest proceeds from the single-use carrier bag charge that was introduced by the Scottish Government in October 2014, resulting in a more than 80% reduction in the use of carrier bags; understands that, since the charge has been applied, Asda has raised £350,000, which it has donated to Social Investment Scotland and Foundation Scotland; understands that, through Foundation Scotland, grants of up to £2,000 are distributed among community groups nominated by Asda customers and staff and selected by a regional panel of Asda employees who are knowledgeable of the needs in their local area; recognises that, in the Kirkcaldy area, Broomhill Gardens Community Group, Burntisland Playgroup and Linton Lane Centre have each been awarded £2,000; understands that Broomhill Gardens Community Group will use the money to continue delivering a kids’ gardening club, which teaches children the joy of growing their own food, where their food comes from and what constitutes a healthy diet; understands that Burntisland Playgroup will use its grant to hire the Toll Centre and that Linton Lane Centre, which offers a range of services to families, will enhance its work related to child development and child protection and expand its playgroup facility for children aged two to three; considers the achievements of the single-use carrier bag charge as well as Asda’s efforts in supporting the initiative a real success, and wishes Broomhill Gardens Community Group, Burntisland Playgroup and Linton Lane Centre great success in the continuation of what it considers their valuable work.

Supported by: Dennis Robertson, Adam Ingram, Mike MacKenzie, Kevin Stewart, Colin Beattie, Rob Gibson, Richard Lyle, Graeme Dey, Roderick Campbell, Joan McAlpine

S4M-13041 Johann Lamont: Govan’s Tea in the Pot at Centre of New Report—That the Parliament welcomes the publication of a new report that focuses on Tea in the Pot (TITP), a women’s organisation in Govan; notes that the report, Tea in the Pot: Building ‘social capital’ or a ‘great good place’ in Govan?, published by Oxfam and the University of West of Scotland, examines the role of TITP in serving the needs of the local community, using interviews and focus group discussions with the women at TITP; recognises what the report identifies as a need for a viable common language that can allow local communities, policy makers, practitioners, NGOs and academics to speak and act together in confronting the problems in communities; welcomes the findings from the report that suggest that TITP benefits members and the wider Govan community, and considers that this report is a timely and challenging contribution to the debate among those who share an aspiration for a more equitable and sustainable Scotland.

Supported by: Sarah Boyack, David Stewart, Rhoda Grant, Anne McTaggart, John Pentland, Jayne Baxter, Margaret McCulloch, Mike MacKenzie, Cara Hilton, Jackie Baillie, Hanzala Malik, Drew Smith, Neil Findlay

S4M-13039 David Torrance: Michelle Ratcliffe from Buckhaven Receives Funding from Social Entrepreneurs Fund—That the Parliament congratulates Michelle Ratcliffe, who was recently awarded £4,800 from the Social Entrepreneurs Fund, in order to set up Krabbie Patties IntraCaf, a community internet café in Buckhaven; understands that the fund, initiated by the Scottish Government, is aimed at people who wish to establish a business that has a social or environmental purpose; considers that Michelle has fulfilled these requirements as her café will provide young people with a welcoming and safe space to meet while offering computer facilities and recreational equipment, including a table football and a pool table; welcomes that Michelle also intends to host various events at the café, with which she hopes to foster intergenerational relationships; considers these efforts to support the local community in Buckhaven, and especially young people, highly commendable, and wishes Michelle the best of luck with the implementation of her project.

Supported by: Gil Paterson, Kevin Stewart, Mike MacKenzie, Rob Gibson, Colin Beattie, Joan McAlpine, Stuart McMillan, Roderick Campbell, Adam Ingram

S4M-13038 Christina McKelvie: Economic Consequences of the Brexit—That the Parliament notes with concern the study published on 27 April 2015 by Global Economic Dynamics, which examines the possible economic consequences of the UK exiting the EU, the so-called Brexit; notes that it suggests that, as more than 50% of the UK’s exports go to the EU, if the UK left the EU in 2018, it would reduce exports and make imports more expensive; further notes that it argues that, by 2030, there would be a potential loss of GDP between 0.6 and 3% and a decline in trade activities; understands that the consequences regarding the future of the EU trade agreements are still uncertain and that the UK, if outside the EU, would have to renegotiate those agreements following a lengthy process, and hopes that this study will raise awareness of what it considers the dramatic consequences of a Brexit.

