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SB 17-10 Child Poverty (Scotland) Bill

21 February 2017
The Child Poverty (Scotland) Bill is a Scottish Government Bill introduced in the Scottish Parliament on 9 February 2017. This briefing discusses the main provisions in the Bill.

SB 16-87 Kinship Care

04 November 2016
Recent legislation has made adjustments to the legal framework for kinship care, and new regulations set out new forms of assistance and allowances.

SB 16-86 EU nationals living in Scotland

03 November 2016
This briefing analyses the characteristics of EU nationals living in Scotland, based on the 2015 Annual Population Survey. The briefing also reviews evidence relating to the economic contribution of migrants.

SB 16-51 Scotland Act 2016 – Universal Credit

3 June 2016
This is part of a series of SPICe briefings on the social security powers that will be devolved by the Scotland Act 2016.

SB 16-32 Burial and Cremation (Scotland) Bill: Stage 3

18 March 2016
This briefing provides a summary of the parliamentary scrutiny of the Burial and Cremation (Scotland) Bill prior to the Stage 3 proceedings which are scheduled to take place on Tuesday 22 March 2016.

SB 15-70 Burial and Cremation (Scotland) Bill

29 October 2015
The Burial and Cremation (Scotland) Bill was introduced in the Parliament on 8 October 2015. This briefing examines the Bill’s proposals, policy objectives and looks at the financial implications.

SB 15-53 Scotland Bill: Employment Support

07 September 2015
The Smith Commission proposed further devolution of employment programmes. The Scotland Bill, as introduced, would in effect, devolve the Work Programme. This briefing sets out the current provision for employment

SB 15-51 British Sign Language (Scotland) Bill

31 August 2015
This briefing summarises the main issues raised during the Education and Culture Committee’s deliberations at Stage 1 and the amendments put forward at Stage 2.

SB 15-28 Land Reform in Scotland

03 June 2015
This SPICe Briefing provides an introduction to the broad subject of land reform in Scotland, covering a range of topics, devolved and reserved, urban and rural.

SB 15-18 Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill – Parliamentary consideration prior to Stage 3

1 April 2015
The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill was introduced in the Parliament on 11 June 2014. This briefing summarises the main changes made to the Bill during Stage 2 consideration.

SB 15-05 British Sign Language (Scotland) Bill

15 January 2015
The British Sign Language (Scotland) Bill was introduced in the Scottish Parliament on 29 October 2014.

SB 14-58 Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill

22 September 2014
This Briefing summarises and analyses the key provisions in the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill, introduced in the Parliament on 11 June 2014.

SB 14-46 The increasing demand for emergency food aid in the UK

18 June 2014
This paper provides background information on the increasing demand for food banks across the UK. It considers factors driving the increase, the position and actions taken by the Scottish and the UK Governments.

SB 12-52 Child Protection

28 August 2012
This briefing outlines the principles which govern the care and protection of children by public authorities, the legislation and guidance in the area and local authority child protection systems with some key stats.

SB 12-05 Kinship Care

25 January 2012
This briefing gives an introduction to kinship care policy in Scotland, regulations for assessment and the provision of allowances. It updates SPICe briefing SB 08/03

SB 11-83 Fireworks

29 November 2011
This briefing outlines the current legislative framework in relation to fireworks.

SB 11-65 Impact of the Scottish Government pay freeze

9 September 2011
This briefing analyses the impact of the Scottish Government pay freeze on different groups within the public sector workforce.

SB 11-51 Early Years - Subject Profile briefing

29 June 2011
This subject profile provides an introduction to services for pre-school children. It updates and expands SB 06/83 published in October 2006.

Children's Hearings (Scotland) Bill as Amended at Stage 2 briefing

This briefing summarises the parliamentary passage of the Children's Hearings (Scotland) Bill at stages 1 and 2.

Control of Dogs (Scotland) Bill: Stage 3 briefing

This briefing summarises the main Stage 1 recommendations of the Local Government and Communities Committee and the response of the member in charge of the Bill, Christine Grahame MSP, in response to these recommendations.

Children's Hearings (Scotland) Bill briefing

This briefing provides an overview of the Bill's provisions, policy development since 2004 and key themes in submissions to the Education, Lifelong Learning and Culture Committee.

Control of Dogs (Scotland) Bill briefing

The Control of Dogs (Scotland) Bill was introduced on 22 June 2009 by Christine Grahame MSP. The Bill seeks to modernise the law on control of dogs. This briefing considers the provisions of the Bill in the context of the consultation.

Draft Budget 2010-11: Local Government and Communities briefing

The Scottish Government published the Draft Budget for 2010-11(Scottish Government 2009a) on Thursday 17 September. This paper provides an overview of the local government, housing and regeneration budgets proposed for 2010-11.

Public Services Reform (Scotland) Bill: Social Services briefing

The Public Services Reform (Scotland) Bill was introduced in the Parliament on 28 May 2009 by John Swinney.It seeks to simplify the procedures for altering certain public bodies, creates some new ones and dissolves others.

Frequently Asked Questions: Care for Older People briefing

This briefing is intended to assist MSPs and their staff in dealing with issues around care for older people that frequently arise in the context of their constituency caseload.

SB 09-08 Unpaid Carers briefing

6 February 2009
This paper provides information on unpaid carers in Scotland, including statistics, legislation, policy, and financial support in both Scotland and the UK as a whole.

Social Work Services in Scotland briefing

This briefing provides an overview of social work services in Scotland. It provides background information on the legislative framework underpinning social work services, the key policy themes and the organisation and funding of social work services.

Child Poverty briefing

This briefing provides an overview of child poverty in Scotland. The causes and effects of child poverty, and the policy responses from the Scottish and UK governments, are discussed.

Kinship Care briefing

This briefing sets out what is meant by kinship care, the relevant legal framework and policies intended to support kinship carers.

Children's Services briefing

This briefing provides an overview of children's services looking at some key statistics, the legislative framework, main types of services provided and structures for integrated working.

Community Care in Scotland briefing

This briefing provides background information on the statutory framework underpinning community care, general community care policy developments, specific policy developments for particular client groups and the organisation and funding of community care.

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