Section F: Motions and Amendments

Motions and amendments are normally printed the day after they are lodged. If an amendment is lodged to a motion then the original motion will appear alongside the amendment, along with any support lodged that day, in this section.

Each Monday, this section also contains all motions and amendments lodged the previous week that are still live and any motions and amendments that have been lodged for debate in the coming week. A motion or amendment is live if it has not been debated, withdrawn or otherwise deleted from the list.

Where a motion or amendment has been withdrawn, it is indicated in this section the day after it has been withdrawn. Support for motions and amendments received after they are lodged is shown at the end of this section the day after such support is received.

Motions and amendments can be published with various symbols

  • Asterisks before the motion or amendment number indicate a motion or amendment published for the first time
  • Asterisks also identify alterations to the text of a motion or amendment made since it was first published
  • A hash symbol identifies motions eligible for debate at Members’ Business
  • A diamond symbol identifies motions lodged for Members’ Business that have not yet attracted the required cross-party support
  • An "R", identifies motions or amendments in which the Member who lodged it has a registrable interest.

The Parliamentary Bureau periodically deletes motions or amendments not scheduled for debate and which are over six weeks old.

Any questions in relation to this section should be directed to the Chamber Desk

New and altered motions and amendments

*S4M-01480 Richard Simpson: Congratulations to Gamu Nhengu and her Family—That the Parliament congratulates Gamu Nhengu and her family on their success in their appeal to remain in the UK; understands that they have had to struggle for a long time to achieve this settlement; believes that the length of time that it has taken to settle this and similar cases has a hugely detrimental effect on families and children; notes that the family has lived in Tillicoultry, Clackmannanshire for several years now after coming to Scotland from Zimbabwe; recognises the contribution that Gamu makes to the local community, and wishes her the best of luck with her singing career.

*S4M-01478 Claire Baker: Happy 40th Anniversary to NUS Scotland—That the Parliament congratulates NUS Scotland on celebrating its 40th anniversary; notes that the organisation has grown over the last 40 years and now comprises over 60 local campus student organisations and represents more than 500,000 students in further and higher education across Scotland; recognises the importance of the student voice and student representation to the success of Scotland’s colleges and universities, and the contribution made to local communities by student activists and volunteers across the country, and wishes the organisation continued success in its mission to support strong and active students’ unions and to make students’ lives better in Scotland.

*S4M-01477 John Mason: Social Justice for Disability Campaigners—That the Parliament welcomes what it considers the UK Government’s latest u-turn in relation to a devastating proposal to remove the mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance for vulnerable people in residential care; commends the campaigners who convinced the UK Government that this was the wrong decision, and believes that the announcement is a victory for social justice and common sense.

Supported by: Annabelle Ewing*, David Torrance*, Humza Yousaf*, Bob Doris*, Margaret Burgess*

*S4M-01476 Bob Doris: Congratulating By Storm on VOWS Award—That the Parliament welcomes the news that the fashion industry’s VOWS (Voted Outstanding Wedding Supplier) prize has been awarded to By Storm of Maryhill and congratulates all involved in its success; believes that, since 1994, By Storm and its sister company, Tartan Spirit, have designed and marketed fine women’s occasion-wear of a Scottish motif, the popularity of which underlines the value of the Scottish brand at international level, and considers that this is an inspiring example of what can be achieved through creativity and innovation.

Supported by: David Torrance*

*S4M-01475 Bob Doris: Royston Big Lottery Fund Awards—That the Parliament welcomes the news of the award of £1,117,328 to six community organisations in Royston, Glasgow, which it understands is the first major investment in the area from the Big Lottery Fund; congratulates St Roch’s Childcare service, Royston Youth Action, North Area Transport Association, the North Glasgow Community Food Initiative, Rosemount (Workspace) Limited, and Toonspeak Young People’s Theatre, and looks forward to seeing these organisations develop, prosper and continue their good work as a result.

Supported by: David Torrance*, Sandra White*

*S4M-01474 Annabelle Ewing: Carers Rights Day—That the Parliament notes that Friday 2 December 2011 is Carers Rights Day; further notes that the theme this year is Money Matters and believes that, without support, carers can end up in debt, struggle to pay essential bills and become ill with stress; recognises that the purpose of Carers Rights Day is to highlight the important role of carers and to help publicise to carers themselves the information and advice that is available to them regarding claiming benefits, getting a carers assessment and accessing support; welcomes the publication of Carers Scotland’s report, The costs of caring, which found that the financial toll of caring was stark, with almost half of all carers cutting back on food and heating to make ends meet and nearly a third of carers living on their overdraft, and further welcomes the launch by Carers Scotland of its new and updated guide for carers, Looking after someone: a guide to carers rights and benefits.

*S4M-01473 Angus MacDonald: Falkirk Environment Trust—That the Parliament welcomes the £680,000 of funding from Falkirk Environment Trust (FET) that was awarded to a wide variety of organisations across the Falkirk Council area during 2010-11 through its main and small grants schemes, which in turn have supported environmental projects worth a total of £4.2 million; notes that, since 1998, FET has been successful in securing and allocating funds in excess of £3 million toward environmental projects that enhance and protect the local environment, and looks forward to continued FET support for local environmental projects for many years to come.

Supported by: Bob Doris*, Graeme Dey*, Annabelle Ewing*, Rob Gibson*, Adam Ingram*, David Torrance*, Humza Yousaf*

*S4M-01472 Joan McAlpine: 27th Anniversary of the Bhopal Gas Disaster—That the Parliament recognises that 3 December 2011 marks the 27th anniversary of the Bhopal Gas disaster, one of the world’s worst industrial catastrophes, which is understood to have killed up to 25,000 people to date and toxins from which still threaten to contaminate up to 120,000 people in Bhopal, India; condemns the Dow Chemical Company for what it believes is its poor human rights record and its refusal to accept legal or moral responsibility for this contamination; urges MSPs to support the letter that the Scottish Friends of Bhopal intends to submit to The Times, which calls for the Organising Committee of the London Olympic Games to review its deal with Dow Chemical to provide the facing for the Olympic stadium, and invites all interested parties to the unveiling of the Scottish Friends of Bhopal memorial plaque to victims and survivors of the Bhopal Gas disaster, to be held at Greyfriars Kirk in Edinburgh on Saturday, 3 December 2011.

Supported by: Rob Gibson*, Mark McDonald*, Dennis Robertson*, Humza Yousaf*, Mike MacKenzie*, David Torrance*, John Mason*, Sandra White*, Annabelle Ewing*, Adam Ingram*, Patrick Harvie*

*S4M-01471 Maureen Watt: 23rd Annual World AIDS Day—That the Parliament welcomes the 23rd annual World AIDS Day, which aims to increase education and knowledge about the disease; understands that 34 million people worldwide are affected by HIV/AIDS, including 4,000 cases in Scotland, where the number of HIV diagnoses has increased to an average of 400 per year; notes that international funding of HIV/AIDS programmes was reduced from $8.7 billion to $7.6 billion last year; believes that this funding reduction is unacceptable due to the continuing global prevalence of HIV/AIDS, and applauds the work of charities, including the Terrence Higgins Trust Scotland, that work to raise awareness about the prevention and risks associated with HIV/AIDS.

