Section F: Motions and Amendments

Motions and amendments are normally printed the day after they are lodged. If an amendment is lodged to a motion then the original motion will appear alongside the amendment, along with any support lodged that day, in this section.

Each Monday, this section also contains all motions and amendments lodged the previous week that are still live and any motions and amendments that have been lodged for debate in the coming week. A motion or amendment is live if it has not been debated, withdrawn or otherwise deleted from the list.

Where a motion or amendment has been withdrawn, it is indicated in this section the day after it has been withdrawn. Support for motions and amendments received after they are lodged is shown at the end of this section the day after such support is received.

Motions and amendments can be published with various symbols

  • Asterisks before the motion or amendment number indicate a motion or amendment published for the first time
  • Asterisks also identify alterations to the text of a motion or amendment made since it was first published
  • A hash symbol identifies motions eligible for debate at Members’ Business
  • A diamond symbol identifies motions lodged for Members’ Business that have not yet attracted the required cross-party support
  • An "R", identifies motions or amendments in which the Member who lodged it has a registrable interest.

The Parliamentary Bureau periodically deletes motions or amendments not scheduled for debate and which are over six weeks old.

Any questions in relation to this section should be directed to the Chamber Desk

New and altered motions and amendments

*S4M-12312 Graeme Dey: Welcoming Agrico UK as an Investor in Young People—That the Parliament welcomes Agrico UK, the Eassie-based developer and supplier of high grade seed potatoes, on being accredited as an Investor in Young People; notes that the firm has been recognised as being passionately committed to supporting its young staff and as an employer of choice for young people; applauds the Investors in Young People scheme, which was launched by the Scottish Government in the summer of 2014, to encourage employers to work with and invest in young workers, and recognises the positive contribution that young people make as employees across Scotland.

Supported by: Bill Kidd*, Hanzala Malik*, Dennis Robertson*, Mike MacKenzie*, Richard Lyle*

*S4M-12311 Hanzala Malik: New £100 Million Fund to Help Meet Pupil Potential—That the Parliament understands that pupils from the poorest parts of Scotland will be helped to meet their potential through a new £100 million fund; understands that the Attainment Scotland Fund will be spent over four years on primary schools in the most deprived areas; understands that the Labour party has backed the plan; notes that the focus on standards in reading and counting draws on what it considers the successful London Challenge scheme introduced in 2003, and believes that this should help close the attainment gap between pupils in schools across Scotland.

*S4M-12310 Hanzala Malik: Concern over End to Stop and Searches—That the Parliament notes that rank and file police officers have accused politicians of ignorance over consensual stop and searches; understands that officers are considering ending the controversial tactic but that the Scottish Police Federation has now written to MSPs insisting that the searches increase public safety; also notes that it defended the right of officers to carry out consensual stop and searches on children; understands that police in Scotland have the legal power to stop and search members of the public in certain statutory circumstances when they have reasonable evidence that they are in possession of drugs, an offensive weapon or stolen property but in other cases they may ask for consent to a search when they have no legal power to require someone to be searched; notes that police in England and Wales are not allowed to do this, and understands that, in June 2014, Police Scotland told MSPs that it would abolish consensual stop and searches for children under 12.

*S4M-12309 Clare Adamson: Family Fun Day Success—That the Parliament congratulates North Lanarkshire Leisure on encouraging communities to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle; understands that over 1,000 people attended the free family fun day on 7 February 2015 at the Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility; further congratulates thelocal sporting hero and Commonwealth Games boxing gold medallist, Charlie Flynn, who attended with his gold medal; considers that this great day organised by North Lanarkshire Leisure is continuing the Commonwealth Games legacy by encouraging communities to engage in activities, and further recognises the opportunity allowed to families to take part in sport events that they may not normally have participated in. R

Supported by: Dennis Robertson*, Jackie Baillie*, Bill Kidd*, Kevin Stewart*, Kenneth Gibson*, Graeme Dey*, Rob Gibson*, Richard Lyle*, Mike MacKenzie*

*S4M-12308 Patrick Harvie: Global Divestment Day—That the Parliament welcomes Global Divestment Day, organised by and supported by Green and other campaigners around the world; agrees with the campaign that, in order to achieve a reasonable chance of limiting climate change to internationally agreed levels, the majority of the world’s fossil fuels must remain unused; supports therefore the goal of financial divestment from the fossil fuel industry; congratulates those who have taken early steps in this direction, including the University of Glasgow, and calls on all public bodies to develop plans for divestment of their pension funds and other investments from the fossil fuel industry.

Supported by: John Finnie*

*S4M-12307 David Stewart: Type Onesie Day—That the Parliament congratulates Aidan Young, aged nine, on organising a Type Onesie Day in his school, Banavie Primary, and notes that, not only did this raise awareness of type 1 diabetes in the community, but it also raised £450 for Diabetes UK.

*S4M-12305 Anne McTaggart: Congratulations to Cara Henderson, Scotswoman of the Year—That the Parliament congratulates Cara Henderson on being named Evening Times Scotswoman of the Year 2014 at a ceremony in Glasgow City Chambers on 12 February 2015; acknowledges what it considers the unique contribution that Cara has made to raising awareness of the impact of sectarianism in Scotland and encouraging public debate on the issue; notes that she set up the charity, Nil by Mouth, in memory of her school friend, Mark Scott; notes the importance and unique contribution of women in public life highlighted by awards such as Scotswoman of the Year, and recognises the work of Nil by Mouth right across Scotland over the last 15 years in challenging sectarianism and bringing people together.

Supported by: Drew Smith*, Jackie Baillie*, Margaret Mitchell*, Patricia Ferguson*, Cara Hilton*, Kevin Stewart*, Mike MacKenzie*, Bill Kidd*, Michael McMahon*, Hanzala Malik*, Stuart McMillan*, Johann Lamont*, Kenneth Gibson*, Liam McArthur*, Graeme Dey*

*S4M-12304 Roderick Campbell: Snowdrops by Starlight—That the Parliament congratulates Cambo Estate on what it considers its fifth successful year of hosting the Snowdrops by Starlight festival; understands that the organisers were inspired to put on the show in 2010 after they caught sight of drifts of snowdrops in car headlights; notes that the festival runs from 11 to 15 February 2015 and allows visitors the opportunity to see what it considers the famous snowdrop woods illuminated by a spectacular light experience; further understands that this year’s main focus will be the installation of mirrors throughout the wood and the way they reflect and illuminate the snowdrops, but will also see children hunting for Glingbobs and Tootflits, and hopes that the festival will be as successful as ever.

