How can social security aid our recovery from the Coronavirus pandemic, ask Holyrood Committee


A Scottish Parliament Committee has launched an inquiry to find out how social security can help aid the social and economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Holyrood’s Social Security Committee is keen to find out how the economic downturn will impact people across Scotland and how social security in Scotland should be utilised to support people through it.

The inquiry is particularly focused upon how best the Scottish social security system can support those both in or out of employment, and those seeking to find work in what is likely to be a challenging labour market.

The committee will also examine the constraints the Scottish social security system is under within the wider UK context.

The Committee is seeking workable solutions to help outline a Scottish social security system for 2021 and beyond which can respond to the immense challenges created by this pandemic.

Bob Doris MSP, Convener of the Social Security Committee said:

“There is no doubt these are unprecedented times which are likely to create an unprecedented demand for social security support.

“There has been much discussion on the introduction of a universal basic income but our Committee is keen to look beyond this at the other options available.

“We want to know how people feel Social Security Scotland should respond to meet the expected increase in demand and what other forms of support should be made available.

“This inquiry is determined to find out what, within the social security and borrowing powers available to Scottish Ministers, could be achieved and delivered, and to understand the constraints and barriers which would limit the ability of Ministers in Scotland to make the changes required.

“We are seeking views from those right across society to help propose innovative and workable solutions for social security in Scotland which can best combat the devastating impact of this pandemic and aid our recovery.”

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