Closure of Holyrood Project


The Presiding Officer George Reid MSP announced to Members of the Scottish Parliament today that:

  • The final cost of Holyrood has been reduced by £16.1m. The cost to the taxpayer therefore will fall from an estimated £430.5m to £414.4m.

  • The Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (SPCB), after extensive investigation, has decided not to litigate on issues during the construction phase of the Holyrood project.

  • But, post-construction, the SPCB has instructed action for the recovery of the costs arising from the collapse of the strut in the Chamber on 2 March, 2006.

Making the announcement today Mr Reid said:

"As Lord Fraser made clear, everyone engaged in the project - consultants, contractors, MSPs, staff - might have managed it better.

"So in making our announcement today, we are not trying to sweep past problems out of the way. The most we can claim is a steely determination to get a grip on the project; to move us in and then to move us on; and never to give up on our dedication to get back what we could for the public purse.”

He added:

"Which is why I use the word ‘closure’ in its full double meaning today. Closure in the sense of finalising the accounts. But closure also in the psychological sense of finally letting go of a problem, of releasing oneself for new opportunities and challenges.

"And with closure, I very much hope that Scotland’s third Parliament will, in May, get off to a fresh start.”

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