Screen readers

If you use a screen reader, you can use the online Official Report and click Expand All. Alternatively, click on View PDF to open a fully bookmarked PDF.

Click Expand All to view all the contents of an Official Report.

Click View PDF for the PDF version of an Official Report.

Bookmarked PDF

  • Each item on the contents page is a direct link to a part of the Official Report
  • Click the Bookmarks icon to view a list of links to parts of the Official Report (in some systems, if the left-hand pane is not visible, you can press F4 to show it)

 Screenshot of Official Report

Closed captions

Closed captions, using the Official Report of proceedings, are added to a selection of Scottish Parliament videos in YouTube, including question times, First Minister’s questions and ministerial statements.

How to enable Closed Captions 

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