Forced Marriage Bill to criminalise protection order breaches


A committee has backed provisions of a Bill which would give Scotland the tightest regulation on forced marriages in the UK.

Committee supports Double Jeopardy Bill


A Bill to set in statute the long-established principle of Scots law that no-one should be tried twice for the same crime, was supported by the Justice Committee in its report today.

Local Government Committee supports Local Electoral Administration (Scotland) Bill at Stage 1


The Local Government and Communities Committee, in a stage 1 report published today, has backed the Local Electoral Administration (Scotland) Bill.

Committee calls for removal of all unjustifiable age barriers to board membership


Urgent action should be taken by the Scottish Government to remove any unjustifiable age barriers to public sector board membership, according to a report published today by the Public Audit Committee.

Certificate of Death (Scotland) Bill supported


A bill to introduce a new scrutiny system for death certificates, to increase quality and confidence in the system, has been backed by the Parliament’s Health and Sport Committee in a report published today.

Finance Committee publishes Budget report


The Finance Committee has called on the Scottish Government to respond to the view that the primary aim of its Draft Budget for 2011-12 is in fact the protection of public services.

Committee calls for more clarity on Reservoirs Bill


The Rural Affairs and Environment Committee has asked the Scottish Government for more clarity on the Reservoirs (Scotland) Bill in its Stage 1 report published today.

Committee calls for greater transparency in Scottish Government operations


Increased transparency in financial payments made to Scottish Government and public body staff, and the decision taking processes of the Scottish Government, has emerged as a key theme in a report published today by Public Audit Committee.

Committee publishes Stage 1 report on the Private Rented Housing (Scotland) Bill


Improvements to landlord registration, HMO licensing and overcrowding came one step closer today with a Stage 1 report from the Local Government and Communities Committee.

Annie Lennox to visit Malawi in her first role as special envoy


Singer Annie Lennox will visit Malawi to develop and enhance the country’s links with Scotland, the Scottish Parliament announced today.

Justice Committee gives qualified support to Domestic Abuse Bill at Stage 1


The Justice Committee, in a report published today, unanimously supports the general principles of the Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Bill. However, the committee opposes a proposal to remove means testing of anyone applying for civil legal aid.

Preventative spending has a key role in improving Scotland’s social problems, says committee


Scotland’s public services must focus more on preventing social problems arising rather than reacting to problems once they have occurred, according to a report on Preventative Spending published today by the Parliament’s Finance Committee.

European focus at Holyrood


The Scottish Parliament’s new system of scrutinising the European Parliament will be highlighted to UK representatives of the Committee of the Regions on Monday 10 January.

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