Holyrood Committee launch inquiry into Scotland’s supply chain issues


An inquiry to consider the short and medium-term structural challenges facing Scotland’s supply chain has today been launched by the Economy and Fair Work Committee.

The Parliament Committee is seeking to understand how the challenges and shifts in supply chains are impacting Scotland’s economy and how to build a more robust and resilient supply chain.

The inquiry is set around three distinct themes:

People - analysing why there are persistent skills gaps in certain sectors and gaps in labour supply in other sectors;

Places – looking at the challenges facing Scotland’s supply infrastructure, particularly as we transition to net zero, and how it can be made more resilient;

Products - seeking to find out what issues face both Scotland’s importers and exporters, how they can be supported to maximise opportunities and how to better grow Scotland’s domestic supply chain.

Speaking as the inquiry was launched, Claire Baker MSP, Convener of the Economy and Fair Work Committee said:

“The COVID-19 pandemic combined with the implementation of the UK EU Withdrawal Agreement has led to increased pressure on our supply chains, exposing areas of weakness and highlighting long standing issues with our economy. We already know that some sectors, such as construction and retail, have been particularly badly affected.

“We will consider the people, places and products which make up Scotland’s supply chain and examine the short and medium-term structural challenges it faces.

“We want to hear from businesses and organisations right across Scotland on how best the economy’s supply chain can be helped to recover, overcome these issues and support a fair and just transition to net zero across our economy.”


You can give your views here: https://yourviews.parliament.scot/eefw/scotland-supply-chain

More information on the Committee can be found on our website: Economy and Fair Work Committee | Scottish Parliament Website

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