Views called for on the Health Bill


People from across Scotland are today being asked for their views on legislation which will introduce restrictions on the sale of e-cigarettes and create no smoking areas in hospital grounds.

MSPs on the Health and Sport Committee are currently scrutinising the Health (Tobacco, Nicotine etc, and Care) Scotland Bill.  

The Bill if passed will create a legal requirement for health and social care organisations to inform people when they have been harmed as a result of the care or treatment they have received. 

The proposals would also establish a new criminal offence of ill-treatment or wilful neglect of adults which would apply to individual health and social care workers, managers and supervisors. 

Convener of the Committee Duncan McNeil MSP said: 

“The proposals in this Bill are wide ranging and if passed will impact on a number of aspects of people’s lives. 

“The use of e-cigarettes has always been controversial and how and if they should be regulated is an issue this Committee has already considered. 

“It’s important that the right balance is struck between regulating the use of e-cigarettes and supporting those using them as an alternative to more harmful tobacco products. 

“Our Committee looks forward to hearing a variety of opinions on these issues.”

Deputy Convener of the Committee Bob Doris MSP said: 

“This Bill will introduce a requirement for health and social care organisations to be upfront with patients if something has gone wrong with their treatment – a duty of candour.

“Whilst on the face of it, this is something most people would agree with, it’s important that as a Committee we determine what currently happens when something goes wrong but also how the Bill proposes to improve the openness and support provided to patients who experience neglect or harm during their treatment.

“We would welcome people who have had experience of our health and social care system in order to determine the support for these proposals and if they can be improved.” 

The Committee is asking for views on:

Nicotine Vapour Products  and smoking in hospital grounds

  • Do you support the Bill’s provisions in relation to NVPs?
  • Do you support the proposal to ban smoking in hospital grounds?
  • Is there anything you would add/remove/change in the Bill with regards to NVPs or smoking in hospital grounds?

Duty of candour and wilful neglect

  • Do you support the proposed duty of candour?
  • Do you support the proposal to make wilful neglect or ill-treatment of patients a criminal offence?
  • Is there anything you would add/remove/change in the Bill with regards to these provisions?


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