Supported by: John Finnie*, John Mason, Gordon MacDonald, Chic Brodie, Kenneth Gibson, Kevin Stewart, David Torrance, Mike MacKenzie, Rob Gibson, Colin Beattie, Richard Lyle, Adam Ingram, Joan McAlpine

S4M-13032 John Mason: Centennial of the First International Women’s Congress—That the Parliament notes the marking of the centennial of the first International Women’s Congress; understands that, as the First World War was being fought among increasing carnage, over 1,200 women from 12 countries met in The Hague for three days to discuss how the conflict could be ended; believes that they were met with a great deal of mockery in the national press and faced restrictions on their ability to travel to the Netherlands, which was neutral at the time; understands that the delegates, including Chrystal Macmillan from Scotland, passed 20 resolutions on how to avoid future war; believes that the wisdom of these brave pioneers is still relevant today, and hopes that their example will be remembered when people recall what it considers were the terrible tragedies of the First World War.

Supported by: John Finnie*, Jean Urquhart, Kevin Stewart, David Torrance, Mike MacKenzie, Roderick Campbell, Joan McAlpine, Alison Johnstone, Adam Ingram

S4M-13031 Neil Findlay: Celebrating International Workers’ Day—That the Parliament commends all those involved in organising May Day events across Scotland during the first weekend in May as part of the international May Day celebration of working people’s lives; understands that the origins of identifying International Workers’ Day as 1 May lie with the campaign for the eight-hour day, marked by massive demonstrations in American cities in 1888 and a rally of over 300,000 people in Hyde Park in London in 1890; considers the May Day bank holiday in the UK was introduced in 1978 by the Secretary of State for Employment, the Labour Party’s Michael Foot, in honour of organised labour and the right to strike, and welcomes the Edinburgh and Lothians May Day rally on 2 May 2015, with speakers that include Grahame Smith, the General Secretary of the STUC, the Glasgow May Day rally on 3 May and the other events planned to mark the international celebration and the bank holiday weekend.

Supported by: Neil Bibby*, John Finnie*, Sarah Boyack, Bill Kidd, Jackie Baillie, Lewis Macdonald, Anne McTaggart, Jayne Baxter, Drew Smith, John Pentland, Michael McMahon, Elaine Murray, Richard Simpson, Claire Baker, Patricia Ferguson, David Stewart, Graeme Pearson, Hanzala Malik, Margaret McCulloch, John Mason, James Kelly, Cara Hilton, Iain Gray, Malcolm Chisholm

S4M-13030 Lewis Macdonald: Thanks to Debbie Thomson of CLAN Cancer Support—That the Parliament notes that the CLAN Cancer Support chief executive, Debbie Thomson, is to step down from her role in July 2015; considers that she has made an invaluable contribution to the organisation during her 14 years working with the north east charity and that, during her time in charge, CLAN has expanded its reach throughout Aberdeenshire and into Moray, Orkney and Shetland and has increased its staff from a team of five to over 60 employees; congratulates Debbie on her achievements while working with CLAN Cancer Support, including the opening of the purpose-built support centre, Clan House in Aberdeen, and wishes her all the best for the future.

