Economy Committee launches inquiry into Scottish exports and international trade


The Scottish Parliament’s Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee is to hold an inquiry into Scotland’s international trade and exporting activities.

The inquiry will scrutinise existing public-sector support networks designed to allow businesses to export goods and services, and to expand operations internationally. It will also focus on how Scotland encourages international trade and the government policies in place to attract inward investment.

Committee Convener Iain Smith MSP said: “In recent months the Scottish economy, together with those of other countries, has fallen into recession and indications show that recovery will be slow.

"Exports, international trade and the attraction of inward investment are important factors in terms of economic growth. The committee believes that if the Scottish economy is to recover as quickly as possible then an increased focus on international trade, both inward and outward, is required.

"This inquiry has a crucial role in reviewing the current public-sector approach to exports and international trade, and in looking at ways to maximise these areas to boost Scotland’s economy.”

The inquiry will also focus on areas including:

  • the economic rationale for trade development and promotion in Scotland
  • whether public-sector support is adequate given the current economic climate
  • the type of support businesses would like to see being supplied
  • the methods used by other countries to maximise international-trade activities and inward investment, and whether Scotland can learn from them.
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