Annex J - Fees and Costs

SPCB determination (Hybrid Bills): Fees and reimbursement of costs

The Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (SPCB) has determined under Rule 9C.7.5(e) of the Standing Orders the fee payable by objectors to a Hybrid Bill, and has determined under Rule 9C.3.2(h)(iv) those matters for which the Scottish Ministers must undertake to reimburse its costs, as follows:

Fee payable by an objector

To lodge an objection: nil

Matters for which the Scottish Ministers will require to give an undertaking to pay costs incurred by the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body

Professional fees charged by any assessor for—

  • the consideration of objections to the Bill (or objections to amendments) including considering written evidence and conducting oral hearings) and
  • the preparation of reports,

together with any travel, accommodation and subsistence costs reasonably incurred in connection with that work.

For public hearings conducted by an assessor, whether or not held at the Scottish Parliament—

the cost of preparing and publishing any transcript prepared by the Official Report

  • the costs incurred by broadcasting staff in connection with a sound recording, video broadcast and/or webcast of proceedings
  • the costs involved in having security staff present throughout the hearing.

In relation to an amendment that adversely affects private interests and is lodged at Stage 2 or selected for Stage 3, any costs incurred by an assessor in notifying the holders of those interests of the terms and implications of the amendments and of how they may make representations.

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