Supported by: Annabelle Ewing*, Margaret Burgess*, David Torrance*, John Finnie*, Mike MacKenzie*, Roderick Campbell*, Gordon MacDonald*, Jackie Baillie*, Richard Lyle*, Gil Paterson*, Joe FitzPatrick*, Nanette Milne*, Adam Ingram*, Mary Fee*, Nigel Don*, Kezia Dugdale*, Fiona McLeod*, Humza Yousaf*, Bill Kidd*, Rob Gibson*, Dennis Robertson*, Bob Doris*, Sandra White*, Patrick Harvie*, John Mason*

*S4M-01470 Anne McTaggart: ABCUL Scottish Conference, Sharing the Secret—That the Parliament congratulates the Association of British Credit Unions Limited (ABCUL) on the success of its recent Scottish conference in Glasgow’s Grand Central Hotel; understands that the theme of the conference was Sharing the Secret, that Scotland has a higher percentage of credit union membership than the UK as a whole and that Glasgow’s rate of 20% of credit union membership is significantly higher than both UK and Scottish averages; notes that the conference comprised of a number of debates and workshops dealing with promoting credit union activity throughout the country; notes that particular attention was paid to highlighting what is considered the important role that credit unions will have in supporting vulnerable groups who could lose out as a result of the UK Government’s Welfare Reform Bill; believes that the ethical lending model that credit unions use should be further supported in the wake of the global banking crisis, and wishes ABCUL further success in the future with its work in Scotland.

Supported by: Mary Fee*, Mark Griffin*, Mike MacKenzie*, Drew Smith*, David Torrance*, John Pentland*, Hanzala Malik*, John Wilson*, Sandra White*, Maureen Watt*, Helen Eadie*, Jackie Baillie*

*S4M-01469 James Dornan: The Safest City in the UK—That the Parliament welcomes recent news that Glasgow has been ranked the best city in the UK for personal safety; notes that the global survey of leading cities ranked 221 international cities in total and ranked Glasgow 44th for personal safety based on crime levels, law enforcement effectiveness, internal stability and international relations; considers that this has been helped by the record number of police officers on the streets of Scotland since 2007, which have already seen successes such as crime at its lowest in the last 35 years; commends the work of police officers across the city of Glasgow, and partner agencies, in achieving this remarkable result, and hopes that Glasgow will continue to improve its standing in the world as a place to come and live, visit and invest in.

*S4M-01468 Stuart McMillan: Waterfront Gym UK Local Authority Gym of the Year—That the Parliament congratulates the Waterfront Gym in Inverclyde on being awarded the UK Local Authority Gym of the Year 2011 ahead of 500 other nominated gyms across the UK; commends the gym for its hard work in keeping within the health standards inspected by Workout magazine; notes that the gym strives toward greater accommodation of a plethora of clients including cardiac rehabilitation clients; commends the gym on its effort to raise awareness of the issue of obesity, and supports its cause of encouraging people to become more active in the Inverclyde area.

Supported by: Derek Mackay*, Bill Kidd*, Sandra White*, Mike MacKenzie*, Bob Doris*, Dennis Robertson*, Humza Yousaf*, Kenneth Gibson*, Stewart Maxwell*, Adam Ingram*, David Torrance*, Margaret Burgess*, Gil Paterson*, Richard Lyle*, Annabelle Ewing*, Chic Brodie*

*S4M-01467 Rob Gibson: Gairloch Wins Gaelic Debate—That the Parliament congratulates Gairloch High School debating team on winning the BT Scotland Gaelic Schools Debate for 2011 and wishes it well in future debates and in its skilful use of Scotland’s oldest native tongue.

*S4M-01466 Stuart McMillan: Lottery Funding for West Scotland—That the Parliament welcomes the announcement from the Big Lottery Fund of the numerous projects in West Scotland that have benefitted financially from the Our Place programme; notes that the programme has been developed by Scotland’s largest lottery funder in order to make increased investment in five areas that have not seen the expected level of grants over the last three years; further notes that awards totalling £3,383,130 have been divided between five different communities, and acknowledges that some of the projects to receive funding are The Phoenix Community Health Project in Inverclyde, CVS Inverclyde, Bellsmyre Development Trust and Alternatives West Dunbartonshire Community Drug Service.

Supported by: Derek Mackay*, Sandra White*, Bill Kidd*, Mike MacKenzie*, Bob Doris*, Dennis Robertson*, Stewart Maxwell*, Adam Ingram*, Margaret Burgess*, David Torrance*, Humza Yousaf*, Jackie Baillie*, Gil Paterson*, Richard Lyle*, Chic Brodie*

*S4M-01465 Alex Fergusson: Centenary of Whithorn Library—That the Parliament acknowledges the celebration of the centenary of the library in the Royal Burgh of Whithorn, which is housed in a building that was specifically designed for this purpose; understands that much of the funding for it was raised by the local community and that it found fame when it featured in the original version of the film, The Wicker Man; considers that, like other libraries across rural Scotland, it is central to community life by providing community information, computer and internet access, local research facilities, reading material for deaf and blind people and a wide range of books, newspapers and magazines; notes that the library was extensively refurbished in 1995, and wishes it every success for the next 100 years.

Supported by: Jim Hume*, Murdo Fraser*, David Torrance*, Mike MacKenzie*, Nanette Milne*, Liz Smith*, Sandra White*, John Lamont*, Maureen Watt*, Jamie McGrigor*, Jackie Baillie*, Fiona McLeod*, Aileen McLeod*, Christine Grahame*, Annabelle Ewing*

*S4M-01463 Humza Yousaf: Launch of PNH Scotland—That the Parliament congratulates PNH Scotland on what it understands was the success of its recent launch; notes that paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH) is a very rare bone marrow disorder that can have debilitating effects and is, in certain cases, life-threatening; understands that it affects around 20 people in Scotland; believes that PNH Scotland will do an important job in raising awareness of the condition and in supporting patients who often have to deal with this in isolation, and wishes PNH Scotland every success in the future.

Supported by: Margaret Burgess*, Annabelle Ewing*, Sandra White*, David Torrance*, Jackie Baillie*, Gil Paterson*, Richard Lyle*, Kenneth Gibson*, Jamie McGrigor*, Gordon MacDonald*, Adam Ingram*, Mike MacKenzie*, Rob Gibson*, Bill Kidd*, Bob Doris*, Chic Brodie*, Mark McDonald*, Joan McAlpine*, Dennis Robertson*

*S4M-01462 Clare Adamson: North Lanarkshire Muslim Women and Family Alliance—That the Parliament congratulates North Lanarkshire Muslim Women and Family Alliance on its Hajj - Eid Al Adha Festival celebration on 26 December 2011; considers that the children who acted and explained Hajj rituals to attendees gave a wonderful performance, and recognises the Muslim and Abrahamic Roots Group that fosters mutual understanding of the Muslim and Christian faiths in the North Lanarkshire community.

*S4M-01461 David Torrance: East Wemyss Bowling Club—That the Parliament congratulates East Wemyss Bowling Club on its recent receipt of £10,000 from the Coalfields Regeneration Trust; believes that this money will help toward improving the facilities of the club and in giving people of all ages the chance to participate in an activity that promotes a healthier lifestyle, and commends the Scottish Government-funded Coalfields Regeneration Trust for its work and investment in projects that aim to improve community facilities, develop community infrastructure and provide opportunities for all.

*S4M-01460 Humza Yousaf: Fear Rules in Gambia—That the Parliament expresses concern at what it considers the dire human rights situation in Gambia; understands that the Gambian Government refuses to abide by its international human rights obligations, with cases of enforced disappearance remaining unresolved, perpetrators of unlawful killings not being brought to justice and torture still widely used by security forces; further understands that those who report such abuses, particularly in the media, are in grave danger, and expresses solidarity with the human rights defenders of Gambia, many of whom have been granted asylum in Scotland, in their struggle for basic human rights.