Supported by: Liz Smith*, Margaret Mitchell*, Kevin Stewart*, Richard Simpson*, Stuart McMillan*, Angus MacDonald*, Christina McKelvie*, Bill Kidd*, Dennis Robertson*, Kenneth Gibson*, Claudia Beamish*, Murdo Fraser*, Rob Gibson*

*S4M-12303 Christina McKelvie: Lanarkshire Rape Crisis Centre Funding Success—That the Parliament welcomes the news that Lanarkshire Rape Crisis Centre has been given £47,646 by the Big Lottery Fund Scotland’s Young Start Awards; understands that the two-year grant will be used to start a youth empowerment programme that will operate in both North and South Lanarkshire; notes that the project will aim to promote self-confidence and positive attitudes toward gender and sexuality by engaging up to forty 16 to 24-year-olds in workshops, community activities, conferences and media events; further notes that 13-year-olds and upward will also be able to participate through social media, and hopes that projects such as this prove successful in ensuring a positive open society for all.

Supported by: Angus MacDonald*

*S4M-12302# Kevin Stewart: World Whisky Day 2015—That the Parliament notes that the 4th World Whisky Day will take place on 16 May 2015; understands that this global celebration of whisky last year saw 250,000 people attend whisky-themed events in over 40 countries; notes that the event is now managed by the Edinburgh-based Hot Rum Cow Publishing, supported by the founder of World Whisky Day, Blair Bowman; considers that World Whisky Day provides an amazing opportunity to highlight and promote Scotland’s national drink, and raises a dram to the event’s continued success.

Supported by: Joan McAlpine*, Kenneth Gibson*, Bill Kidd*, David Torrance*, Dennis Robertson*, Jackie Baillie*, Nanette Milne*, Rob Gibson*, Adam Ingram*, Christina McKelvie*, Anne McTaggart*, Mary Scanlon*, Colin Keir*, Richard Lyle*, Angus MacDonald*, Mike MacKenzie*, Liam McArthur*

*S4M-12301♦ Christina McKelvie: Women, Further Devolution and Social Security—That the Parliament notes the statement to the Joint Ministerial Working Group on Welfare by 12 Scottish civil organisations including Engender, the Electoral Reform Society Scotland and Scottish Women’s Aid, which raises what it considers the clear evidence shown in research by the House of Commons Library that 85% of cuts to benefits, tax credits, pay and pensions since 2010 have been taken from women’s incomes, including those in the Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse parliamentary constituency; understands that the statement calls on the UK Government to devolve many of the areas of welfare that are so negatively affecting women due to the present reforms and stipulates that they must be at least to the level of the proposals of the Smith Commission, and notes calls for the UK Government to follow through on the recommendations of the Smith Commission.

Supported by: Joan McAlpine*, David Torrance*, John Finnie*, Roderick Campbell*, Chic Brodie*, Graeme Dey*, Stuart McMillan*, John Mason*, Rob Gibson*, Adam Ingram*, Richard Lyle*, Kevin Stewart*, Dennis Robertson*, Angus MacDonald*, Mike MacKenzie*

*S4M-12300 John Lamont: Liberty Star Trading Wins Scottish Independent Retail Award—That the Parliament congratulates Liberty Star Trading, in Selkirk, on winning the South East Fashion retailer of the year award at the Scottish Independent Retail Awards 2015 ceremony, which took place in Glasgow; understands that the awards recognise the excellent contribution of small businesses that work in their community; acknowledges the contribution that this business makes to the Borders economy and Borders brand, and wishes Liberty Star Trading every success in the future.

Supported by: Cameron Buchanan*, David Torrance*, Jackie Baillie*, Nanette Milne*, Joan McAlpine*, Liz Smith*, Jackson Carlaw*, Kenneth Gibson*, Bill Kidd*, Hanzala Malik*, Richard Lyle*, Mary Scanlon*, Kevin Stewart*, Dennis Robertson*, Margaret Mitchell*, Mike MacKenzie*

*S4M-12299 John Lamont: A Hume Country Clothing Wins Best of British Independent Retailer Award—That the Parliament congratulates A Hume Country Clothing, run by Archie and Karen Hume in Kelso, on winning the Scottish prize at the Pure London Best of British Independent Retailer Awards; notes that the recent ceremony in London marked the inaugural year for the awards, which were presented on behalf of the Fashion Association of Britain to recognise and celebrate the contributions of the finest UK independent retailers to the fashion industry; believes that A Hume Country Clothing is an excellent ambassador for the type of quality products that Scottish businesses produce; recognises that this is one of a number of awards that the company has received for the quality of its clothing in recent months, and wishes the business every success in the future.

Supported by: Cameron Buchanan*, David Torrance*, Jackie Baillie*, Joan McAlpine*, Nanette Milne*, Liz Smith*, Jackson Carlaw*, Kenneth Gibson*, Bill Kidd*, Hanzala Malik*, Roderick Campbell*, Jim Hume*, Angus MacDonald*, Richard Lyle*, Anne McTaggart*, Mary Scanlon*, Kevin Stewart*, Dennis Robertson*, Margaret Mitchell*, Mike MacKenzie*

*S4M-12298♦ George Adam: Pilot on Reintroducing Alcohol at Football Stadia—That the Parliament notes calls for a pilot for the reintroduction of the sale and consumption of alcohol in football stadia; notes that the ban was introduced over 30 years ago and considers that it is predicated on the culture of a particular section of football fans at that time; hopes that an open and frank debate can be held regarding this subject involving all interested parties; recognises that other sporting venues in the country allow their fans to consume alcohol within the confines of the stadium, including rugby fans at Murrayfield; commends St Mirren FC for recently engaging with this subject by holding what was considered a very successful Fans Zone before a Scottish Premiership match, which allowed adults to enjoy an alcoholic drink in a marquee erected in the club’s grounds, and encourages trust in football fans to behave in a responsible way at football stadia when consuming alcohol, considering that the security and policing measures at grounds on match day are far more sophisticated than they were over 30 years ago.

Supported by: David Torrance*, Rob Gibson*, Adam Ingram*, Richard Lyle*, Kevin Stewart*

*S4M-12297# George Adam: Fairtrade Fortnight 2015—That the Parliament notes that Fairtrade Fortnight 2015 takes place from 23 February to 8 March; further notes that 2015 marks the second anniversary of Scotland achieving Fair Trade Nation status and that this will be celebrated during the fortnight; congratulates everyone who has expressed their commitment to fair trade and who will be holding events across the country; supports the work of the Scottish Fair Trade Forum in promoting what it believes is the deepening and widening of awareness and purchasing of fairly-traded goods and in hosting fair trade visitors to Scotland from the Dominican Republic, Malawi and Mauritius; notes the view that, in order to honour its Fair Trade Nation status, Scotland needs to continue to lead the global campaign to make trade fair; celebrates the achievements of Fair Trade businesses in Paisley and across Scotland in what it sees as them leading the way in showing that trade can be mutually beneficial for producers and consumers, and welcomes moves to encourage public bodies and private business to procure fairly-traded products.