Supported by: Nigel Don, David Torrance, Nanette Milne, Elaine Murray, Sarah Boyack, Hanzala Malik, Kevin Stewart, Anne McTaggart, Liam McArthur, Richard Lyle, Jayne Baxter, Cara Hilton, Graeme Dey, Adam Ingram, David Stewart, Colin Beattie, Malcolm Chisholm, Patricia Ferguson, Tavish Scott, Jackie Baillie

S4M-13029 Patrick Harvie: Trade Deals, TTIP and Democracy—That the Parliament believes that people elect and empower their parliaments and governments to make decisions about laws, public services and regulatory standards; considers that many of the proposals being negotiated as part of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) undermine this democratic principle and hand too much power to corporate interests; believes that democratic authority should not be constrained by a trade deal; rejects the need for an investor-state dispute settlement mechanism; calls for greater transparency and access to EU-US texts during the negotiations; understands with concern that regulatory cooperation proposals will allow important controversial issues to be dealt with in even less accountable ways; believes that the economic case is not made, and calls for the European Parliament and the European Commission to protect the ability of national parliaments to protect the public and the environment without fear of legal action.

Supported by: Ken Macintosh*, Stewart Maxwell, Elaine Murray, Dave Thompson, Bob Doris, Mark McDonald, Sandra White, Richard Lyle, Christina McKelvie, Kenny MacAskill, Roderick Campbell, Clare Adamson, Patricia Ferguson, Adam Ingram, Joan McAlpine, Stuart McMillan, Gordon MacDonald, Jim Eadie, Bruce Crawford, Nigel Don, Elaine Smith, Kenneth Gibson, Dennis Robertson, Cara Hilton, Angus MacDonald, Kevin Stewart, Graeme Dey, Mike MacKenzie, Neil Findlay, Alex Rowley, John Finnie, Jean Urquhart, John Wilson, Alison Johnstone

S4M-13028 Willie Coffey: Congratulations to Brownings the Bakers of Kilmarnock—That the Parliament congratulates Brownings the Bakers in Kilmarnock on its recent success at the 2015 British Pie Awards; considers that the company’s signature product, the Killie Pie, fought off stiff competition from entrants across the UK to be awarded gold in the Pub Pie class and that this is just the latest in a long line of prestigious awards collected by the Killie Pie and the other Brownings the Bakers products; commends the company’s owner, John Gall, and his staff on what it considers the fantastic standards that the company continues to maintain year after year, and wishes all at Brownings the Bakers further success in the future.

S4M-13027 Rhoda Grant: Another Iconic Tourist Attraction Opens in Orkney—That the Parliament congratulates Chivas Brothers on the opening to the public of the Scapa distillery in Orkney for the first time in its 130-year history; understands that the company plans to educate malt connoisseurs about the distillery’s unique production process, provenance and quality; believes that this venture has established two permanent and two seasonal jobs; considers that it will add to Orkney’s many iconic tourist locations, and wishes everyone at the distillery all the best.

Supported by: Kevin Stewart, David Torrance, Lewis Macdonald, Elaine Murray, Sarah Boyack, Jean Urquhart, Neil Findlay, David Stewart, Colin Beattie, John Pentland, Jackie Baillie, Margaret McCulloch, Richard Lyle, Jamie McGrigor, Anne McTaggart, Liam McArthur, Mike MacKenzie, Hanzala Malik, Kenneth Gibson

S4M-13026 Sarah Boyack: Disasters Emergency Committee’s Nepal Earthquake Appeal—That the Parliament notes with concern that the government of Nepal has had to declare a state of national emergency as a result of the largest earthquake to strike Nepal in 80 years; notes that the earthquake was measured at a magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter scale and believes that it has severely disrupted the lives of at least 5.3 million people; understands that more than 3,500 people have died, with over 6,500 people injured and some 30,000 people currently living in makeshift shelters across the country, resulting in the launch of a Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) appeal; notes that the earthquake and its resulting aftershocks have destroyed homes and historic buildings, that electricity has been cut off and Nepal’s communication system is congested with many hospitals overcrowded and their emergency supplies and stocks depleting fast or used up; commends the volunteers and workers who are responding to this humanitarian disaster, including Scots, and urges the UK Government and the Scottish Government to show their support for the DEC appeal; understands that Scotland has a significant Nepalese community and offers its condolences and friendship to those whose families and friends have been affected by the earthquake; hopes that Scotland continues to play a part in the international effort to help the people of Nepal in one of their darkest hours, and encourages people to visit to find out more.