Supported by: Adam Ingram*, Colin Beattie*, John Finnie*, David Torrance*, Kevin Stewart*, Kenneth Gibson*, Dennis Robertson*, Bill Kidd*, Joe FitzPatrick*, Willie Coffey*, George Adam*, Mike MacKenzie*, Gil Paterson*, Richard Lyle*, Annabelle Ewing*, Mark McDonald*

*S4M-01459 Paul Wheelhouse: Borders College Renewables Training Centre at Hawick Campus—That the Parliament welcomes the news that the Borders College Hawick Learning Campus is to become one of five new renewables training centres in Scotland; understands that this venture will allow students, people already employed in the skilled construction trades and members of the public to undertake a short course in small-scale renewable technologies, such as water-heating solar panels and ground-source heating, which are considered to offer environmental and financial advantages to small businesses and households; notes that courses can vary from half a day to a full five days; understands that the training is being run in conjunction with the heating appliance manufacturer, Worcester Bosch, and has benefited from substantial investment by the company; considers that investment in skills will be crucial for enabling the significant investment required in local housing stock to address both fuel poverty and improvement in energy efficiency while also offering further professional training opportunities to students and tradesmen, and notes that the official launch of the facility will be 9 December 2011.

Supported by: Humza Yousaf*, Adam Ingram*, Dennis Robertson*, Colin Beattie*, Kenneth Gibson*, David Torrance*, Rob Gibson*, Kevin Stewart*, Graeme Pearson*, Chic Brodie*, Christine Grahame*, Maureen Watt*, Mike MacKenzie*, Bill Kidd*, George Adam*, Gil Paterson*, Richard Lyle*, Annabelle Ewing*

*S4M-01458 Clare Adamson: Voscars Volunteer of the Year Award—That the Parliament congratulates Clare Cairney on winning the Volunteer of the Year award at the Voscars; understands that these awards are presented to recognise the outstanding efforts of voluntary sector organisations such as Ms Cairney’s group, Healthy Choices, which offers a range of services aimed at keeping families active in North Lanarkshire; notes the Gala Ceremony for Volunteers that is to be held in Motherwell’s Gospel Literature Outreach Centre as part of the 2011 European Year of Volunteering; understands that the gala ceremony aims to recognise the hard work of the many organisations involved in voluntary action in North Lanarkshire, and would like to wish all of the volunteers continued success in what it considers to be their excellent work.

*S4M-01457 Derek Mackay: Haven Recycle—That the Parliament recognises the work by Momentum’s social firm, Haven Recycle, which provides employment for disabled people in Renfrewshire; notes that Haven Recycle has been operating since 1946, when it was established to provide employment for injured military personnel returning from World War II; further notes that it currently employs 130 people between its two sites in Hillington and Inverness, with more than 80% of its employees being disabled; acknowledges that Haven Recycle’s customers include IBM, the University of the Highlands and Islands and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, and wishes it all the best for the opening of its new, dedicated, secure recycling facility in Hillington Industrial Estate in the new year.

Supported by: Kenneth Gibson*, Helen Eadie*, Mary Fee*, Humza Yousaf*, Bill Kidd*, John Finnie*, Jackie Baillie*, Mark McDonald*, Rob Gibson*, Dennis Robertson*, David Torrance*, Richard Lyle*, Mike MacKenzie*, Bob Doris*, Margaret Burgess*, Sandra White*, George Adam*, Annabelle Ewing*

*S4M-01456 Neil Bibby: Paired Reading Scheme is Project of the Year—That the Parliament congratulates Castlehead High School in Paisley on winning the 2011 Herald Society Young People’s Project of the Year award; welcomes the involvement of senior pupils, including Gillian Adam and Muhid Shahid, in helping to manage the paired reading scheme, which brings older students together with S1 and S2 pupils at voluntary lunchtime reading clubs; notes that the clubs have a membership of more than 150; welcomes that some pupils have improved their reading age by 2-3 years, and encourages other secondary schools to replicate what it sees as this excellent initiative.

Supported by: Mike MacKenzie*, Bill Kidd*, Jackie Baillie*, Drew Smith*, Patricia Ferguson*, David Torrance*, Mary Fee*, Anne McTaggart*, Neil Findlay*, Sandra White*, Helen Eadie*, Liz Smith*, Gil Paterson*, Richard Lyle*, Fiona McLeod*, Kenneth Gibson*

*S4M-01455 Jamie Hepburn: Fiftieth Anniversary of West Papuan Declaration of Independence—That the Parliament notes that 1 December 2011 represents the 50th anniversary of the declaration of independence for West Papua; recalls that the embryonic West Papuan state was invaded by the Indonesian military a few months following this declaration and that the incorporation of West Papua into Indonesia was facilitated by what is known as the Act of Free Choice whereby the Indonesian authorities handpicked 1,025 men to supposedly vote on whether or not West Papua should become part of Indonesia; notes that these 1,025 men represented a tiny proportion of the estimated population of 800,000 and that it is widely suspected that even those selected to participate in the plebiscite has to be coerced into voting for incorporation into Indonesia; further notes the sustained allegations of human rights violations against the civilian population of West Papua since the invasion by the Indonesian military; condemns unreservedly human rights abuses wherever and whenever they occur; thanks those representatives of the Free West Papua campaign who formed a delegation to the Parliament on 23 September 2010, and wishes those campaigning for a more peaceful and prosperous future for West Papua well.

Supported by: John Finnie*, Colin Beattie*, Adam Ingram*, Humza Yousaf*, Kevin Stewart*, David Torrance*, Kenneth Gibson*, Bill Kidd*, Bob Doris*, Dennis Robertson*, Willie Coffey*, Stuart McMillan*, Joe FitzPatrick*, George Adam*, Mike MacKenzie*, Gil Paterson*, Richard Lyle*, Mark McDonald*

*S4M-01454# Sandra White: Glasgow’s International Financial District—That the Parliament notes the 10th anniversary of the creation of Glasgow’s International Financial District (IFSD); considers the IFSD to have been an overwhelming success for Glasgow and Scotland as a whole since its establishment with the creation of 11,500 jobs; believes that such success clearly demonstrates the continuing attractiveness of Scotland as a place for international investment as evidenced by the recent announcement by esure of a further 150 jobs in addition to the current 780 esure employees in the IFSD, and hopes that with ongoing support Glasgow’s IFSD will continue to flourish.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn*, Margaret Burgess*, David Torrance*, Annabelle Ewing*, Fiona McLeod*, Rob Gibson*, Mike MacKenzie*, Adam Ingram*, John Mason*, Humza Yousaf*, Jackie Baillie*, Richard Lyle*, Dennis Robertson*, Bill Kidd*, Kenneth Gibson*, Bob Doris*, Mark McDonald*

*S4M-01453 Clare Adamson: Pre-Championship Title for Highland Dance—That the Parliament congratulates Olivia Rae on her recent success in achieving the Pre-Championship title for Highland Dance after competing at the Solway Highland Dance Championships; recognises the achievements of this talented young pupil of St Aidan’s High School and student of Funtastica Dance Studio in Carfin; attributes her great success to hard work and dedication, and wishes her continuing success in her aim to reach Championship level.

