Social Security

SB 17-24 Council Tax Reduction

31 March 2017
The council tax reduction scheme reduces how much council tax a low income household has to pay. This briefing provides background to the scheme and details of how it is calculated.

SB 17-10 Child Poverty (Scotland) Bill

21 February 2017
The Child Poverty (Scotland) Bill is a Scottish Government Bill introduced in the Scottish Parliament on 9 February 2017. This briefing discusses the main provisions in the Bill.

SB 17-09 The Introduction of Universal Credit

16 February 2017
This briefing looks at who can claim Universal Credit and some of the difficulties with its introduction.

SB 16-52 Scotland Act 2016: Carer's Allowance

09 June 2016
The Scotland Act 2016 devolves Carer’s Allowance to Scotland.

SB 16-50 Scotland Act 2016: Discretionary Payments and New Benefits

03 June 2016
The Scotland Act 2016 devolves a range of social security powers to the Scottish Parliament.

SB 16-45 New Social Security Powers

31 May 2016
This briefing provides an overview of the new social security powers that will be devolved to Scotland under the Scotland Act 2016

SB 15-80 Scotland Bill: Regulated Social Fund

08 December 2015
This briefing gives an overview of these benefits and the debate so far over their devolution. It also looks briefly at proposals to devolve other measures related to welfare foods and fuel poverty.

SB 15-53 Scotland Bill: Employment Support

07 September 2015
The Smith Commission proposed further devolution of employment programmes. The Scotland Bill, as introduced, would in effect, devolve the Work Programme. This briefing sets out the current provision for employment

SB 15-11 Welfare Funds (Scotland) Bill – Prior to Stage 3

24 February 2014
This briefing provides a summary of the parliamentary scrutiny of the Welfare Funds (Scotland) Bill prior to the Stage 3 proceedings which are scheduled to take place on 3 March 2015.

SB 15-07 The Smith Commission’s Welfare Proposals

21 January 2015
This briefing provides a background to the UK Government’s current welfare reform agenda, details of the main political parties’ submissions to the Smith Commission, and details of the proposals made by the Smith Commi

SB 14-67 The “Bedroom Tax”

6 October 2014
This briefing provides details on the bedroom tax policy, reaction to it and evidence of its impact, particularly in Scotland.

SB 14-56 Welfare in Scotland: Current Changes and Future Proposals

20 August 2014
This briefing provides information on recent UK wide welfare reforms introduced by the UK Government. The briefing also considers proposals for welfare following the referendum on Scottish independence.

SB 14-55 Welfare Funds (Scotland) Bill

19 August 2014
The Welfare Funds (Scotland) Bill will place the interim Scottish Welfare Fund scheme on a statutory footing. This briefing provides an overview of the bill, its financial memorandum and impact assessments.

SB 14-46 The increasing demand for emergency food aid in the UK

18 June 2014
This paper provides background information on the increasing demand for food banks across the UK. It considers factors driving the increase, the position and actions taken by the Scottish and the UK Governments.

SB 13-54 Scottish Welfare Fund

5 September 2013
This briefing has been produced to provide the Parliament with information on the Scottish Welfare Fund, which replaced the discretionary elements of the Social Fund from April 2013.

SB 13-17 Passported Benefits

27 March 2013
This paper addresses some of the issues surrounding passported benefits and how such benefits will be affected by the change to Universal Credit and Personal Independence Payments.

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