Supported by: Bruce Crawford*, John Finnie*, Nigel Don, Claudia Beamish, Kevin Stewart, David Torrance, Lewis Macdonald, Michael Russell, Dave Thompson, Richard Simpson, Jayne Baxter, Adam Ingram, David Stewart, Alison McInnes, Malcolm Chisholm, Neil Findlay, John Pentland, Jackie Baillie, Anne McTaggart, Mike MacKenzie, Richard Lyle, Cara Hilton, Jamie McGrigor, Patricia Ferguson, Liam McArthur, Elaine Murray, Hanzala Malik, John Mason, Iain Gray, Kenneth Gibson

S4M-13025 Hanzala Malik: Death Threat Made against Anas Sarwar—That the Parliament notes with concern what it considers a vile and disgusting death threat made against Anas Sarwar; condemns any threats made against any candidate or parliamentarian from any party; believes that there is no place for this type of threatening behaviour in Scotland; further believes that freedom to express political views and campaign publicly in favour of those views is a bedrock in a democratic society, and expresses solidarity with Anas Sarwar and his family at this time.

Supported by: Neil Bibby*, John Finnie, Lewis Macdonald, Drew Smith, Sarah Boyack, Richard Simpson, Jayne Baxter, David Stewart, Neil Findlay, John Pentland, Ken Macintosh, Jackie Baillie, Margaret McCulloch, Patricia Ferguson, Graeme Pearson, Anne McTaggart, Liam McArthur, Patrick Harvie

S4M-13024 Neil Findlay: Carers of West Lothian—That the Parliament congratulates Carers of West Lothian on the official opening of its new carers’ centre in Livingston; commends everybody who was involved in bringing the project together; believes that they have ensured a smooth transfer to the new premises; thanks all of the carers and staff who provide support to family members, friends and each other, and wishes everyone involved with the centre success for the future.

Supported by: Cameron Buchanan, Gil Paterson, David Torrance, Sarah Boyack, Jayne Baxter, Colin Beattie, Kevin Stewart, Elaine Murray, Cara Hilton, Nanette Milne, Anne McTaggart, Margaret McCulloch, Hanzala Malik, Kenneth Gibson, Jackie Baillie, Iain Gray, Rhoda Grant, Patricia Ferguson

S4M-13022 Drew Smith: Electrical Safety First’s Manifesto—That the Parliament notes the publication of Electrical Safety First’s Scottish Manifesto; understands that the organisation, which is dedicated to preventing deaths, injuries and damage caused by electricity, has been campaigning to improve electrical safety in a number of key areas; understands that electricity is the source of more than 3,200 house fires a year in Scotland, almost two-thirds of all accidental house fires; highlights that the manifesto calls for social-housing landlords as well as owner-occupied flats to have five-yearly electrical checks carried out by a registered electrician, including in care homes and particularly for people aged 75 or over in order that people with dementia or other similar degenerative conditions can stay safe in their own homes; further notes Electrical Safety First’s calls for better traceability of electrical products and for enforcement agencies to prioritise action on fake electrical goods in order to reduce the 45,000 hospital admissions every year that electrical appliances are responsible for; further highlights Electrical Safety First’s wish for wider awareness of the dangers of undertaking electrical work in the home and the need to always consult a registered electrician, and hopes that the publication of this manifesto promotes wider awareness of electrical safety and actions that can be taken to improve it.

Supported by: Nigel Don, Kevin Stewart, Gil Paterson, David Torrance, Lewis Macdonald, Sarah Boyack, Dave Thompson, Colin Beattie, Cara Hilton, John Mason, Elaine Murray, Richard Simpson, Anne McTaggart, Margaret McCulloch, Neil Findlay, Hanzala Malik, Kenneth Gibson, David Stewart, Patricia Ferguson, Jackie Baillie

S4M-13021 Chic Brodie: Earthquake in Kathmandu—That the Parliament and the Scottish people deeply regret the consequences of the Asian earthquake and its impact on the people of Kathmandu and Nepal and on its World Heritage architecture and is confident that the Scottish Government and the people of Scotland will do everything that they can to mitigate some of that impact.