Supported by: Stuart McMillan*, Alison Johnstone*, Bill Kidd*, Kevin Stewart*, Dennis Robertson*, Roderick Campbell*, Kenneth Gibson*, Jackie Baillie*, Angus MacDonald*, David Torrance*, Graeme Dey*, Patricia Ferguson*, Neil Findlay*, Rob Gibson*, James Kelly*, John Mason*, Liam McArthur*, Christina McKelvie*, Anne McTaggart*, Mike MacKenzie*, Ken Macintosh*, John Finnie*, Hugh Henry*, Adam Ingram*, Neil Bibby*, Chic Brodie*

*S4M-12296 Dennis Robertson: Congratulations to Banchory Woodend Barn—That the Parliament congratulates the Woodend Barn in Banchory in West Aberdeenshire on receiving a national Hands Up for Trad Business Limelight Award; notes that this is awarded monthly in recognition of outstanding contributions by businesses that influence the arts and cultural sector in Scotland; understands that the Woodend Barn venue, which will be 21 years old in February 2015, presents dramatic, musical and visual art performances and exhibitions, and wishes the Woodend Barn continuing success.

Supported by: Bill Kidd*, Stuart McMillan*, Joan McAlpine*, Kevin Stewart*, Richard Lyle*, Rob Gibson*, Nigel Don*, Nanette Milne*, Jackie Baillie*, Angus MacDonald*, David Torrance*, Mike MacKenzie*, Adam Ingram*, Colin Keir*, Chic Brodie*

*S4M-12295 Christina McKelvie: 7 Days, 7 Ways Programme—That the Parliament congratulates Stepchange Debt Charity on its recent Debt Awareness Week 7 Days, 7 Ways programme launch, which is aimed at helping people to get control of their finances and start tackling their debt problems; understands that recent research suggests that 1.8 million adults in Scotland do not have a household budget and a further half a million have a budget that they do not stick to; believes that a detailed household budget is a positive way for a household to get a clear picture of their finances, and considers support from organisations such as Stepchange Debt Charity as a positive move for people who may find themselves requiring support to get debts under control and move forward towards a debt-free future.

Supported by: Joan McAlpine*, Stuart McMillan*, Bill Kidd*, Nigel Don*, Anne McTaggart*, Richard Lyle*, Rob Gibson*, Kevin Stewart*, Dennis Robertson*, Jackie Baillie*, Angus MacDonald*, David Torrance*, Mike MacKenzie*, Ken Macintosh*, John Finnie*, Adam Ingram*, Colin Keir*

*S4M-12294 Jackie Baillie: New Report on Home-based Businesses—That the Parliament welcomes the report by the Federation of Small Businesses in Scotland, Home Truths: The true value of home-based businesses; considers that the report provides a unique insight into the nature of home-based businesses; notes what it considers the significant economic contribution made by such businesses, accounting for 17% of all private sector employment and 10% of private sector turnover in Scotland; understands that this amounts to 291,000 jobs in Scotland and a turnover of £19.7 billion for the Scottish economy; further understands that 56% of all Scottish businesses are home-based, and urges the Scottish Government to consider the findings and recommendations made in the report.

Supported by: Rhoda Grant*, Hugh Henry*, Cara Hilton*, Anne McTaggart*, Lewis Macdonald*, Mike MacKenzie*, Ken Macintosh*, Richard Simpson*, Margaret McDougall*, Hanzala Malik*, Elaine Murray*

*S4M-12293 Angus MacDonald: Forth Valley College Presented with Beacon Award—That the Parliament congratulates Forth Valley College on receiving its Association of Colleges Beacon Award 2014 for Innovation in Further Education at a national presentation ceremony held at Westminster on 4 February 2015; understands that the college received the prize for its innovative leadership model and approach to education and training, which has resulted in a range of positive outcomes for students, staff and partners; believes that the award is a strong endorsement of Forth Valley College, highlighting that innovation is a way of life and is embedded throughout everything that the college does, resulting in staff feeling empowered to pursue exciting approaches to learning and teaching to ensure that students achieve qualifications valued by industry and progress seamlessly to further study or employment, and looks forward to the college continuing to find innovative ways to help students reach their potential.

Supported by: Kenneth Gibson*, Roderick Campbell*, Bill Kidd*, Joan McAlpine*, Chic Brodie*, Nigel Don*, Rob Gibson*, Adam Ingram*, Kevin Stewart*, Richard Simpson*, Anne McTaggart*, Dennis Robertson*, David Torrance*, Mike MacKenzie*, Colin Keir*

*S4M-12292 Graeme Dey: The Scottish Bridal Studio—That the Parliament congratulates the Carnoustie-based firm, the Scottish Bridal Studio, on being named the North-East’s Bespoke Retailer of the Year at the Scottish Independent Retail Awards; welcomes the opportunity that these awards present for the public to vote for independent retailers that play an important role in their communities; notes that the Scottish Bridal Studio has also been nominated as a finalist in the upcoming Scottish Wedding Awards’ Best Bridal Boutique category, and wishes the firm continuing success in gaining recognition for the service that it provides to its customers and its contribution to Carnoustie.

Supported by: Joan McAlpine*, Kenneth Gibson*, Stuart McMillan*, Angus MacDonald*, Nanette Milne*, Roderick Campbell*, Bill Kidd*, Chic Brodie*, Nigel Don*, Dennis Robertson*, Rob Gibson*, Adam Ingram*, Kevin Stewart*, David Torrance*, Mike MacKenzie*, Colin Keir*

*S4M-12291♦ Lewis Macdonald: Offshore Industry Crisis—That the Parliament notes the severity of the downturn in the UK offshore oil industry resulting from the slump in oil prices; believes that short-term responses such as delay or cancellation of long-term projects, laying off workers, extending working hours, accelerating cost-cutting recruitment practices or changing terms and conditions without consultation will fail to mitigate the impact on workers or the wider economy; further believes that reducing essential maintenance work would jeopardise infrastructure integrity and capacity, tens of thousands of jobs, including in the north east, essential skills and future tax revenues from this vital sector; believes that oil industry trade unions have a key role to play in government/industry initiatives, such as the Energy Jobs Taskforce, in ensuring that the views and interests of those working in the industry are taken fully into account, and notes calls for government at every level to work closely with employers, regulators, trade unions and elected representatives to support measures that preserve the sustainability of operations, jobs, skills and investment, as well as a robust safety regime in the North Sea.

