Holyrood Committee launch inquiry into the Good Food Nation (Scotland) Bill


An inquiry to consider the Good Food Nation (Scotland) Bill has today been launched by the Rural Affairs, Islands and Natural Environment Committee.

The Bill requires Scottish Ministers and certain public bodies (referred to in the Bill as ‘relevant authorities’) to create Good Food Nation Plans which are intended to ensure greater policy coordination and to set out the outcomes to be achieved; clear actions for Scottish Government and public bodies to take; and indicators through which progress will be measured.

The Committee’s focus is to ensure the Bill provides the best framework to make the Scottish Government’s vision of Scotland as a Good Food Nation ‘where people from every walk of life take pride and pleasure in, and benefit from, the food they produce, buy, cook, serve, and eat each day,’ a reality*.

Speaking as the inquiry was launched, Committee Convener, Finlay Carson MSP, said;

“Food plays an integral part in all our lives and can have a transformative impact on people’s health and wellbeing, as well as being a key part of our economy, so it’s important that we get this right. This Bill provides an opportunity for policy coordination across the public sectors to help create a food system that works for the people of Scotland.

“We want to hear the views of interested individuals and organisations from right across Scotland to fully understand the impact the Bill will have. Will the proposals set out in the Bill legislation help the Scottish Government achieve its aims?”

The Committee has launched a survey looking for views which closes on Wednesday 5 January. You can submit views here: Good Nations (Scotland) Bill - Call for Views

*Scottish Government discussion document ‘Recipe for Success: Scotland’s National Food and Drink Policy – Becoming a Good Food Nation’.


The Bill was introduced by the Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Islands on 7 October 2021. The Bill and accompanying documents can be accessed here; Overview | Scottish Parliament Website 

Contact details
Hilda Stewart; 07583107104; hilda.stewart@parliament.scot



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