S4M-13020 Hanzala Malik: New National Scottish Women’s Rights Centre in Glasgow—That the Parliament acknowledges the opening of a new national centre that will help women affected by crimes such as domestic abuse and sexual violence; understands that the centre is based in Glasgow; notes that the Scottish Women’s Rights Centre will offer legal advice to women who have suffered or are experiencing gender-based violence; notes that the centre is in partnership with Rape Crisis Scotland, the University of Strathclyde and the Legal Services Agency; also notes that the centre will operate a weekly helpline with volunteers from the university’s law clinic; believes that this will help ensure that women are made aware of their rights to protective orders in domestic abuse or stalking situations, will also receive advice on housing and welfare issues and will tackle any questions a witness may have following a report of domestic abuse, rape or sexual assault; further notes that the centre hopes to develop a network of pro bono solicitors to offer drop-in services in rape crisis centres across Scotland; understands that most of the funding for solicitors will be covered by the Scottish Legal Aid Board while the rest will be from Foundation Scotland; believes that this is an excellent way to help protect the women of Glasgow, and hopes that the centre is successful in aiding women in cases of domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Supported by: Graeme Pearson*, Jackie Baillie, John Mason, Nigel Don, Kevin Stewart, Gil Paterson, David Torrance, Sarah Boyack, Anne McTaggart, Jayne Baxter, Colin Beattie, Ken Macintosh, Richard Lyle, Richard Simpson, Margaret McCulloch, Mike MacKenzie, Jean Urquhart, Drew Smith, David Stewart

S4M-13019 Ken Macintosh: The ALLIANCE Reaches 1,000th Members—That the Parliament congratulates the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE) on reaching its 1,000th member; acknowledges what it sees as the contribution that the organisation, which was set up in 2006, has made to help achieve a Scotland in which disabled people, people living with long-term conditions and unpaid carers have a strong voice and enjoy their right to live well; considers that the ALLIANCE’s members, who are organisations and individuals with an interest in health and social care, have made a key contribution in working together to ensure that the views and voices of people are at the heart of its support and services and in bringing the voice of its service users to the forefront; notes what it believes is the importance of the range of projects and programmes delivered by the ALLIANCE, including establishing the Self Management Network for Scotland, the Dementia Carer Voices project, the People Powered Health and Wellbeing Programme and ALISS (A Local Information System for Scotland), which aims to connect people to community assets; recognises the role that it considers the ALLIANCE is increasingly playing in showcasing and sharing good practice across Europe and in promoting and enhancing the rights of its service users as equal partners; notes the contribution that the ALLIANCE has made in partnership with others to support rights-based approaches to health and social care, including the Scottish National Action Plan on Human Rights and the Charter of Rights for People with Dementia, and wishes it every future success.

Supported by: Kevin Stewart, David Torrance, Lewis Macdonald, Roderick Campbell, Sarah Boyack, Michael McMahon, Richard Simpson, Anne McTaggart, Margaret McCulloch, Neil Findlay, Hanzala Malik, Rhoda Grant, Kenneth Gibson, David Stewart, Adam Ingram, Joan McAlpine, Jackie Baillie

S4M-12950# Alex Rowley: Thousands of Migrants Dying Attempting to Reach Europe Each Year—That the Parliament expresses its shock at the recent loss of life in the Mediterranean sea where almost 400 migrants attempting to reach the EU are believed to have died in a shipwreck off the coast of Libya; supports the comments of human rights groups across Europe that have condemned the scrapping of rescue operations in the Mediterranean, which it believes is endangering the lives of thousands of desperate migrants making perilous journeys across the sea; acknowledges the comments of the human rights group, Amnesty International, which stated that "European governments’ on-going negligence towards the humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean has contributed to a more than 50-fold increase in migrant and refugee deaths since the beginning of 2015”; believes that the decision of the EU to stop funding Italy’s Mare Nostrum rescue mission last year in favour of the surveillance patrols currently being carried out by its border agency, Frontex, is a clear example of its dereliction of duty with regard to this matter; notes the evidence given to the European and External Relations Committee by Pasquale Terracciano, the Italian Ambassador to the United Kingdom, who stated “We are pressing to persuade the European Union that there is an external border that is of common interest and should be managed at a common level, we are pressing other partners to make it a European priority and all political pressure is welcome to create awareness of the scale of the phenomenon”, and believes that it is the duty of all EU nations to work together to tackle this humanitarian crisis, the scale of which it considers is causing widespread concern and disbelief in the Cowdenbeath constituency and in communities across Scotland.

