Parliament inquiry seeks the public’s views on how they want front-line NHS care provided


A major new inquiry has been launched into the future of primary care in Scotland by MSPs on the Health and Sport Committee. The inquiry calls on people to outline their hopes for the next generation of care, using a specially designed survey

Holyrood Committee demands time to scrutinise workplace parking levy proposals


Holyrood’s Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee says adequate time must be set aside for MSPs to scrutinise workplace parking levy proposals

Holyrood Committee expresses concern over Business Gateway programme


The Economy, Energy and Fair Work Committee has expressed concern about the lack of transparency, accountability and alignment of Business Gateway, a local-authority provision that aims to help businesses develop and grow.

Parliament Committee to investigate healthcare environments across Scotland following deaths at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital


The Scottish Parliament’s Health and Sport Committee has today started an inquiry to identify the scale of health problems linked to the healthcare environment in Scotland.

Call for review of how NHS boards are identifying and charging non-UK citizens for treatment


The Scottish Parliament’s Health and Sport Committee is calling for changes to the way in which NHS Boards in Scotland identify those who are not entitled to treatment under the NHS.

Committee calls for changes in census legislation


A Scottish Parliament Committee has found serious deficiencies in the way consultation was carried out around planned changes to the 2021 census.

Fundamental changes to Universal Credit needed before more claimants are moved over, says Holyrood Committee


Holyrood’s Social Security Committee has raised deep concerns with Universal Credit in its latest report into in-work poverty.

Social security and its impact on rented housing to be investigated


Scotland’s Social Security Committee is today launching an inquiry into whether the social security system adequately supports tenants in both the private rented sector and social housing.

Young people urged to set out their future hopes for the Scottish Parliament


Young people from across Scotland are being asked to send a letter to the Scottish Parliament setting out their hopes and aspirations for the institution over the next 20 years.  

Holyrood Committee backs move to change consent arrangements for organ donation


The Scottish Parliament’s Health and Sport Committee have expressed their support for a bill which would see Scotland move to an organ donation system with consent to donate presumed unless a person opts out.

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