Media access: terms and conditions

The 1999 report of the Expert Panel on Media Issues to the pre-devolution Consultative Steering Group recommended that the media should have wide access to the Scottish Parliament subject to limited restrictions as necessary to enable Members, their staff and parliamentary staff to carry out their work.  The recommendations of the Expert Panel continue to shape the Parliament’s approach to media access today. 

This document sets out the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body’s terms for media access at Holyrood. The document is split into four parts. It covers:

Use of Social Media in the Chamber

This section sets out rules on the use of Twitter and other social media from the Media Gallery in the Debating Chamber.

Media Access

This section sets out the arrangements for physical access to the building for accredited journalists and accredited media personnel.

Broadcast Access

This section sets out the arrangements for broadcasters filming and recording within the Holyrood complex.

Photographer Access

This section which sets out the arrangements for press photographers operating within Holyrood.

Media Protocols

This section sets out the Health and Safety requirements for media personnel based at Holyrood along with a summary of the accreditation process and the existing journalists’ Code of Conduct.

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