Presiding Officer to talk about his four-year term in office


The Presiding Officer, the Rt Hon George Reid MSP will address a gathering of students from the University of Glasgow and academics on Tuesday 6 March.

Forming part of his series of lectures as Honorary Professor at the University’s School of Law, the address will begin at 6pm in the Business School at the University of Glasgow.

Entitled “Last bang of the gavel”, Mr Reid will explore the role of the Presiding Officer, particularly those areas of work that remain largely unknown to the public.

Speaking ahead of the speech, Mr Reid said:

“Very few people realise the role the Presiding Officer plays in the institutional and cultural development of the Parliament.

"As we head towards the start of the third session of Parliament, I intend to advocate and explore the Scots heritage of popular sovereignty and Enlightenment as the way forward for Holyrood.”

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