Supported by: Jackie Baillie*, Elaine Murray*, Cara Hilton*, Duncan McNeil*, Elaine Smith*, John Pentland*, Hugh Henry*, Patricia Ferguson*, Anne McTaggart*, Ken Macintosh*, Richard Simpson*, Hanzala Malik*

*S4M-12290 Colin Beattie: Transmedia Receives £9,982—That the Parliament congratulates Transmedia in Loanhead on receiving a £9,982 grant from the Communities and Family Fund; understands that this funding will provide five to eight-year-olds with access to a series of weekly classes involving musical tuition, sound technology, recording and performance; believes that these classes will help teach important performance and production skills as well as teamwork and expression skills, and wishes Transmedia’s performers and production crews all the best in accomplishing their dreams.

Supported by: Joan McAlpine*, Roderick Campbell*, Bill Kidd*, Chic Brodie*, Dennis Robertson*, Rob Gibson*, Kevin Stewart*, Mike MacKenzie*, John Mason*, Angus MacDonald*, David Torrance*, Colin Keir*

*S4M-12289 Graeme Dey: Arbroath and District Bowling Club—That the Parliament congratulates Leanne Furye and Caroline Ruxton of Arbroath and District Bowling Club on becoming the Scottish Indoor Bowling Association’s Ladies’ National Two Bowl Champions; notes that the duo beat Prestwick in the semi-final and Midlothian in the final of the competition, which was recently held in Fraserburgh; understands that Ms Furye also made it through to the semi-final of the Ladies’ National Singles tournament, and wishes everyone at the Arbroath and District Bowling Club, in particular, Ms Furye and Ms Ruxton, continuing success as they compete for bowling glory.

Supported by: Bill Kidd*, Dennis Robertson*, Joan McAlpine*, Christian Allard*, David Torrance*, Nigel Don*, Rob Gibson*, Richard Lyle*, Mike MacKenzie*, Chic Brodie*, Kevin Stewart*, Nanette Milne*, Adam Ingram*, Angus MacDonald*, Colin Keir*

*S4M-12288 Alex Salmond: Scottish Independent Retail Awards—That the Parliament congratulates Davidsons Butchers, Vanity and Mitchells Dairy, which are in Inverurie, on winning regional accolades at the Scottish Independent Retail Awards, which were presented at a recent ceremony in Glasgow; recognises what it sees as the fantastic efforts of independent retailers in contributing to the local economies and promoting local produce; believes that the awards, which are voted for by the public, demonstrate the contribution that these three businesses make to both Inverurie and the wider Aberdeenshire area, and wishes Davidsons Butchers, Vanity and Mitchells Dairy well for their future endeavours.

Supported by: Graeme Dey*, Bill Kidd*, Dennis Robertson*, Joan McAlpine*, Christian Allard*, David Torrance*, Nigel Don*, Rob Gibson*, Richard Lyle*, Gordon MacDonald*, Mike MacKenzie*, Chic Brodie*, Mary Scanlon*, Kevin Stewart*, Nanette Milne*, Liz Smith*, Adam Ingram*, Angus MacDonald*, Colin Keir*

*S4M-12287 Roderick Campbell: New NFUS President—That the Parliament congratulates the North East Fife farmer, Allan Bowie, on his election as the 61st President of NFU Scotland; understands that Mr Bowie succeeds Nigel Miller as president, having served as vice-president since February 2009, and defeated Andrew Moir and Rob Livesey in a vote taken at the union’s AGM in St Andrews on 10 February 2015; also congratulates Rob Livesey and Andrew McCornick on their elections to vice-presidential positions, and wishes the new presidential team well for the future.

Supported by: David Torrance*, Bill Kidd*, Stuart McMillan*, Graeme Dey*, Claire Baker*, Murdo Fraser*, Richard Lyle*, Michael Russell*, Liam McArthur*, Rob Gibson*, Dennis Robertson*, Gil Paterson*, Nigel Don*, John Lamont*, Gordon MacDonald*, Mike MacKenzie*, Chic Brodie*, Kevin Stewart*, Liz Smith*, Nanette Milne*, Joan McAlpine*, Alex Fergusson*, Adam Ingram*, Angus MacDonald*, Colin Keir*

*S4M-12286 Tavish Scott: Congratulations to Allan Bowie, 61st President of the NFUS—That the Parliament congratulates Allan Bowie, from Fife, on being elected the 61st President of the National Farmers Union of Scotland (NFUS) at the union’s AGM in St Andrews; notes that Allan replaces Nigel Miller, from the Borders, whom it considers to have been a great servant to the agricultural community over the last four years; further congratulates Rob Livesey and Andrew McCornick, on being elected vice presidents; considers that the new presidential team is taking the helm of the NFUS at a trying time for farmers across every region of the country, and wishes Allan, Rob and Andrew the best of success in guiding the NFUS through what it believes will be both an exciting and challenging period for farming of all scales and across all sectors over the next four years.

Supported by: Jim Hume*, Graeme Pearson*, Jackie Baillie*, Murdo Fraser*, Liam McArthur*, Kevin Stewart*, Nanette Milne*, Liz Smith*, Alex Fergusson*, David Torrance*

*S4M-12285 John Swinney: Mental Health (Scotland) Bill: Financial Resolution—That the Parliament, for the purposes of any Act of the Scottish Parliament resulting from the Mental Health (Scotland) Bill, agrees to any expenditure of a kind referred to in Rule 9.12.3(b) of the Parliament’s Standing Orders arising in consequence of the Act.

*S4M-12284 Colin Keir: Chinese Culture Competition in China—That the Parliament congratulates Raymond Tsang and Jojo Li on being selected to represent Great Britain at the 2014 International Chinese Culture and Talent Competition in Xiamen City in China, which is an annual competition organised by the Chinese Central Government Department of Overseas Affairs; understands that, after considering a wide range of candidates from across the world, Raymond Tsang was placed 3rd for the Public Speaking category and Jojo Li 6th for the Instrument category; notes that, at the award ceremony, Raymond Tsang from George Watson’s College in Edinburgh, won a 2,000 Renmimbi prize of £200, representing the UK Chinese Team of the UK Association for Promoting Chinese Education; considers that this competition builds a bridge between China and Scotland and promotes mutual learning and integration of different languages and cultures, and acknowledges what it considers the significant achievement by Raymond Tsang and Jojo Li.

Supported by: Angus MacDonald*

*S4M-12283 Graeme Dey: NFU Scotland Membership Flame Award Winners—That the Parliament congratulates Jeremy Parker and Rob Beaty, the branch secretaries of NFU Scotland’s Forfar branch, who have recently been awarded the NFU Scotland’s Membership Flame Award; notes that this award recognises outstanding efforts in the recruitment and retention of members and that this is the second time that Mr Parker and Mr Beaty have been given this honour, having also been successful in 2013; understands that, in 2014, the duo recruited 19 new members to the branch, retained 96% of the branch’s existing members and brought in subscription income that was 8% above the branch’s target for the year, and wishes Mr Parker and Mr Beaty continuing success in their work on behalf of local members of NFU Scotland.