Supported by: Kenneth Gibson*, Rob Gibson*, Adam Ingram*, Dennis Robertson*, Jean Urquhart*, David Torrance*, Kevin Stewart*, Mike MacKenzie*, Stuart McMillan*, Gil Paterson*, Jamie McGrigor*, Colin Beattie*, Chic Brodie*, Richard Lyle*, Jamie Hepburn*, Bill Kidd*, Joan McAlpine*

*S4M-01452 Alex Fergusson: Loch Arthur Community – BBC Food Producer of the Year—That the Parliament congratulates the Camphill Community Trust at Loch Arthur, Beeswing in Dumfriesshire, on being awarded the title of Food Producer of the Year at the BBC’s Food and Farming Awards 2011; recognises that this is a significant award, won against competition from across the United Kingdom and a fitting recognition of the wide range of high quality organic meat, poultry, bread, cheese, fruit and vegetables that is produced at Loch Arthur; further recognises that Loch Arthur is an innovative working community that includes men and women with learning disabilities in a shared way of life, which encompasses both security and challenge and is aimed at creating authentic social integration through a diversity of relationships and activities.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn*, Bill Kidd*, Mary Scanlon*, Jim Hume*, Maureen Watt*, Margaret Burgess*, Kenneth Gibson*, Jackson Carlaw*, Jamie McGrigor*, Annabelle Ewing*, Liz Smith*, Mike MacKenzie*, John Wilson*, Murdo Fraser*, Nanette Milne*, David Torrance*, Gil Paterson*, Richard Lyle*, Aileen McLeod*

*S4M-01451 Bob Doris: Supporting Amnesty International’s Write for Rights Campaign—That the Parliament supports Human Rights Day on 10 December 2011 and celebrates the 63rd anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; however, while it laments that human rights violations still occur globally on a daily basis, it strives to protect human rights in Scotland and internationally and, accordingly, supports Amnesty International’s Write for Rights campaign which aims to unite people all around the world in writing to figures of authority across the planet urging them to stop human rights violations; recognizes the power of the individual to support the oppressed and challenge oppressors, and encourages the Scottish people, including our elected representatives, to Write for Rights and exercise their freedom of expression by defending the rights of others.

Supported by: Jamie Hepburn*, John Finnie*, Mike MacKenzie*, Gil Paterson*, Helen Eadie*, David Torrance*, Bill Kidd*, Adam Ingram*, Annabelle Ewing*, Rhoda Grant*, Maureen Watt*, Humza Yousaf*, Jackie Baillie*, Liam McArthur*, Richard Lyle*, Fiona McLeod*, Gordon MacDonald*, Dennis Robertson*, Sandra White*, Margaret Burgess*

*S4M-01448 Rob Gibson: Vote, Vote, Vote for Strathpeffer, Portobello and Leith—That the Parliament congratulates Strathpeffer Community Centre in Ross-shire and Portobello and Leith Community Wind Energy Project in Edinburgh for making it through to the final round of voting in the contest to receive funding toward completion of their community renewables and energy saving projects; notes that they are the only Scottish projects to make it through to the final round and congratulates them on what it sees as their drive and tenacity in pursuing their projects to this stage; notes that they have chosen St Andrew’s Day, Scotland’s national day, to launch a campaign for Scots to support their two projects; notes that both projects have engaged with the local community in the promotion of renewable energy and energy saving; considers that community-owned renewables and energy saving can make an important contribution to tackling climate change and reducing fuel bills, and encourages all those who support community-owned renewables and energy saving to register their support for these projects on the website by 3 December 2011.

Supported by: Sandra White*, Annabelle Ewing*, Angus MacDonald*, David Torrance*, John Finnie*, Dennis Robertson*, Margaret Burgess*, Richard Lyle*, Kenneth Gibson*, Adam Ingram*, Gil Paterson*, Mike MacKenzie*, Bill Kidd*, Patrick Harvie*

S4M-01444 Marco Biagi: Increasing Understanding of Radiotherapy —That the Parliament praises the radiotherapy treatment that is carried out at Edinburgh’s Western General Hospital; considers this work to be groundbreaking; holds in high regard the expertise of the Edinburgh Cancer Centre at the Western General; congratulates it on holding what it understands was a highly successful and effective open day on 19 November 2011; believes that there is a need to continue to build an awareness and understanding of radiotherapy as an effective method of addressing cancer; welcomes new technology such as the Novalis Tx Linear Accelerator, which is part of the Scottish Government’s £3 million investment in the Radiotherapy Equipment Replacement Programme; urges other NHS boards to consider similar awareness initiatives to counter any misconceptions about radiotherapy that might put people off seeking assistance, and considers this to be a yet another fundamental step to help improve Scotland’s record in treating cancer.

Supported by: Gordon MacDonald, Rob Gibson, Margaret Burgess, Richard Lyle, Kenneth Gibson, Dennis Robertson, Mike MacKenzie, Humza Yousaf, Sandra White*, Roderick Campbell*, Chic Brodie*, Kevin Stewart*, Jackie Baillie*, Gil Paterson*, Adam Ingram*, Stuart McMillan*, Colin Beattie*, Jamie Hepburn*, Maureen Watt*, Joan McAlpine*

S4M-01442 Richard Simpson: Congratulations to the Friends of the Birks Cinema—That the Parliament congratulates the Friends of the Birks Cinema in Aberfeldy for its continued efforts and hard work to re-open the Birks Cinema as a modern, community-run, digital, 101-seat cinema and café bar in the shell of the old building; recognises that, since it became a registered charity, over 420 people have become members to show their support for the project; further recognises the efforts in getting national interest in this project, receiving support, for example, from Scottish actor Alan Cumming as the patron of the charity, and notes that the Friends of the Birks Cinema has raised £1.2 million through different funding applications, fundraisers and hard work, but still requires £0.6 million before the end of January 2012 in order to secure the building’s future.

Supported by: John Pentland, Mike MacKenzie, John Park, Richard Simpson, Kenneth Gibson, Hugh Henry, Jamie McGrigor, Murdo Fraser, Mark McDonald*, Jackie Baillie*, Gil Paterson*, Kevin Stewart*, Colin Beattie*, Jamie Hepburn*, Maureen Watt*, Joan McAlpine*

S4M-01441 David Torrance: NHS Fife Launches a New Smoking Prevention Initiative—That the Parliament congratulates NHS Fife and the Adam Smith, Carnegie and Elmwood colleges on their cooperation and work with the new smoking prevention campaign, I-Don’t; supports the campaign’s aim of encouraging young people, specifically 16 to 24-year olds, not to take up smoking; understands that it does this by arguing that non-smoking is the norm; believes the campaign’s use of multimedia resources, such as an I-Don’t app, to be innovative, and considers the campaign to be a good way to reach young college students.

Supported by: Kenneth Gibson, Bob Doris, Humza Yousaf, Rob Gibson, Richard Lyle, Chic Brodie, Mike MacKenzie, Angus MacDonald*, Fiona McLeod*, Mark McDonald*, Kevin Stewart*, Gil Paterson*, Adam Ingram*, Stuart McMillan*, Annabelle Ewing*, Margaret Burgess*, Colin Beattie*, Jamie Hepburn*, Maureen Watt*, Joan McAlpine*

S4M-01439 James Dornan: Congratulations to Castlemilk High School—That the Parliament congratulates the staff and pupils at Castlemilk High School on what it considers their magnificent achievement of being in the top three for positive destinations for school leavers in Glasgow for the second year in a row; recognises that this has been achieved against a background of challenging social and economic factors in the catchment area and believes that this highlights that there is no poverty of ambition in either the staff or the pupils and that all are keen to succeed; applauds the leadership role played by the head teacher, Donna McMaster, and Skills Development Scotland in giving the pupils the help and support to achieve these results, and looks forward to Castlemilk High School keeping its position in the forthcoming years.

Supported by: Drew Smith, Margaret Burgess, Rob Gibson, Adam Ingram, Mark McDonald, Richard Lyle, Kevin Stewart, Jamie McGrigor, Mike MacKenzie, Bob Doris, Humza Yousaf, Anne McTaggart, Chic Brodie, Colin Beattie, Gil Paterson*, Jean Urquhart*, Stuart McMillan*, Jamie Hepburn*, Maureen Watt*, Sandra White*, Joan McAlpine*

S4M-01438 Dennis Robertson: Recognition of Old Rayne Primary School for Green Flag Award—That the Parliament congratulates Old Rayne Primary School in Aberdeenshire on attaining a fourth Green Flag award from the Eco-Schools Scotland Programme; notes that the Green Flag award is the top level of award in the Eco-Schools programme, which is supported by Keep Scotland Beautiful and used and recognised world-wide, and commends the 38 pupils and faculty for this achievement; understands that this award is based on an assessment of the individual school’s eco-committee, which involves young people in key issues including the environment, sustainability and global citizenship; recognises the importance of continued growth in the number of Green Flag-awarded schools, and commends Old Rayne Primary School for its concentration on green efforts in addition to other lessons of global responsibility.

