SPAN Scottish Parliament Academia Network

The Scottish Parliament Academia Network (SPAN) aims to coordinate and encourage knowledge exchange between Parliament academia. This is through a formal network of knowledge exchange/brokering professionals throughout Scottish (and increasingly rest of the UK) higher education institutions. 

Within Parliament, the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe), together with the Scottish Futures Forum, manage the network with two external bodies: Beltane Public Engagement Network and the Scottish Universities Insight Institute.  

Joining SPAN

SPAN is open to knowledge exchange (KE) practitioners as well as staff who hold strategic research impact/public engagement roles within their relevant institutions. In joining, members agree to take responsibility to identify relevant experts in their institutions.  

By joining SPAN you will automatically be added to our ‘Ask Academia’ email distribution list. This service lets SPICe send requests on behalf of Parliament staff directly to knowledge exchange staff. Knowledge exchange staff then forward it to relevant academics for a response.   

SPAN also organises three annual events: 

  1. A half-day seminar specifically for academics and knowledge exchange practitioners who are new to engaging with the Parliament. Attendees will learn more about what the Parliament does and understand mechanisms for engaging with different people within the Parliament.
  2. An early evening Research Showcase which focusses around a particular theme of policy importance e.g. climate change, housing, social care.  This event will be attended by MSPs, Committee Clerks, SPICe Researchers, academics and relevant knowledge exchange staff.  
  3. A Network Members Meeting to exchange information on what engagement has taken place; highlight recent successes/challenges of engagement; share upcoming priorities for knowledge exchange and Parliament. 

There is no cost to join SPAN, and all SPAN events are free to attend. 

If you are interested in joining SPAN we would really like to hear from you. Please email us telling us a bit about your role to

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