Impact of Brexit negotiations on Scotland


With the negotiations for the UK’s withdrawal entering a critical phase, the Scottish Parliament’s Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Affairs Committee has today launched a call for evidence, as part of the Committee’s on-going scrutiny of the Article 50 Negotiations, looking at what impact these negotiations are having on Scotland’s individuals, businesses and organisations.

The Chequers Plan, Canada plus, a ‘Blind Brexit’ and no deal are just some of the terms that have become part of the everyday language of Brexit. As the UK Government continues to negotiate the terms of the Article 50 withdrawal from the EU, the Committee wants to know what impact these negotiations, and the uncertainty created, has had on Scotland.

In the call for evidence on Article 50 preparedness, the Committee is asking what these negotiations have meant in practice and what further support or guidance is needed from the UK or Scottish Governments.

The Committee Convener, Joan McAlpine MSP said:

“With less than 200 days to until Brexit becomes a reality, how this will look is still not clear. Terms like Blind Brexit, no deal and the Chequers Plan have become an all too familiar part of the daily commentary. But what is behind the headlines, and what it is all too easy to forget is that Brexit – no matter how this looks – will have a very real impact on people, businesses and organisations throughout Scotland.

“Our Committee wants to know what the impact of this uncertainty has been and how the how the negotiations around Article 50 have affected the day-to-day lives of Scottish people.

“We have started to see some guidance on the potential impact of Brexit being published by the UK Government and European Commission but we also want to hear about steps people, businesses and organisations in Scotland are taking to be ready for the outcome of the negotiations. And importantly, what further guidance is needed to ensure that Scotland can prepare for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.” 

The Committee is looking for views on:

  • What impact the Article 50 negotiations have had upon individuals, businesses and organisations to date?
  • What preparations, if any, are being made by individuals, businesses and organisations for the range of scenarios which may result from the Article 50 negotiations?
  • What the impact of a no-deal outcome would be for Scottish individuals, businesses and organisations?
  • To what extent, the guidance issued by the European Commission and UK Government has been helpful in helping to prepare for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU?
  • What further support or guidance the Scottish Government, UK Government and / or European Commission should be providing to enable individuals, businesses and organisations in Scotland to prepare for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU?


The deadline for receipt of written submissions is Friday 12 October 2018, although the Committee will welcome further evidence that responds to developments relating to the Article 50 negotiations. The Committee’s call for evidence can be accessed at:

Written responses should be sent electronically to

More information about the Committee’s work can be found on the Committee’s webpages.

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