S4M-12210# Christian Allard: North East Mosses—That the Parliament recognises the importance of raised bogs known as mosses to the local eco-systems with unique animal and plant life; notes that the north east has the Arnhall Moss in Westhill and the Portlethen Moss, both of which, it considers, provide an important natural environment for use by local communities; recognises what it sees as the great work of groups such as the Portlethen Moss Conservation Group and the Arnhall Moss Management Advisory Group, who ensure conservation and maintenance of the mosses; understands that local schools have taken part in safaris and tree planting on the mosses facilitated by local rangers who foster understanding and care of the natural heritage in these areas, and welcomes widespread use of the mosses.

Motions and amendments which have attracted additional support

S4M-13018 Congratulations to Kilmarnock FC ­(lodged on 24 April 2015) Gil Paterson, David Torrance, Colin Beattie, Richard Lyle, Adam Ingram, Joan McAlpine

S4M-13017 St Aidan’s High School ­(lodged on 24 April 2015) Siobhan McMahon, David Torrance, Sarah Boyack, Colin Beattie, Richard Lyle, David Stewart, Margaret Mitchell

S4M-13016 Scotland’s GP of the Year Announced ­(lodged on 24 April 2015) Jackie Baillie, Gil Paterson, David Torrance, Nanette Milne, Sarah Boyack, Dennis Robertson, Colin Beattie, Richard Lyle, Kevin Stewart, Elaine Murray, Lewis Macdonald, Nigel Don, David Stewart, Adam Ingram, Mary Scanlon, Anne McTaggart, Margaret McCulloch, Mike MacKenzie, Jayne Baxter, Kenneth Gibson, Neil Findlay, Graeme Dey, Chic Brodie, Hanzala Malik, Angus MacDonald

S4M-13015 Congratulations to the Wild Chimpanzee Foundation ­(lodged on 24 April 2015) Kevin Stewart, Gil Paterson, David Torrance, Colin Beattie, Joan McAlpine

S4M-13014 Congratulations to Margaret Gibson on her Award ­(lodged on 23 April 2015) Kevin Stewart, Gil Paterson, David Torrance, Nigel Don, Jackie Baillie, Joan McAlpine

S4M-13013 Congratulating Antonine Court on Funding for Hydro Project (lodged on 23 April 2015) Gil Paterson

S4M-13012 Changes to ESA will Discriminate against Women ­(lodged on 23 April 2015) Graeme Pearson*, John Finnie*, Sarah Boyack, Jackie Baillie, John Mason, Nigel Don, Kevin Stewart, Gil Paterson, David Torrance, Ken Macintosh, Adam Ingram, Dave Thompson, Anne McTaggart, Elaine Murray, Kenneth Gibson, Richard Simpson, Mike MacKenzie, Neil Findlay, Joan McAlpine, Christina McKelvie, Patrick Harvie

S4M-13011 Air Service Training Wins Prestigious Queen’s Award ­(lodged on 23 April 2015) Graeme Pearson*, Annabel Goldie, Richard Simpson, Nigel Don, Jackie Baillie

S4M-13010 Bank of Scotland Foundation Awards in North Glasgow ­(lodged on 23 April 2015) Gil Paterson

S4M-13009 The First Minister Backs the STUC’s Position on the NHS ­(lodged on 23 April 2015) John Finnie*, Gil Paterson, Angus MacDonald, Christine Grahame, Bruce Crawford, Nigel Don