Supported by: Joan McAlpine*, Bill Kidd*, Chic Brodie*, David Torrance*, Rob Gibson*, Richard Lyle*, Mike MacKenzie*, Kevin Stewart*, Christian Allard*, Dennis Robertson*, Gil Paterson*, Nigel Don*, Nanette Milne*, Angus MacDonald*, Colin Keir*

*S4M-12282 Christina McKelvie: Beckford Lodge Art Project—That the Parliament congratulates the patients and staff at Beckford Lodge in Hamilton on their successful completion of an artistic project to design and paint a mural on their courtyard wall; understands that the patients on the long-stay mental health ward took three months to oversee the project, from design through to completion, which resulted in an artist drawing up their idea of featuring the four seasons on the wall, which they then painted after selecting the colours; considers that this project shows the positive results of using artistic endeavour to offer positive focus for the patients and resulted in health benefits from their becoming engrossed in the painting; recognises the positive results that have come from this colourful project, and hopes that projects such as this can be a shining example for others in the future.

Supported by: Joan McAlpine*, Chic Brodie*, Kenneth Gibson*, Bill Kidd*, Roderick Campbell*, David Torrance*, Rob Gibson*, Adam Ingram*, Anne McTaggart*, Richard Lyle*, Kevin Stewart*, Dennis Robertson*, Jean Urquhart*, Mike MacKenzie*, Gil Paterson*, Nigel Don*, Angus MacDonald*, Colin Keir*

*S4M-12281 John Mason: Fairness, Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance—That the Parliament notes the recent reports suggesting that, in 2010, HSBC helped many of its wealthier clients to evade tax through branches in Switzerland; further notes recurring reports of large companies such as Amazon and Starbucks paying what it understands to be dubious amounts of corporation tax; believes that wealthy individuals, companies and banks should not attempt to act against the spirit of the tax system, illegally or otherwise; understands that high levels of tax evasion and avoidance are particularly significant during a time of austerity, and believes that more should be done to ensure that all wealthy people and companies pay a fair share of tax.

Supported by: Joan McAlpine*, David Torrance*, Rob Gibson*, Adam Ingram*, Bill Kidd*, Christina McKelvie*, Richard Lyle*, Kevin Stewart*, Jean Urquhart*, Gil Paterson*, Kenneth Gibson*, Neil Findlay*, John Finnie*

*S4M-12280 Alison McInnes: The Scottish Wholesale Industry—That the Parliament recognises the importance of Scotland’s wholesale industry to the nation’s food and drink sector and the wider economy; believes that more than 15,000 people are employed directly in this diverse industry, which includes large household names and family-run businesses; understands that the Scottish Wholesale Association established the Achievers Awards in 2002 to raise standards and recognise excellence and professionalism in the industry, and congratulates all of the nominees and winners of the 2015 awards, which were held in Edinburgh on 12 February 2015.

Supported by: Angus MacDonald*, Jim Hume*, Graeme Dey*, Bill Kidd*, Dennis Robertson*, Jackie Baillie*, Gordon MacDonald*, Mike MacKenzie*, John Mason*, Anne McTaggart*, Kevin Stewart*, Nanette Milne*, David Torrance*

*S4M-12279 Kevin Stewart: Marischal Square Poll—That the Parliament notes the views of Aberdonians about the Marischal Square project that were recorded in a poll conducted by Aberdeen’s Evening Express; recognises that the poll found that an overwhelming majority were against the project, with 88.8% believing both that it should be scrapped and that there was no adequate public consultation; understands that 73.1% believe that the council administration attached no importance to public opinion; praises the judgement of Aberdonians who want to protect the city’s architectural gems; believes that this poll is a damning indictment of the Labour-led administration, and calls on the council to listen to the electorate of Aberdeen and rethink this proposal.

Supported by: Kenneth Gibson*, Chic Brodie*, Graeme Dey*, Rob Gibson*, Bill Kidd*, Christina McKelvie*, Richard Lyle*, Mike MacKenzie*, Joan McAlpine*, Dennis Robertson*, David Torrance*, Adam Ingram*, Christian Allard*, Gil Paterson*, Nigel Don*

*S4M-12278 Mary Scanlon: Elaine Robertson wins NFU Miskelly Award—That the Parliament congratulates Elaine Robertson, from the Keith office of the National Farmers Union of Scotland (NFUS), on being the 2015 recipient of the Miskelly Award; understands that the award was established in memory of John Miskelly, who served as the NFUS regional manager and was an inspirational figure through his dedication and support to the agricultural industry; notes that Elaine joined the NFUS in 1987 and has received a long-service award for 20 years with the union; believes that Elaine has done tremendous work on behalf of the NFUS in Keith and the surrounding areas; notes in particular her efforts at the Keith Show in which the NFUS stand has on many occasions been named the best trade stand; commends the numerous projects that Elaine has been associated with, including the Banffshire Centenary Blend whisky for the NFUS’s centenary in 2013-14, which raised more than £21,000 for the trust, and wishes Elaine continued success.

Supported by: Angus MacDonald*, David Torrance*, Joan McAlpine*, Dennis Robertson*, Graeme Dey*, Mike MacKenzie*, Richard Lyle*, Nigel Don*, Jackson Carlaw*, John Lamont*, Nanette Milne*, Liz Smith*, Kevin Stewart*

*S4M-12277 John Finnie: Zeki Basan, First Winner of the Scottish Youth Award for Excellence in Mountain Culture—That the Parliament congratulates Zeki Basan on becoming the first recipient of the Fort William Mountain Festival’s Scottish Youth Award for Excellence in Mountain Culture; understands that Zeki received the award in recognition of his role in delivering a bushcraft workshop, despite personal challenges, as part of the 2014’s Moray Outdoor Learning Festival; notes that the organisers praised his passionate work for conservation and living in nature; believes that Zeki’s commitment to conservation and living in nature will serve as inspiration to all young conservationists, and looks forward to seeing many more young people follow his example and receiving the Scottish Youth Award for Excellence in Mountain Culture.

