Fact-finding visit to Glasgow for Holyrood’s Justice Committee


MSPs from the Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee have spent a morning in Glasgow finding out more about electronic tagging and the impact criminal convictions have on employment prospects.

Putting the environment at the heart of the Scottish Crown Estate is a welcome step forward, says Committee


A Holyrood Committee has welcomed the Scottish Crown Estate Bill in a report published today, while also suggesting ways it could be strengthened.

Hundreds of award-winning photojournalism images on display at Parliament


The aftermath of an attack that shook the heart of London; a rioter on fire running from police in Venezuela; a young boy being pulled alive from rubble in Mosul and concertgoers hiding from a gunman at a country music festival in Las Vegas.

Free sanitary products introduced at Scottish Parliament building


Sanitary products are to be introduced free at the Scottish Parliament building with immediate effect it has been confirmed.

Supporting the backbone of Scotland’s economy – is enough being done?


Is enough being done to support Scotland’s local businesses? A new inquiry by the Scottish Parliament’s Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee will explore just this.

Give communities a stronger role in planning their local areas to address planning ‘frustrations’, says Committee


We want communities to have a stronger voice in planning what their neighbourhoods look like, says a Holyrood Committee today.

Prisoner voting backed by a majority of the Equalities and Human Rights Committee


Prisoners serving custodial sentences should be given the right to vote according to Holyrood’s Equalities and Human Rights Committee.

Holyrood Committee recommends ‘political solution’ to Clause 11 otherwise Parliament should not consent to EU Withdrawal Bill


Holyrood’s Finance and Constitution Committee says the disagreement over Clause 11 and Schedule 3 of the EU (Withdrawal) Bill can be resolved through “mutual trust and respect” between governments across the UK.

Our survey says: young people set the agenda for the Parliament’s Education and Skills Committee


Do some schools present university as the main path to take when college, training and work are equally valuable routes?

The treatment of Scottish patients must not be compromised or delayed warns Health Committee


The Health and Sport Committee are warning against weakening the Scottish Parliament's ability to take decisions in the best interests of Scotland once powers are devolved from the European Union (EU).

Holyrood overhauls its budget process, says Bruce Crawford MSP


MSPs have this evening formally ratified the Scottish Parliament’s new budget process (Tuesday 8 May 2018).

Parliamentary Committee publishes its findings of Brexit bill scrutiny


The Delegated Powers and Law Reform Committee (DPLR) has published its report on the supplementary Legislative Consent Memorandum (LCM) on the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill.

World-leading expert on conflict negotiations to speak at Holyrood


He is known as the ‘go-to man’ in resolving major international conflicts, is currently working on historic new relations between North and South Korea, and was a leading mediator in the Middle East, the Balkans and former Soviet Union.

Radical rethink needed on Scotland’s new Screen Unit


A Scottish Parliament committee is calling for a radical rethink on Scotland’s new Screen Unit to ensure it can help Scotland’s dynamic screen sector reach its full potential.

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