S4M-13008 Congratulations to the Falkirk Community Trust ­(lodged on 23 April 2015) Gil Paterson, Sarah Boyack

S4M-13007 2nd Report, 2015, The Implications of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership for Scotland ­(lodged on 23 April 2015) Hanzala Malik

S4M-13006 Making Kirriemuir Dementia-friendly ­(lodged on 23 April 2015) Jackie Baillie, Gil Paterson, Nigel Don

S4M-13005 The Fife Free Press, Weekly Newspaper of the Year ­(lodged on 22 April 2015) Gil Paterson

S4M-13004 IFS Report Reveals Devastating Impact of Full Fiscal Autonomy (lodged on 22 April 2015) Michael McMahon

S4M-13003 National Depression Awareness Week ­(lodged on 22 April 2015) Graeme Pearson*, Siobhan McMahon, Gil Paterson, Bruce Crawford, Nigel Don

S4M-13002 Scottish Women’s Rights Centre ­(lodged on 22 April 2015) Jean Urquhart, Gil Paterson, Nigel Don

S4M-13001 Hutcheson’s Grammar School Pupils Doing Outstanding Work for Symphony of Dreams Charitable Trust ­(lodged on 23 April 2015) Gil Paterson, Nigel Don

S4M-13000 Billy McKay Receives STUC Helen Dowie Award for Lifelong Learning ­(lodged on 22 April 2015) Jackie Baillie, Siobhan McMahon, Gil Paterson, Cara Hilton

S4M-12999 Petty Officer George Samson RN VC ­(lodged on 22 April 2015) Gil Paterson, Bruce Crawford

S4M-12998 36th Celtic Media Festival ­(lodged on 22 April 2015) Gil Paterson

S4M-12997 Retirement of the Security Force Manager, Alastair Murray ­(lodged on 21 April 2015) Gil Paterson

S4M-12985 Delta Queen to Sail Again ­(lodged on 21 April 2015) Gil Paterson

S4M-12984 Chilcot Inquiry ­(lodged on 21 April 2015) Gil Paterson

S4M-12983 Chinese Art Fundraiser for the Burrell Collection ­(lodged on 21 April 2015) Gil Paterson

S4M-12982 75 Years of Scouting in Fairmilehead ­(lodged on 21 April 2015) Gil Paterson

S4M-12981 Dick Balharry Honoured with Geddes Medal ­(lodged on 21 April 2015) Gil Paterson

S4M-12979 Fife Society for the Blind Celebrates 150th Anniversary ­(lodged on 21 April 2015) Siobhan McMahon, Gil Paterson

S4M-12978 Congratulations to Professor Jun Wei ­(lodged on 21 April 2015) Gil Paterson, Rhoda Grant

S4M-12976 Parkinson’s Awareness Week, Making Scotland Parkinson’s-friendly ­(lodged on 21 April 2015) Graeme Pearson*, Siobhan McMahon, Nigel Don

S4M-12975 Responsible Business Week 2015 ­(lodged on 21 April 2015) Cara Hilton

S4M-12974 Ogilvy Vodka ­(lodged on 21 April 2015) Gil Paterson, Cara Hilton

S4M-12972 North Lanarkshire International Workers Memorial Day ­(lodged on 21 April 2015) Gil Paterson, Cara Hilton

S4M-12971 Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Awareness Week ­(lodged on 21 April 2015) Siobhan McMahon, Gil Paterson

S4M-12970 Passports for People who do not Associate with a Particular Gender ­(lodged on 21 April 2015) Gil Paterson, Malcolm Chisholm

S4M-12969 Congratulations to Howard Wood and COAST ­(lodged on 20 April 2015) Gil Paterson

S4M-12968 The Importance of Recognising the Condition, Barrett’s Oesophagus ­(lodged on 20 April 2015) Siobhan McMahon

S4M-12967 Marie Curie’s Glasgow Hospice Celebrates Fifth Anniversary (lodged on 20 April 2015) Siobhan McMahon

S4M-12965 Sighthill Bowling Club’s Defibrillator Campaign ­(lodged on 20 April 2015) Gil Paterson

