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SB 17-20 Non-domestic Rates and the 2017 Revaluation

16 March 2017
This briefing provides information on Non-domestic rates including historical revenue and relief expenditure as well as rates and relief schemes for 2017-18.

SB 16-86 EU nationals living in Scotland

03 November 2016
This briefing analyses the characteristics of EU nationals living in Scotland, based on the 2015 Annual Population Survey. The briefing also reviews evidence relating to the economic contribution of migrants.

SB 15-32 Non-domestic Rates

17 June 2015
This briefing provides information on non-domestic rates and analyses the most recent data on revenues from these rates.

SB 14-31 Procurement (Reform) (Scotland) Bill – Parliamentary consideration prior to Stage 3

8 May 2014
This briefing summarises Stage 1 and Stage 2 consideration of the Procurement (Reform) (Scotland) Bill, introduced in the Parliament on 3rd October 2013.

SB 14-28 Scottish North Sea oil and gas industry

24 April 2014
This briefing is produced to assist the Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee in their inquiry into Scotland’s Economic Future Post-2014.

SB 14-03 Regulatory Reform (Scotland) Bill: Stage 3

13 January 2013
This briefing provides a summary of the parliamentary scrutiny of the Regulatory Reform (Scotland) Bill prior to Stage 3 proceedings which are scheduled to take place on 16 January 2014.

SB 13-84 Non-domestic Rates

This briefing outlines the nature and purpose of non-domestic (business) rates in Scotland and analyses the most recent data on businesses and revenues from business rates.

SB 13-67 The Procurement Reform (Scotland) Bill

24 October 2013
The Procurement Reform (Scotland) Bill aims to establish a national legislative framework for public procurement in Scotland. This Briefing sets out the background to the Bill and summarises its main provisions.

SB 13-26 Regulatory Reform (Scotland) Bill - Stage 1

16 May 2013
The Regulatory Reform (Scotland) Bill was introduced in the Scottish Parliament on 27 March 2013. This briefing provides background information on existing regulatory regimes, and the introduction of the Bill.

SB 12-02 Agricultural Holdings (Amendment)(Scotland) Bill

9 January 2012
This briefing details the development of the Agricultural Holdings (Amendment)(Scotland) Bill and the changes proposed by the Bill.

SB 11-84 Sea Fishing Quotas for 2012

6 December 2011
This briefing highlights some of the important issues in the December 2011 fisheries negotiations at which decisions on fishing quotas and limits on fishing time will be made for 2012.

SB 11-35 Tourism in Scotland briefing

2 June 2011
This briefing provides information on the legislative framework for promoting tourism in Scotland, describes the main organisations supporting tourism, provides key statistics, and summarises Scottish Government policies.

SB 09-76 Scotch Whisky Industry briefing

28 October 2009
Restructuring announcements by large companies within the Scotch Whisky industry over the summer of 2009 have brought the industry under the public and political spotlight.

SB 07-34 Tourism in Scotland - Subject Profile briefing

25 June 2007
This briefing provides information on the legislative framework for promoting tourism in Scotland, describes the main organisations supporting tourism, provides statistical information and summarises Executive policies.

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