Scottish Parliament comes to Jura and Islay



The future of Scotland’s land will come into local focus when a Scottish Parliamentary Committee meets local people on Jura, tenant farmers on Islay and the managers of the Islay Estates Company.

The Scottish Parliament’s Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment (RACCE) Committee is coming to Craighouse Village Hall on Sunday 20th September to hear local opinions as it scrutinises the Scottish Government’s Land Reform (Scotland) Bill. 

On the following day, the Committee will meet with managers of the Islay Estates Company and local tenant farmers, to hear how the Scottish Government’s plans could affect key issues such as business rates charged on deer stalking and game shooting, community right-to-buy and gathering and accessing information on people and organisations that control land.  

Strong, informed opinions are also likely to be heard on the question of the Scottish Government producing a clear statement of land rights and responsibilities; and how a Scottish Land Commission could guide future policy. 

Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee Convener Rob Gibson MSP commented:  

“For people and organisations on Jura who may be affected by upcoming changes to land ownership and management this is an opportunity for us to hear local views on the issues that matter.

“We are hugely looking forward to visiting Islay and Jura and hearing about the opportunities and challenges that may lie ahead.” 

Mr Gibson continued:  

“The Committee hopes to hear views and opinions on the fundamental and important issue of how Scotland’s land should be owned and managed to benefit us all. 

“It’s crucial that the valuable knowledge, experience and expertise of everyone in Scotland with a vested interest the future of tenant farming, sporting rates and deer control feed into our work where possible.”  

This September the Committee is scrutinising the Land Reform Bill with visits to Skye, Fife, Islay, Jura and the Scottish Borders. They will hear views and opinions from a range of organisations and people, including estate owners, gamekeepers, policy makers, tenant farmers, environmental experts and community groups.  

The Committee will produce a report on its scrutiny of the Scottish Government’s Land Reform Bill by the end of the year.


The Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee (RACCE) scrutinises Scottish Government policy proposals relating to rural affairs, climate change and the environment.  

Public Meeting, Village Hall, Craighouse, Jura

Sunday 20th September 2015

18:00 – 19:45 (ferry from Jura to Islay 20:15)

The Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee is coming to Jura as it continues its scrutiny of the Scottish Government’s Land Reform (Scotland) Bill. 

This is a chance to meet with the Committee and learn more about land reform, including proposals for:

  • A new right-to-buy land for sustainable development
  • Improved engagement with communities
  • Gathering and accessing information on those who control land
  • A new land rights and responsibilities statement
  • A new Scottish Land Commission 
  • Additional deer management powers 
  • Ending the current rates exemption for deer forests and shooting 
  • Changes to agricultural tenancy arrangements.

The Committee is keen to speak with as many people as possible to inform its scrutiny of this legislation and would like to hear from you!

If you would like to attend this event, please contact Jenny Mouncer, Committee Assistant or 0131 348 5051 to register.

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