S4M-12964 Mediterranean Tragedies ­(lodged on 20 April 2015) Gil Paterson

S4M-12963 Do the Human Right Thing: Keep the Human Rights Act ­(lodged on 20 April 2015) Gil Paterson

S4M-12962 US Removes Cuba from Terrorism List ­(lodged on 20 April 2015) Gil Paterson, Lewis Macdonald

S4M-12960 Congratulations to Howard Wood and COAST ­(lodged on 20 April 2015) Gil Paterson

S4M-12959 Andy Stewart ­(lodged on 20 April 2015) Gil Paterson

S4M-12957 Marie Curie’s Changing the Conversation on Terminal Illness Report ­(lodged on 20 April 2015) Graeme Pearson*, Gil Paterson

S4M-12956 Congratulations to Hawick and St Boswells Rugby Teams ­(lodged on 20 April 2015) Graeme Pearson*, Annabel Goldie

S4M-12955 Reducing Low Pay, Not Benefits ­(lodged on 20 April 2015) Gil Paterson

S4M-12950 Thousands of Migrants Dying Attempting to Reach Europe Each Year ­(lodged on 16 April 2015) Hugh Henry*, Gil Paterson

S4M-12949 Congratulations to Craig Walker of Summerston on Completing the Paris Marathon ­(lodged on 16 April 2015) Gil Paterson

S4M-12948 East Kilbride is Gold Standard ­(lodged on 16 April 2015) Gil Paterson

S4M-12947 Young Heroes, Young Scots, Ten Years of the Sunday Mail Young Scot Awards ­(lodged on 16 April 2015) Gil Paterson

S4M-12946 Supporting Scottish Sheep Farmers ­(lodged on 14 April 2015) Gil Paterson

S4M-12945 A Scottish BAFTA for The Wee ‘hings ­(lodged on 14 April 2015) Gil Paterson

S4M-12941 Action Needed to Deliver on Gaza Reconstruction Promises ­(lodged on 14 April 2015) Lewis Macdonald

S4M-12940 Plastic Bag Success ­(lodged on 14 April 2015) Gil Paterson

S4M-12939 Pakistan, Yemen and Saudi Arabia ­(lodged on 14 April 2015) Gil Paterson

S4M-12938.1 Expanding Coverage of the Living Wage ­(lodged on 15 April 2015) Gil Paterson

S4M-12938 Expanding Coverage of the Living Wage ­(lodged on 14 April 2015) John Wilson, Paul Martin, Richard Baker, Mary Fee, Jenny Marra, Mark Griffin, Margaret McDougall, Duncan McNeil, Johann Lamont, Michael McMahon

S4M-12937 Increase in Participation in Watersports ­(lodged on 13 April 2015) Gil Paterson

S4M-12935 Glasgow Airport’s 25th Month of Consecutive Growth ­(lodged on 13 April 2015) Annabel Goldie

S4M-12932 International Workers’ Memorial Day 2015 ­(lodged on 13 April 2015) Gil Paterson

S4M-12931 Congratulations to The Voice Winner, Stevie McCrorie ­(lodged on 13 April 2015) Gil Paterson

S4M-12909 Benefits for Survivors of Police Officers Killed on Duty ­(lodged on 07 April 2015) Annabel Goldie, Christine Grahame

S4M-12899 Renewed Call for a Ban on Snares and a Review of the Legislation (lodged on 01 April 2015) Kezia Dugdale

S4M-12875 Deaf Awareness Week 2015 ­(lodged on 31 March 2015) Johann Lamont*, Iain Gray*, Ken Macintosh*, Malcolm Chisholm*, Dave Thompson*, Drew Smith*

S4M-12867 Oriam, Scotland’s Sports Performance Centre ­(lodged on 31 March 2015) Chic Brodie

S4M-12571 Volunteering and Self-management ­(lodged on 06 March 2015) Annabel Goldie

S4M-12526 Prestwick Airport Spaceport Bid ­(lodged on 04 March 2015) Willie Coffey

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