Section G: Bills

New amendments to Bills lodged on 7 December 2011

Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Bill – Stage 3

Section 1

David McLetchie

1 In section 1, page 1, leave out line 22 and insert—

<( ) expressing support for an organisation listed in Schedule 2 to the Terrorism Act 2000 (c.11), or

( ) glorifying or celebrating events involving the loss of life or serious injury.>

David McLetchie

2 In section 1, page 2, line 17, at end insert—

<( ) It may not be libelled in an indictment or specified in a complaint that an offence under subsection (1) is—

(a) racially aggravated under section 96 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 (c.37),

(b) aggravated by religious prejudice under section 74 of the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2003 (asp 7), or

(c) aggravated by prejudice relating to disability, sexual orientation or transgender identity under the Offences (Aggravation by Prejudice) (Scotland) Act 2009 (asp 8).>

Section 4A

Roseanna Cunningham

3 In section 4A, page 4, line 18, at end insert—

<( ) disapply paragraph (b) of subsection (5) of that section in relation to a description of behaviour for the time being listed in subsection (2) of that section,>

Section 7

Roseanna Cunningham

4 In section 7, page 7, line 8 leave out <, sections 1(1) and 5(1) also apply> and insert <by any person, section 1(1) also applies>

Roseanna Cunningham

5 In section 7, page 7, leave out lines 10 to 13

Roseanna Cunningham

6 In section 7, page 7, line 15, at beginning insert <As well as applying to anything done in Scotland by any person,>

Roseanna Cunningham

7 In section 7, page 7, line 15, leave out <any> and insert <a>

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