Supported by: Margaret Burgess, Rob Gibson, Adam Ingram, Mark McDonald, Nanette Milne, Richard Lyle, Kevin Stewart, Jamie McGrigor, Mike MacKenzie, Bob Doris, Humza Yousaf, Chic Brodie, Claudia Beamish, James Dornan, Colin Beattie, Alison McInnes*, Gil Paterson*, Jean Urquhart*, Stuart McMillan*, Jamie Hepburn*, Maureen Watt*, Joan McAlpine*

S4M-01437 Dave Thompson: 125 Years of the Crofters Act—That the Parliament notes the 125th anniversary of the Crofters Holdings (Scotland) Act 1886 in 2011; celebrates the men and women of the crofting communities who were not afraid of agitating against injustice and inequality; remembers the conditions that provoked an investigation into the state of crofting in Scotland, including the 1884 Royal Commission of Enquiry into the Condition of Crofters and Cottars in the Highlands and Islands, which heard numerous testimonies from oppressed and mistreated crofters; understands that the Crofters Holdings (Scotland) Act 1886 provided crofters with fair rents, security of tenure and a right to compensation for their improvements and established the first Crofters Commission; considers that the crofting system remains robust and will be regulated by the new Crofting Commission from next year; recognises the value of the system to many communities in the Highlands and Islands, and calls for Scottish Government support for these communities and their current collective efforts to map and maintain their lands and common grazings.

Supported by: John Finnie, Margaret Burgess, John Wilson, Rob Gibson, Gordon MacDonald, Paul Wheelhouse, Kevin Stewart, Mike MacKenzie, Angus MacDonald, Joe FitzPatrick, Humza Yousaf, Chic Brodie, Colin Beattie, John Mason*, Gil Paterson*, Adam Ingram*, Jean Urquhart*, Annabelle Ewing*, Willie Coffey*, Stuart McMillan*, Jamie Hepburn*, Maureen Watt*, Sandra White*

S4M-01436 Paul Wheelhouse: Importance of Preservation of Scotland’s Historic Houses—That the Parliament acknowledges the importance of the preservation of Scotland’s historic houses, castles and gardens as part of Scotland’s unique built and cultural heritage and as a source of valued employment in many remote and rural communities; considers that independent owners play a vital role in the stewardship of Scotland’s historic houses for future generations of Scots and for the further development of Scotland’s distinctive tourism offering to overseas visitors; understands that sustaining such properties in the 21st century faces significant economic challenges; commends independent owners for their efforts to preserve Scotland’s heritage; welcomes the vision statement being launched by the Historic Houses Association for Scotland on 29 November 2011, which it considers a positive and constructive contribution to the wider debate on how to ensure that Scotland’s heritage can be preserved for and enjoyed by generations to come; acknowledges the Scottish Government’s commitment to the built heritage, and looks forward to its continued support in the preservation of Scotland’s historic houses, castles and gardens.

Supported by: Rob Gibson, Graeme Dey, Dave Thompson, Margaret Burgess, John Wilson, Adam Ingram, Paul Wheelhouse, Kenneth Gibson, James Dornan, Chic Brodie, Derek Mackay, Richard Lyle, Kevin Stewart, Mike MacKenzie, Angus MacDonald, Dennis Robertson, Colin Beattie, John Mason*, Gil Paterson*, Jean Urquhart*, Stuart McMillan*, Jamie Hepburn*, Maureen Watt*, Sandra White*, Annabelle Ewing*, Joan McAlpine*

S4M-01435 John Finnie: Ferries Report—That the Parliament welcomes the Scottish Government’s investment in support of the ferry industry; considers that there must be value for money in delivering publicly funded services; notes the report by senior lecturer Jeanette Findlay regarding ferry services in Scotland and believes that this is a valuable contribution to the Scottish Government’s ongoing Scottish Ferries Review; notes that the report argued that there is no evidence of services not being run efficiently and that quality standards are high and rising; further notes the report’s claims that higher standards would be more easily retained in the context of a larger operator holding the contract for all Clyde, Hebrides and Northern Isles routes and that single operators are unlikely to be able to offer the same degree of quality and safety training of employees at the same cost due to a lack of economies of scale; also notes that the report argues that the private sector is in no better position than the public sector to charter specialist vessels required to replace ageing ships, and believes that retaining the integrated Clyde and Hebrides ferry network in the public sector would safeguard the quality of the services and maritime skills.

Supported by: Humza Yousaf, John Wilson, Drew Smith, Paul Wheelhouse, Adam Ingram, Mike MacKenzie, John Mason, Bill Walker, Richard Lyle, Margaret Burgess, Chic Brodie, Elaine Smith, David Torrance, Colin Beattie, Bill Kidd*, Gil Paterson*, Jean Urquhart*, Sandra White*

S4M-01434 Rob Gibson: Celebrate Terra Madre Day—That the Parliament encourages MSPs and their constituents to celebrate Terra Madre (Mother Earth) Day on 10 December 2011 when the global Slow Food network comes together to promote food that is good, clean and fair and sustainable local food production through a range of events including collective meals, community festivals, protests, workshops for children, excursions to producers and much more to promote local food traditions and to demonstrate the Slow Food philosophy to communities, media and decision makers; considers that this can involve small-scale farmers, producers, cooks, students and families using their creativity and knowledge to build a better food future; considers that Terra Madre Day acts as a focus for action to strengthen communities because a global food revolution begins from local roots; particularly encourages support for a new project, A Thousand Gardens in Africa; notes that thousands of events in over 120 countries are already planned for Terra Madre Day, and urges MSPs to work with local Slow Food members and to encourage their constituents across Scotland to take part.

Supported by: Joe FitzPatrick, David Torrance, Mike MacKenzie, Kevin Stewart, Margaret Burgess, John Finnie, Dennis Robertson, Richard Lyle, Linda Fabiani*, Chic Brodie*, Gil Paterson*, Adam Ingram*, Jean Urquhart*, Annabelle Ewing*, Stuart McMillan*, Colin Beattie*, Jamie Hepburn*, Mary Scanlon*, Maureen Watt*, Sandra White*, Rhoda Grant*, Joan McAlpine*

S4M-01432 Linda Fabiani: East Kilbride Shines at Education Oscars—That the Parliament congratulates all the winners at the Scottish Qualifications Authority Star Awards event; notes that award winners included South Lanarkshire College, based in East Kilbride, which was highly commended in the Innovation category for its renewables’ training facility, South Lanarkshire College student Steven Butler, who was highly commended in the Skills Competitor of the Year category for his achievements in roofing and slating, and Christine Lambie from East Kilbride, who was highly commended in the SQA Champion category for her work in developing the SQA’s Higher National Certificate and Diploma in Legal Studies, and recognises the achievements and commitment of learners, teachers, educational institutions, training providers and businesses across the country, who all contribute to ensuring that Scotland has a skilled and talented workforce.

Supported by: Humza Yousaf*, Adam Ingram*, Dennis Robertson*, Kenneth Gibson*, David Torrance*, Christina McKelvie*, Rob Gibson*, Kevin Stewart*, Colin Beattie*, Roderick Campbell*, Jamie Hepburn*, Maureen Watt*, Mike MacKenzie*, Bill Kidd*, Chic Brodie*, Annabelle Ewing*, Gil Paterson*, Mark McDonald*, Joan McAlpine*

S4M-01431 Kevin Stewart: Tribute to Steve Robertson—That the Parliament mourns the loss of Steve Robertson; recognises Scotland the What? for its services to the arts, the Doric language, the culture of the north east and for makin’ a’body laugh; notes that it received the accolade of being conferred the Freedom of the City of Aberdeen; applauds Mr Robertson for what it considers the sterling role that he performed as rector of the University of Aberdeen, and expresses condolences to Mr Robertson’s family and his huge band of friends.

