Annex H - Distribution of documents

Presiding Officer determination (Hybrid Bills): Distribution of Bill and certain accompanying documents

The Presiding Officer has determined under Rule 9C.4.2 of Standing Orders that the premises to which a copy of the Hybrid Bill and the accompanying documents must be sent are as follows.

If the Bill is a Bill to which Rule 9C.1.2 applies—

  • all public libraries within the area in which works are proposed, or in which the land or buildings which are to be compulsorily acquired or used are situated, plus (if that is fewer than three)
  • as many outside that area but reasonably close to it as are necessary to make the total up to three.
  • If the Bill is not a Bill to which Rule 9C.1.2 applies—
  • where the Bill’s impact on private interests appears to be particularly significant within any of the following Scottish Parliament regions, the following number of public libraries or appropriate premises within the region in question:
    • Highlands and Islands – four
    • North-East Scotland, Mid-Scotland and Fife or South of Scotland – three
    • any other region – two
  • otherwise, one public library or appropriate premises within each of the Scottish Parliament regions.

In this determination—

"appropriate premises" means premises (such as an office or shop) owned or occupied by or on behalf of the Scottish Administration and open to the public without charge at reasonable times

the Scottish Parliament regions are the eight electoral regions defined in Schedule 1 to the Scotland Act 1998.

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