Explanatory Guides

SPICe have produced a number of explanatory guides providing brief explanations on a range of economic issues.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Short guide to Gross Domestic Product (GDP), how it is measured and a review of its strengths and limitations.

Read SPICe briefing:


Short guide to inflation, how it is measured, and why and how those measures are used.

Read SPICe briefing:

Labour Market Statistics

Brief overview of labour market statistics including a section answering frequently asked questions.

Read SPICe briefing

There is an accompanying infographic for this briefing which provides definitions of unemployment, employment and economic inactivity and outlines how the figures for each are worked out. It can be accessed on the labour market visualisations page.


Briefing providing background information on the measurement of productivity in Scotland and considers recent performance.  This briefing also discusses the potential drivers of future productivity growth

Read SPICe briefing

SB 14-57 Productivity (701KB pdf)
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