Supported by: George Adam, Adam Ingram, Mark McDonald, John Wilson, Mike MacKenzie, Joe FitzPatrick, Humza Yousaf, Bill Walker, Chic Brodie, Murdo Fraser, Richard Lyle, John Mason, Dennis Robertson, Rob Gibson, James Dornan, Jamie McGrigor, Kezia Dugdale, Margaret Burgess, Dave Thompson, Maureen Watt, Kenneth Gibson, Derek Mackay, Nanette Milne, Graeme Dey, Jim Eadie, Joan McAlpine, Bob Doris, David Torrance, Mary Scanlon, Colin Beattie, Bill Kidd*, Gil Paterson*, Jean Urquhart*, Stuart McMillan*, Jamie Hepburn*, Rhoda Grant*

S4M-01430 Dave Thompson: BSW Investment—That the Parliament welcomes the commitment by BSW Timber to invest in expanding production at its Fort William mill as part of a £50 million investment programme; notes the company’s investment in its other mills in Scotland; recognises the important role played by the sawmill industry in the Scottish economy; considers that there is a need to grow the resource to sustain investment in the sector through appropriate productive woodland expansion, and believes that timber products have a critical role in the construction of low-cost and low-carbon homes across Scotland.

Supported by: Mike MacKenzie, Margaret Burgess, Kenneth Gibson, John Finnie, Jamie McGrigor, Maureen Watt, Kevin Stewart, Mary Scanlon, Humza Yousaf, Alex Fergusson, Rob Gibson, James Dornan, Dennis Robertson, Derek Mackay, David Torrance, Angus MacDonald, Joe FitzPatrick, Colin Beattie, Aileen McLeod*, Gil Paterson*, Stuart McMillan*, Jamie Hepburn*, Sandra White*, Rhoda Grant*, Annabelle Ewing*, Joan McAlpine*

S4M-01429 Graeme Dey: 10 Years of VCA Targeting Inequality and Promoting Volunteering as a Way of Life—That the Parliament commends the Volunteer Centre Angus (VCA) on reaching its tenth anniversary of promoting volunteering in the county; considers it a mark of its success that it is now able to employ 21 members of staff; welcomes the VCA’s achievement of having supported over 12,000 people into volunteering as a way of life during that time and considers that, since 2001, the centre has made a significant impact through its work at national level, which has informed the direction of volunteering policy throughout the UK; notes that through the Volunteering for Life programme, the VCA has promoted a shift from individualism to collective action, a model that it considers is helping create a more inclusive, more equal and healthier society and is the only such one in Scotland, resulting in the Angus centre being asked to be a part of a national pilot through the Saltire Awards; applauds the VCA for its Migrant Workers Project, which encourages local agencies and services to engage with the migrant worker community and promotes tolerance, equality and a stripping down of cultural and language barriers to ensure that migrant families, children and young people are able to engage fully with local communities and has encouraged Angus residents to work together and with mutual respect alongside new residents of the county; believes that the services provided by the VCA over the last 10 years have helped remove people from circumstances leading to health inequality and poverty and have allowed individual volunteers to excel and flourish in areas of life that they would never have envisaged prior to engaging with the VCA, and wishes the Angus centre continued local and national success over the next 10 years.

Supported by: Kenneth Gibson, Mike MacKenzie, Paul Wheelhouse, Adam Ingram, Kevin Stewart, Maureen Watt, Humza Yousaf, Joe FitzPatrick, Margaret Burgess, Richard Lyle, Dennis Robertson, Chic Brodie, Rob Gibson, James Dornan, Bob Doris, Colin Keir, David Torrance, Joan McAlpine*, Gil Paterson*, Colin Beattie*, Stuart McMillan*, Jamie Hepburn*, Sandra White*, Annabelle Ewing*

S4M-01107# Rhoda Grant: MS, Better Care—That the Parliament welcomes the campaign for better health care across Scotland by the MS Society which highlights the need for effective implementation of the Clinical Standards for Neurological Health Services; considers that the standards for neurological conditions published in 2009 mark an important step forward for patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) by setting out key standards for all NHS boards, including access to specialist multidisciplinary teams; recognises that these standards are vital to ensuring that MS patients have access to high quality care wherever they live; welcomes the appointment of a dedicated MS nurse in the Western Isles which it understands follows significant work by the MS Society; recognises the role of individuals and communities in the Western Isles who campaigned successfully for the appointment; notes that Scotland has one of the highest incidences of MS per head of population in the world, and believes that greater investment and government support is needed to further research and provide services.

S4M-00851# Sandra White: Truth About Youth Project—That the Parliament acknowledges Young Scot, the national youth information and citizenship charity for Scotland that provides people aged 11 to 26 with information and incentives supporting them to become informed and active citizens; supports the project, Truth About Youth, run by Young Scot and funded by The Co-operative Foundation, which aims to challenge and change negative perceptions of teenagers and young adults in the wider public; commends Glasgow as being the only Scottish city to take part in the project; supports the aim of showing how young people contribute positively to society with the help of various workshops, a blogging website and a media partnership, and wishes everyone involved success with the project.

Motions and amendments which have attracted additional support

S4M-01407 International Day of Disabled People ­(lodged on 22 November 2011) Rhoda Grant, Stewart Maxwell

S4M-01405 Celtic Festival Barbados ­(lodged on 22 November 2011) Margaret Burgess, Rhoda Grant, Stuart McMillan, Stewart Maxwell

S4M-01404 St Andrews, British Golf Museum ­(lodged on 22 November 2011) Colin Beattie, Rhoda Grant, Richard Simpson, Stewart Maxwell, Joan McAlpine*

S4M-01402 Congratulating PiggeryBrae on Charitable Fundraising ­(lodged on 22 November 2011) Colin Beattie, Stuart McMillan, Stewart Maxwell, Joan McAlpine*

S4M-01401 Excessive Top Pay is Deeply Damaging to the UK ­(lodged on 22 November 2011) Dave Thompson, Rhoda Grant, Jean Urquhart, Richard Simpson, Elaine Smith

S4M-01400 Raising Ethical and Professional Standards in Banking ­(lodged on 22 November 2011) Rhoda Grant, Mike MacKenzie, Kevin Stewart, Dave Thompson, Chic Brodie, David Torrance, Anne McTaggart, Jenny Marra, John Pentland, Graeme Pearson, Hanzala Malik, John Finnie, Mary Fee, Colin Beattie, Gil Paterson*

S4M-01398 Langside College, Pride o’Worth Award ­(lodged on 21 November 2011) Colin Beattie, Stuart McMillan, Joan McAlpine*

S4M-01397 Pittenweem Arts Festival to be Face of Scottish Culture ­(lodged on 21 November 2011) Fiona McLeod, Colin Beattie, Stuart McMillan, Richard Simpson, Joan McAlpine*

S4M-01396 Home Safety, CO-Awareness Week ­(lodged on 21 November 2011) Dave Thompson, Fiona McLeod, Colin Beattie, Stuart McMillan, Claudia Beamish, Joan McAlpine*

S4M-01395 Congratulations to Clydebank Asbestos Group ­(lodged on 21 November 2011) Fiona McLeod, John Park, Colin Beattie, Richard Simpson, Stuart McMillan, Joan McAlpine*

S4M-01394 Human Trafficking in Scotland ­(lodged on 21 November 2011) Dave Thompson, Fiona McLeod, Roderick Campbell, Colin Beattie, Jean Urquhart, Rhoda Grant, Richard Simpson, Stuart McMillan, Elaine Smith, Stewart Maxwell, Annabel Goldie*, Joan McAlpine*