Supported by: Jackie Baillie*, Hanzala Malik*, Roderick Campbell*, Kevin Stewart*, Anne McTaggart*, Adam Ingram*, Graeme Dey*, Sandra White*, Mike MacKenzie*, David Torrance*, Bill Kidd*, Dennis Robertson*, Gil Paterson*, Nigel Don*

*S4M-12276# Johann Lamont: INSP’s Vendor Week—That the Parliament celebrates what is sees as the success of the Vendor Week Big Sell events, which ran from 2 to 8 February 2015 across Scotland and around the world in support of the International Network of Street Papers (INSP); notes that the INSP, which is based in Glasgow, supports and develops 114 street paper projects; understands that these papers are published in a total of 24 languages in 35 countries and have a combined readership of six million per edition; believes that Vendor Week is a great way to raise awareness of the issues around homelessness and to raise money for the INSP; further believes that it is a great opportunity to work with street paper sellers and to understand the challenges that they face, and commends the INSP on what it sees as it giving people an opportunity to help themselves out of poverty in a dignified way.

Supported by: Hanzala Malik*, Malcolm Chisholm*, Roderick Campbell*, Iain Gray*, Duncan McNeil*, Hugh Henry*, Kevin Stewart*, Patricia Ferguson*, Jackie Baillie*, Anne McTaggart*, Liam McArthur*, Cara Hilton*, Kenneth Gibson*, Sandra White*, Angus MacDonald*, Jayne Baxter*, Elaine Murray*, David Torrance*, Lewis Macdonald*, Alison Johnstone*, John Finnie*, Drew Smith*

*S4M-12275 Kevin Stewart: Read and Remember—That the Parliament recognises that Aberdeen City Libraries is continuing to participate in national reading initiatives by joining with libraries across Scotland to commemorate the First World War; notes the launch of the nationwide initiative, Read and Remember, which is taking place from 7 February to 30 April 2015; understands that the Scottish Library and Information Council is sponsoring this campaign; encourages members to support initiatives such as this, which is open to all teenagers and adults and encourages them, through books, resources and the sharing of family memories, to reflect on the experiences of the people involved in the Great War, and wishes everyone involved with the initiative all the very best.

Supported by: Dennis Robertson*, Joan McAlpine*, Christian Allard*, Stuart McMillan*, Liam McArthur*, Adam Ingram*, Rob Gibson*, Kenneth Gibson*, Sandra White*, Angus MacDonald*, Richard Lyle*, Mike MacKenzie*, David Torrance*, Bill Kidd*, Gil Paterson*, Nanette Milne*

*S4M-12274 Kevin Stewart: Congratulations to Saltire Award Winners—That the Parliament congratulates the members of the Aberdeen University Bulgarian Society, Aberdeen University Dance Society, Northfield Academy’s Police Scotland Youth Volunteers and the many individuals who were recently awarded Saltire Awards for volunteering, which were presented at a recent ceremony in Aberdeen; recognises what it sees of the amazing efforts of volunteers both in Aberdeen and across Scotland in making life better for people and communities; commends the Aberdeen Council of Voluntary Organisations on organising the event, and wishes it and all of the volunteers all the best in their future endeavours.

Supported by: Joan McAlpine*, Dennis Robertson*, Hanzala Malik*, Roderick Campbell*, Christian Allard*, Margaret McDougall*, Stuart McMillan*, Adam Ingram*, Rob Gibson*, Sandra White*, Chic Brodie*, Richard Lyle*, Mike MacKenzie*, David Torrance*, Bill Kidd*, Gil Paterson*, Nigel Don*, Nanette Milne*

*S4M-12273 Claire Baker: European Tree of the Year Competition—That the Parliament notes that the last tree from Scotland to be represented in the 2015 European Tree of the Year competition is Lady’s Tree, which is a Scots pine from the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s (SWT) Loch of the Lowes Visitor Centre and Reserve in Perthshire; understands that, since 1990, the tree has been the summer home of Lady, the UK’s oldest breeding osprey, who, over the last 25 years, has laid 71 eggs and fledged 50 chicks; congratulates the community and the SWT on championing the tree in the competition; further congratulates the Woodland Trust Scotland and the People’s Postcode Lottery in promoting this contest; notes that voting in the competition closes on 28 February, and encourages everyone with an interest to visit the website and take part in the vote.

Supported by: Jackie Baillie*, Patricia Ferguson*, Kevin Stewart*, Dennis Robertson*, Joan McAlpine*, Graeme Dey*, Hanzala Malik*, Margaret McDougall*, Richard Simpson*, Anne McTaggart*, Cara Hilton*, Sandra White*, Angus MacDonald*, Mike MacKenzie*, Neil Findlay*, David Torrance*, Richard Lyle*, Bill Kidd*, Gil Paterson*

*S4M-12272 John Pentland: Service of Linkage, St Mark’s and Cleland Parish—That the Parliament congratulates everyone at Cleland Parish Church and St Mark’s Parish Church, in Wishaw, on what it understands was a successful and well-attended service of linkage between the parishes on 29 January 2015; understands that the Church of Scotland has introduced a programme of linkage to secure the future of churches across Scotland at a time when clergy numbers are reduced; applauds the efforts of the Kirk in aiming to ensure that, where possible, communities retain their churches, which can often be at the heart of local activity; further applauds the members of both congregations on what it sees as their support and in marking the start of what it hopes will prove to be a successful relationship that will be of benefit to the community, and wishes the Reverend Graham Austin all the very best in future.

Supported by: Jackie Baillie*, Hanzala Malik*, Roderick Campbell*, Kevin Stewart*, Anne McTaggart*, Margaret Mitchell*, Richard Lyle*, Sandra White*, David Torrance*, Bill Kidd*

*S4M-12265# Ken Macintosh: Restricted Access to Asylum in Scotland—That the Parliament condemns what it understands is the impending rule change by the Home Office that will further restrict access to the asylum process in Scotland; believes that the change will require asylum seekers whose applications have been refused to travel to Liverpool in person to submit any new evidence in support of their claim; notes the calls for an urgent review of this proposal; is concerned that it will apply regardless of where people live; understands that no support will be offered to help people meet it, unless exceptional circumstances, which are currently undefined, pertain; believes that the people affected are, by definition, without financial support; considers that the rule change will further restrict access to the asylum system; notes the existing restrictions in access that are experienced by newly-arrived asylum seekers across the country including in the West Scotland region, who must travel to Croydon to register their claim, without support or recognition by the Home Office; believes that this new rule will not only have an adverse impact on new and refused asylum seekers but will further add to the barriers faced by women survivors of violence in accessing the asylum process, which requires them to disclose experiences of violence, sometimes despite their children being present, through often a male interpreter or interviewers who lack specific training, an issue which has been highlighted by the Protection Gap campaign; expresses doubts about the legality of the proposed change; notes the view that consideration should be given to abandoning it in light of its possible impact on refused asylum seekers, including the danger of increased destitution and greater vulnerability to exploitation, which could render asylum seekers, including women survivors of violence, unable to access any international protection, and notes the recommendation by the Smith Commission that the UK and Scottish governments should work together to explore the possibility of asylum seekers in Scotland being able to lodge both new and fresh asylum claims to the Home Office from where they reside.

