About PQs, Answers and Motions

Parliamentary questions

Parliamentary questions can be asked by any MSP to the Scottish Government or the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body. The questions provide a means for MSPs to obtain factual and statistical information from both.

Parliamentary questions can be in oral or written form. Oral questions are answered at Topical, Portfolio, General and First Minister’s Question Times. Urgent questions can also be taken in the Chamber.

Under Rule 13.5.2 of Standing Orders, written parliamentary questions must be answered within 10 working days (20 working days during recess). Questions and answers can then be found on parliamentary questions search.


Motions are used by MSPs as a means of highlighting local issues and achievements, and as a means to initiate debate or propose a course of action.

Motions can be lodged for debate in Parliament as part of parliamentary business, for debate as part of Members’ Business, to propose that legislation is agreed to or passed or simply to generate support. Other MSPs can sign up in support of motions that have been lodged.

Amendments to motions are also lodged by MSPs to allow alternative points of view to be discussed and debated.

The Motions Search allows users to search for motions that have been lodged. An advanced search function is also available for more detailed searching.

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