S4M-01392 United Nations’ 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence ­(lodged on 21 November 2011) Dave Thompson, Fiona McLeod, Ken Macintosh, Jean Urquhart, Rhoda Grant, Colin Beattie, Claudia Beamish, Sandra White, Stuart McMillan, Richard Simpson, Graeme Dey, Gordon MacDonald, Elaine Smith, Angus MacDonald, Stewart Maxwell, Jim Hume, Patrick Harvie, Jackie Baillie, Mark McDonald*, Jenny Marra*, Joan McAlpine*, John Park*

S4M-01391 Basil D’Oliveira ­(lodged on 21 November 2011) Rhoda Grant, Colin Beattie, Claudia Beamish, Jean Urquhart, Stuart McMillan, Richard Simpson

S4M-01390 Mad Mobs and Englishmen ­(lodged on 21 November 2011) Colin Beattie, Stuart McMillan

S4M-01389 Aberdeen’s European Public Sector Awards Success ­(lodged on 21 November 2011) Colin Beattie, Stewart Maxwell, Joan McAlpine*

S4M-01388 Success of Aberdeen City Council’s Countryside Ranger Service ­(lodged on 21 November 2011) Fiona McLeod, Colin Beattie, Jean Urquhart, Joan McAlpine*

S4M-01387 Well Done to Aberdeen’s Social Care and Wellbeing Service ­(lodged on 21 November 2011) Fiona McLeod, Adam Ingram, Colin Beattie, Stewart Maxwell, Joan McAlpine*

S4M-01386 Scottish Women’s Aid ­(lodged on 21 November 2011) Rhoda Grant, Richard Simpson

S4M-01385 Dunbar Community Car Club ­(lodged on 21 November 2011) Colin Beattie, Stuart McMillan, Stewart Maxwell, Patrick Harvie

S4M-01384 Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief ­(lodged on 21 November 2011) Fiona McLeod, John Park, Rhoda Grant, Stuart McMillan, Elaine Smith, Dave Thompson, Claire Baker

S4M-01380 Launch of CHAS at Home in Aberdeen ­(lodged on 18 November 2011) Jean Urquhart, Fiona McLeod, Hugh Henry, Colin Beattie, Stuart McMillan, Joan McAlpine*

S4M-01379 Children’s Hearings Campaign Award ­(lodged on 18 November 2011) Rhoda Grant

S4M-01378 Congratulations to Butcher of the Year ­(lodged on 18 November 2011) Colin Beattie, Stuart McMillan, Joan McAlpine*

S4M-01377 Saving of CAB/Macmillan Partnership ­(lodged on 18 November 2011) Elaine Smith

S4M-01376 Scotland’s Number One ­(lodged on 18 November 2011) Stewart Maxwell

S4M-01374 Congratulations to Falkirk Junior Gaelic Choir on its 50th Anniversary ­(lodged on 18 November 2011) Dave Thompson, Jean Urquhart, Colin Beattie, Stuart McMillan, Stewart Maxwell, Mark McDonald*, Joan McAlpine*

S4M-01370 New Chair for Scottish CND ­(lodged on 18 November 2011) Dave Thompson, Fiona McLeod, Jean Urquhart, Stuart McMillan, Stewart Maxwell, Joan McAlpine*

S4M-01369 Awards for All Scotland Grants, Benefitting Local Communities ­(lodged on 17 November 2011) Stuart McMillan, Stewart Maxwell, Joan McAlpine*

S4M-01368 Scottish Health Awards 2011, Doctors Award ­(lodged on 17 November 2011) Stuart McMillan, Stewart Maxwell, Joan McAlpine*

S4M-01367 Scottish Health Awards 2011, Care at Home Award ­(lodged on 17 November 2011) Jean Urquhart, Stuart McMillan, Stewart Maxwell, Joan McAlpine*

S4M-01365 Renfrewshire South Big Lottery Fund ­(lodged on 17 November 2011) Stewart Maxwell

S4M-01363 East Kilbride and District Crime Prevention Panel ­(lodged on 17 November 2011) Stewart Maxwell

S4M-01362 International Day for Tolerance ­(lodged on 17 November 2011) Jean Urquhart, Richard Simpson, Stewart Maxwell, Joan McAlpine*

S4M-01360 CAB/Macmillan Partnership ­(lodged on 16 November 2011) Richard Simpson

S4M-01359 125 Years and Still Going Strong ­(lodged on 16 November 2011) Stuart McMillan, Joan McAlpine*

S4M-01356 Scottish Community Jobs Fund ­(lodged on 16 November 2011) Stuart McMillan, Stewart Maxwell

S4M-01355 Former Chairman of the Scottish Dementia Working Group Edward McLaughlin Appointed MBE ­(lodged on 16 November 2011) Stuart McMillan, Stewart Maxwell

S4M-01354 Harry Benson, New York New York ­(lodged on 16 November 2011) Stewart Maxwell

S4M-01353 Bank of Scotland Foundation’s First Anniversary ­(lodged on 16 November 2011) Stewart Maxwell

S4M-01352 Sir Alex Ferguson, 25 Years at Old Trafford ­(lodged on 16 November 2011) Stuart McMillan

S4M-01351 Congratulations to Janice MacGilp ­(lodged on 16 November 2011) Sandra White, Stuart McMillan, Stewart Maxwell

S4M-01350 East Renfrewshire’s Anti-bullying Policy ­(lodged on 15 November 2011) Stewart Maxwell

S4M-01340 Commending Petrol and Diesel Watch ­(lodged on 15 November 2011) Humza Yousaf, Gordon MacDonald, Adam Ingram, Sandra White, Roderick Campbell, Rob Gibson, John Mason, Maureen Watt, Stewart Maxwell, Murdo Fraser*

S4M-01339 Research Questions Careers Information, Advice and Guidance Strategy ­(lodged on 16 November 2011) Drew Smith, Richard Simpson

S4M-01337 Hope Community Garden Project, Cumbernauld ­(lodged on 15 November 2011) Stuart McMillan, Stewart Maxwell

S4M-01335 CAS Campaign for Fair Delivery Charges ­(lodged on 14 November 2011) Stewart Maxwell

S4M-01333 Parkinson’s UK Research ­(lodged on 14 November 2011) Richard Simpson, Stewart Maxwell

S4M-01331 Roots of Empathy Scheme ­(lodged on 14 November 2011) Stuart McMillan, Stewart Maxwell

S4M-01330 Foreign Language Assistants in Scotland ­(lodged on 14 November 2011) Richard Simpson, Claire Baker

S4M-01329 Congratulations on Centenary Grand Charity Concert ­(lodged on 14 November 2011) Stewart Maxwell

S4M-01328 Aberdeen College and Banff and Buchan College Federation Agreement ­(lodged on 14 November 2011) Stuart McMillan, Stewart Maxwell

S4M-01326 Homophobic Bullying ­(lodged on 14 November 2011) Richard Simpson, Stuart McMillan

S4M-01325 St Peter’s Episcopal Church Bicentennial ­(lodged on 14 November 2011) Sandra White, Stuart McMillan, Claire Baker

S4M-01324 Stewarton Bowling Club ­(lodged on 14 November 2011) Joan McAlpine*

S4M-01323 Congratulations on Citty Finlayson Nomination for Shona Donaldson ­(lodged on 11 November 2011) Stuart McMillan

S4M-01321 Congratulations to Ellon Fire Station ­(lodged on 11 November 2011) Stuart McMillan

S4M-01318 Greenferry Solar Challenge Project ­(lodged on 14 November 2011) Stuart McMillan

