Perth bandleader to hit right notes with Royal fanfares


Highly regarded bandleader, composer, producer and arranger Major Kevin Lamb, of Perth, is set to conduct newly composed fanfares for Her Majesty The Queen ahead of her address to mark the Third Session of the Scottish Parliament on Saturday 30 June.

Major Lamb, who has written and recorded more than 90 pieces of music for bands, orchestras and bagpipes, composed the two fanfares specially for the occasion.

The ‘Holyrood’ fanfare will sound on The Queen’s arrival at the debating chamber. Described by its composer as an “acclamatory fanfare leading into a stately processional tune”, Major Lamb’s inspiration was drawn from the ceremonial aspects of the day.

After the opening addresses to the Parliament by the Presiding Officer, Her Majesty The Queen and the First Minister of Scotland, The Queen will depart the debating chamber to the sound of the ‘Spirit of Scotland’ fanfare.

‘Spirit of Scotland’ is described as a joyous piece of music based on traditional Scottish rhythms and reflects the afternoon’s Picnic at the Parliament.

Major Lamb said:

"It is a great honour to be asked to compose and conduct the fanfares. I am especially pleased to be doing so in the magnificent surroundings of the Parliament's debating chamber and I am really looking forward to the day itself, which promises to be a great occasion.”

Major Lamb will be performing the two fanfare pieces alongside nine members of the Lowland Band of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

The Lowland Band is composed of two sets of fathers and sons and five other musicians. Sergeant Major Colin Bellet, who joined in 1964 and is the oldest serving member of the band, plays the side drum and is responsible for military and operational affairs. His son Allan plays the cymbals. Musician Peter Bartram plays herald trumpet while his son Nicholas plays herald trombone.

The fanfare musicians and composer will be dressed in the full military regalia of the Royal Scots regiment. The performers consist of four b-flat herald trumpeters, three b-flat herald trombone musicians, and one side drummer and one cymbal drummer. The 4ft long herald trumpets, requiring more skill to play than normal trumpets, will be decked out in banners from the instruments’ bells.

The other herald trumpeters in the band are: Sergeant Andrew Digger, Corporal Callam Robertson and Lieutenant Corporal Fiona Walter. The band’s other herald trombone players are: Sergeant Brendan McGrory and Musician Paul Findlay .

Major Lamb spent 26 years in Army Music as a musician, Bandmaster and Director of Music. He served for six years as Bandmaster of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and was Chief Instructor and Head of School at The Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall. 

Since leaving full-time Army service in 1999 he has lectured on music education, conducting and arranging at various universities and colleges throughout the UK and overseas.

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