Supported by: Hugh Henry*, Michael McMahon*, Graeme Pearson*, Sarah Boyack*, Elaine Murray*, John Pentland*, Drew Smith*, Patricia Ferguson*, Bill Kidd*, John Mason*, Margaret McCulloch*, Christina McKelvie*, Anne McTaggart*, Claudia Beamish*, Mike MacKenzie*, Patrick Harvie*, Hanzala Malik*, Jackie Baillie*, Kevin Stewart*, Richard Simpson*, Dennis Robertson*, Neil Findlay*, David Torrance*, Gil Paterson*, John Finnie*

S4M-12222# Patrick Harvie: Young Voters and School Debates—That the Parliament celebrates the many school debates that took place in Glasgow and across Scotland during the independence referendum campaign, allowing young voters to engage with the issues and hear the arguments from campaigners on both sides; welcomes the broad cross-party consensus that has built up for a reduction in the voting age to 16 for Scottish Parliament elections; believes that high quality voter education and participation events in schools have great potential for harnessing young people’s interest in politics and establishing patterns of high voter turnout at an early age; considers that lessons must be learned from the best examples of this work during the referendum to ensure that engaging, creative and politically balanced debates become the norm in schools during future elections; welcomes the work of the Devolution (Further Powers) Committee in examining this area, and notes calls for all relevant parties and agencies to work together to maximise the democratic participation of young people.

S4M-12218# Liam McArthur: The Wave Energy Sector in Scotland—That the Parliament deeply regrets the recent announcement by Pelamis that it has gone into administration and confirmation from Aquamarine Power that it is significantly scaling back operations; understands that these companies were responsible for delivering a number of world firsts and world-only successes in the development of wave energy; believes that, despite these serious setbacks, the wave energy sector in Scotland has an important contribution to make in creating the renewable technology mix that will be necessary to decarbonise Scotland’s energy system and meet its climate change targets; further believes that, with massive wave resources, notably in the Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters, a world-leading skills base and the European Marine Energy Centre in Stromness in Orkney, the sector remains well-placed to successfully deploy wave technology on a commercial scale; looks forward to the role, objectives and budget of Wave Energy Scotland (WES) being clarified in the near future; recognises what it considers the risks attached to ongoing delay in WES taking on its new role, including the loss of expertise and momentum, and restates its support for the development of a wave energy sector in Scotland that can help deliver high quality jobs in communities across Scotland, particularly in the islands.

S4M-12093# Margaret Mitchell: Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland’s Outstanding Support for Survivors—That the Parliament recognises what it considers Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland’s outstanding support for stroke survivors; understands that it provides information and support through its Communication Support Services (CSS); notes that there are six CSS coordinators in its Central West area, who in turn support 17 communication stroke groups, such as the Young Stroke Survivors group, which meets fortnightly in Coatbridge; understands that this group believes that GPs need to be more aware of the signs that might be an indication of a patient either having had a minor stroke or of being at high risk of a stroke; understands that all of the groups raise awareness of the common effects of strokes, including what can be hidden conditions such as tiredness, memory loss, lack of concentration and communication difficulties, and highlight the availability of physiotherapy and speech therapy for survivors, and commends Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland on its community-based services.

Motions and amendments which have attracted additional support

S4M-12270 Capquest to Employ 100 People in Glasgow ­(lodged on 06 February 2015) Dennis Robertson*, Kevin Stewart*, Richard Simpson*, Anne McTaggart*, Richard Lyle*, Rhoda Grant*, David Torrance*

S4M-12269 Loretto Housing Association to Build Greener Homes ­(lodged on 06 February 2015) Dennis Robertson*, Kevin Stewart*, Anne McTaggart*, Mike MacKenzie*, Richard Lyle*, Graeme Dey*, Rhoda Grant*, Sarah Boyack*, Angus MacDonald*, David Torrance*, Gil Paterson*, Nigel Don*

S4M-12268 Increase in Sports Participation Following the Commonwealth Games ­(lodged on 06 February 2015) Dennis Robertson*, Kevin Stewart*, Richard Simpson*, Anne McTaggart*, Mike MacKenzie*, Richard Lyle*, Rhoda Grant*, Angus MacDonald*, Neil Findlay*, David Torrance*, Gil Paterson*

S4M-12267 Loanhead Community Learning Association Awarded £46,063 (lodged on 06 February 2015) Roderick Campbell*, Dennis Robertson*, Richard Lyle*, Rob Gibson*, Joan McAlpine*, Christian Allard*, Adam Ingram*, Sandra White*, Angus MacDonald*, David Torrance*

S4M-12266 An Unfair Sentence ­(lodged on 06 February 2015) Richard Simpson*, Patricia Ferguson*, Margaret McDougall*, Sarah Boyack*, Neil Findlay*, David Torrance*, Lewis Macdonald*, Ken Macintosh*

S4M-12264 Congratulations to Dunbar Grammar School Students on Enterprise Success ­(lodged on 05 February 2015) Dennis Robertson*, Sandra White*, Margaret McDougall*, Nigel Don*

S4M-12262 Fair Enough?, Citizens Advice Scotland’s Employment Campaign (lodged on 05 February 2015) Margaret McDougall*, Sarah Boyack*, Sandra White*, Angus MacDonald*, Dennis Robertson*, Lewis Macdonald*, John Finnie*

S4M-12261 Dunfermline Firms Nominated in Scottish Independent Retailers Awards ­(lodged on 05 February 2015) Margaret McDougall*, Sarah Boyack*, Sandra White*, Dennis Robertson*

S4M-12260 See It Change It ­(lodged on 05 February 2015) Jackie Baillie*, Sarah Boyack*, Alison Johnstone*, Liam McArthur*, John Finnie*

S4M-12259 Centenary of First Scottish Soldier Shot for Desertion ­(lodged on 05 February 2015) Jackson Carlaw*, Sarah Boyack*, Sandra White*, Lewis Macdonald*

S4M-12258 Congratulations to Claire Hastings ­(lodged on 05 February 2015) Sarah Boyack*, Sandra White*, Margaret Mitchell*, Nigel Don*

S4M-12257 Congratulations to Celtic Connections ­(lodged on 05 February 2015) Margaret McDougall*, Sarah Boyack*, Sandra White*, Nigel Don*

S4M-12256 Kirkcaldy Gymnastics Club Raises £1,500 ­(lodged on 05 February 2015) Sandra White*, Dennis Robertson*

S4M-12255 Celebrating Scotland at the 2015 MIBA in Ingolstadt, Bavaria ­(lodged on 05 February 2015) Sandra White*, John Finnie*