S4M-01317 Portrait Triptychs Exhibition ­(lodged on 11 November 2011) Stuart McMillan

S4M-01316 Protection of War Memorials against Metal Theft ­(lodged on 14 November 2011) Richard Simpson, Stuart McMillan

S4M-01311 Award-winning Young’s Seafood ­(lodged on 10 November 2011) Stewart Maxwell

S4M-01306 Saints Groundsman a Cut above the Rest ­(lodged on 10 November 2011) Stuart McMillan

S4M-01303 Special Praise for New Training Sessions ­(lodged on 10 November 2011) Stuart McMillan

S4M-01302.1 Tackling Financial Exclusion ­(lodged on 16 November 2011) Stuart McMillan, Stewart Maxwell

S4M-01302 Tackling Financial Exclusion ­(lodged on 10 November 2011) Richard Simpson, Elaine Smith, Elaine Murray

S4M-01300 North Ayrshire Council Urges Refusal of the Hunterston Coal-fired Power Station Proposal ­(lodged on 10 November 2011) Colin Beattie, Stuart McMillan

S4M-01294 Scottish Fisheries Museum Trust Memorial Service ­(lodged on 09 November 2011) Stuart McMillan

S4M-01291.1 All Babies Count ­(lodged on 11 November 2011) Stuart McMillan

S4M-01290 Cameron House, 2011 Hotelier of the Year ­(lodged on 09 November 2011) Stuart McMillan

S4M-01288 BJ’s Snack Bar Healthyliving Award ­(lodged on 09 November 2011) Stuart McMillan

S4M-01284 Community Benefit and the Cumulative Impact of Windfarm Developments in Communities ­(lodged on 08 November 2011) Alex Fergusson, Jim Hume*

S4M-01272 Research Claims that Untold Distress Will Occur as a Result of Incapacity Benefit Reform ­(lodged on 08 November 2011) Richard Simpson

S4M-01270 Congratulations to the Moderator Designate, the Reverend Albert Bogle ­(lodged on 08 November 2011) Stuart McMillan

S4M-01268 Violence Against Women ­(lodged on 08 November 2011) Stuart McMillan

S4M-01267 Congratulations to Craft Town Scotland ­(lodged on 08 November 2011) Stuart McMillan

S4M-01266 Auchmithie Welcomes Scarlett Johannson ­(lodged on 08 November 2011) Stuart McMillan

S4M-01265 Disability History Month ­(lodged on 08 November 2011) Stuart McMillan

S4M-01264 Dementia Community Roadshow ­(lodged on 08 November 2011) Stuart McMillan

S4M-01261 New Parliamentary Website ­(lodged on 07 November 2011) Richard Simpson, Stuart McMillan

S4M-01256 Ricky Burns, World Champion ­(lodged on 07 November 2011) Stuart McMillan

S4M-01255.1 30,000 People Celebrate in Paisley ­(lodged on 08 November 2011) Richard Simpson

S4M-01254 George Watson’s College Pipes and Drums ­(lodged on 07 November 2011) Stuart McMillan

S4M-01253 Dumbarton People’s Theatre Celebrates 67th Year ­(lodged on 04 November 2011) Stuart McMillan

S4M-01252.1 Continuation of Reshaping Care Change Fund ­(lodged on 18 November 2011) Alison McInnes*

S4M-01244 Fife Council TIF Business Case ­(lodged on 03 November 2011) Stuart McMillan

S4M-01241 Scotland to Norway Ferry ­(lodged on 03 November 2011) Stuart McMillan

S4M-01236 Become a Mo-Bro this Movember ­(lodged on 03 November 2011) Roderick Campbell

S4M-01229 Church of Scotland’s Chance to Thrive Initiative ­(lodged on 02 November 2011) Stuart McMillan

S4M-01191 Act of Settlement ­(lodged on 31 October 2011) Margo MacDonald

S4M-01188 Loanhead Community Learning Association Campus Café Awarded ­(lodged on 31 October 2011) Stuart McMillan

S4M-01156.1 Scotland’s No’ Full Up Yet ­(lodged on 03 November 2011) Richard Simpson

S4M-01155.2 Adam Beecroft’s Report to the UK Government ­(lodged on 09 November 2011) Richard Simpson

S4M-01109 Scottish Video Games Fund ­(lodged on 24 October 2011) Richard Simpson

S4M-01099 Communication Saves ­(lodged on 20 October 2011) Gavin Brown

S4M-01089 St Andrew’s Day ­(lodged on 18 October 2011) Graeme Dey, Marco Biagi, Colin Keir, Gordon MacDonald, Nigel Don, Linda Fabiani, George Adam, Joe FitzPatrick

S4M-01067 British Heart Foundation’s Heart Start Event in the Parliament ­(lodged on 13 October 2011) Colin Keir

S4M-01061 Supporting Stranraer after Stena ­(lodged on 11 October 2011) Richard Simpson

S4M-01006 College Cuts and Deprivation ­(lodged on 04 October 2011) Richard Simpson

S4M-00999 Celebrating 50 Years of the Robertson Trust ­(lodged on 03 October 2011) Richard Simpson

S4M-00988 Threat to Construction Industry National Agreements ­(lodged on 30 September 2011) Richard Simpson

S4M-00977.1 Top Award for James Watt College ­(lodged on 03 October 2011) Richard Simpson

S4M-00934 Drum Brae Library and Community Hub Project ­(lodged on 22 September 2011) Bill Kidd*

S4M-00450 Barnardo’s Scotland, Cut Them Free, Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation in Scotland ­(lodged on 29 June 2011) Jim Hume, John Lamont, Patrick Harvie, Ruth Davidson, Mary Scanlon, Jackson Carlaw*

S4M-00422 Aberdeen to Frankfurt Air Link ­(lodged on 27 June 2011) Linda Fabiani

S4M-00421 1st July, International Tartan Day ­(lodged on 27 June 2011) Linda Fabiani

S4M-00416 Voices in Paisley 2011 ­(lodged on 27 June 2011) Linda Fabiani

S4M-00413 Caldercuilt Youth Forum ­(lodged on 27 June 2011) Linda Fabiani

S4M-00412 Action on Standards for Children with Asthma ­(lodged on 24 June 2011) Linda Fabiani

S4M-00409 Dawid Stepien Wins Prize in National Galleries Competition ­(lodged on 24 June 2011) Linda Fabiani

S4M-00407 Edinburgh Clipper Team to Sail Global Race ­(lodged on 24 June 2011) Linda Fabiani

S4M-00405 Olida Publishing ­(lodged on 24 June 2011) Linda Fabiani

S4M-00401 Congratulating St Kentigern’s and Whitburn Academies ­(lodged on 23 June 2011) Linda Fabiani

S4M-00400 Bank of Scotland Foundation Benefits Rutherglen and Cambuslang CAB ­(lodged on 23 June 2011) Linda Fabiani

S4M-00396 Unemployment in North Ayrshire ­(lodged on 23 June 2011) Linda Fabiani

S4M-00392 Shetland Retains the Stuart Cup ­(lodged on 22 June 2011) Linda Fabiani

S4M-00391 ASDA Kwik Cricket Competition Scotland ­(lodged on 22 June 2011) Linda Fabiani

S4M-00384 Congratulations to Springburn Academy ­(lodged on 22 June 2011) Linda Fabiani

S4M-00379 Barnardo’s Scotland’s Big Toddle in Fife ­(lodged on 22 June 2011) Linda Fabiani

S4M-00363 Partick Thistle FC to Become a Police-free Ground ­(lodged on 22 June 2011) Linda Fabiani

S4M-00268 Royal Bank of Scotland Local Branch Closures ­(lodged on 09 June 2011) Linda Fabiani

S4M-00067 Protect and Enhance Inverleith Park ­(lodged on 19 May 2011) Linda Fabiani

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