S4M-12254 Caledonian Canal, World First ­(lodged on 05 February 2015) Jackie Baillie*, Dennis Robertson*, John Finnie*

S4M-12253 Gas Safety ­(lodged on 05 February 2015) Jayne Baxter*, Sandra White*, John Finnie*

S4M-12252 Fundraising for Nyahera Orphange in Kenya ­(lodged on 04 February 2015) Sarah Boyack*, Sandra White*, John Finnie*

S4M-12251 Recognition of Councillor Archie K Campbell, Beinn na Faoghla Agus Uibhist A Tuath ­(lodged on 04 February 2015) Sarah Boyack*, Sandra White*

S4M-12250 Greenock Ocean Terminal ­(lodged on 04 February 2015) Margaret McDougall*, Sandra White*

S4M-12249 Aberdeen Hydrogen Production and Refuelling Station ­(lodged on 04 February 2015) Sandra White*

S4M-12248 DNA-profiling Facility in Gartcosh ­(lodged on 04 February 2015) Dennis Robertson*, Sarah Boyack*, John Finnie*

S4M-12245 Local Supermarket Supports Foodbank ­(lodged on 04 February 2015) Dennis Robertson*, Sandra White*

S4M-12244 Glasgow Women’s Aid at the University of Glasgow ­(lodged on 04 February 2015) Dennis Robertson*, Sarah Boyack*, Sandra White*

S4M-12243 Open Championship Broadcasting Removed from Free-to-air Services ­(lodged on 03 February 2015) Sandra White*, Dennis Robertson*

S4M-12240 100 New Dementia Champions Graduate ­(lodged on 03 February 2015) Dennis Robertson*, Sarah Boyack*, Sandra White*, John Finnie*

S4M-12239 Aberdeen’s Architecture ­(lodged on 03 February 2015) Sandra White*, Mark McDonald*, Christian Allard*

S4M-12238 Success of North East Tourism Awards ­(lodged on 03 February 2015) Sandra White*

S4M-12237 Top Footballers Join Forces with Trans World Soccer ­(lodged on 03 February 2015) Sandra White*

S4M-12236 Sapphire Gymnastics Academy Officially Opens New Facility (lodged on 03 February 2015) Dennis Robertson*, Sarah Boyack*, Sandra White*

S4M-12235 Maryhill Foodbank ­(lodged on 03 February 2015) Dennis Robertson*, Sarah Boyack*, Sandra White*, Lewis Macdonald*

S4M-12234 MCCI Receives Funding to Launch Charlie’s Plot 2 ­(lodged on 03 February 2015) Dennis Robertson*, Sandra White*

S4M-12233 It’s Easy Peas-y to Grow Your Own Food ­(lodged on 03 February 2015) Dennis Robertson*, Sandra White*

S4M-12232 Helen Anderson, British Heart Foundation Area Fundraising Volunteer of the Year ­(lodged on 03 February 2015) Sandra White*

S4M-12229 Remembering Auschwitz and Srebrenica ­(lodged on 03 February 2015) Margaret McDougall*, Sarah Boyack*, Sandra White*

S4M-12228 Crowdfund Aims to Transform Lansdowne Church into Websters Theatre ­(lodged on 02 February 2015) Dennis Robertson*

S4M-12225 Marie Curie Report on Dementia at the End of Life ­(lodged on 02 February 2015) Sarah Boyack*, Sandra White*

S4M-12224 Success for Di Maggio’s ­(lodged on 02 February 2015) Dennis Robertson*

S4M-12223 British Nuclear Test Veterans ­(lodged on 06 February 2015) Kevin Stewart*, Stuart McMillan*, Joan McAlpine*, Mike MacKenzie*, Richard Lyle*, Bill Kidd*, Kenneth Gibson*, Christian Allard*, John Mason*, Gordon MacDonald*, Adam Ingram*, Rob Gibson*, Sandra White*, Chic Brodie*, David Torrance*, Gil Paterson*, Nigel Don*, John Finnie*

S4M-12218 The Wave Energy Sector in Scotland ­(lodged on 02 February 2015) Sandra White*

S4M-12211 Six Nations Must Stay on Free-to-view TV ­(lodged on 30 January 2015) Sandra White*

S4M-12210 North East Mosses ­(lodged on 30 January 2015) Sandra White*

S4M-12209 Tommy Whitelaw Receives British Citizen Award ­(lodged on 30 January 2015) Sandra White*

S4M-12208 Cochrane’s Kitchen Awarded for Delicious Preserves ­(lodged on 29 January 2015) Sandra White*

S4M-12206 Welcoming the New Role of the Mind Your Head Charity ­(lodged on 29 January 2015) Sandra White*, Dennis Robertson*

S4M-12205 Clean Up Scotland ­(lodged on 29 January 2015) Sandra White*

S4M-12204 Shell UK and Allseas Group ­(lodged on 30 January 2015) Margaret McDougall*

S4M-12203 Congratulating Greenock Morton Community Trust ­(lodged on 29 January 2015) Sandra White*

S4M-12200 Economic Impact of Scotch Whisky ­(lodged on 29 January 2015) Margaret McDougall*, Sandra White*

S4M-12199 The Grampian Partnership Against Wildlife Crime ­(lodged on 29 January 2015) Sandra White*

S4M-12198 Derek Rae, an Exceptional Marathon Runner ­(lodged on 29 January 2015) Sandra White*

S4M-12197 Renewed Interest in The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists ­(lodged on 29 January 2015) Margaret McDougall*, Sandra White*

S4M-12195 The Importance of Libraries ­(lodged on 29 January 2015) Sandra White*

S4M-12194 Children in Scotland Survey Findings ­(lodged on 29 January 2015) Margaret McDougall*

S4M-12191.1 Celebrating Mary Slessor on International Women’s Day 2015 (lodged on 30 January 2015) Margaret McDougall*, Sandra White*

S4M-12189 Street Law Project Piloted at St Roch’s Secondary School ­(lodged on 28 January 2015) Sandra White*

S4M-12188 Castlehead High School Top of Class for Literacy Initiative ­(lodged on 28 January 2015) Sandra White*

S4M-12148 Crackdown against Creationism ­(lodged on 23 January 2015) Claire Baker*

S4M-12146 The Need for Changing Places Toilets at Glasgow’s Hydro and SECC ­(lodged on 23 January 2015) Michael McMahon*, Lewis Macdonald*, John Finnie*

S4M-12139 Penrose Inquiry Final Report ­(lodged on 22 January 2015) John Finnie*, Ken Macintosh*

S4M-12126 Retirement of Sandy Watson, Chairman of NHS Tayside ­(lodged on 21 January 2015) Lewis Macdonald*

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