Substantial gap remains in early mental health support for young people, warn MSPs


A Scottish Parliament Committee has warned that more needs to be done to ensure that young people who need help with their mental health can access support at the earliest opportunity.

MSPs to investigate impact of Covid-19 on financial sustainability of local government in Scotland


The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Scottish council finances and whether it will lead to a “new normal” in the way some services are delivered is to be investigated by a Holyrood Committee.

MSPs seek views on incorporating European Charter into Scots law


A Bill aiming to strengthen local government in Scotland is to be scrutinised by a Holyrood Committee.

New non-executive board members of Audit Scotland announced


Two new non-executive members of Audit Scotland’s board are to be appointed by the Scottish Commission for Public Audit following an open recruitment exercise, it has been announced.

Mental health coronavirus legislation powers must be repealed, say MSPs


A Holyrood Committee has reiterated its call for unnecessary and arbitrary powers contained in emergency coronavirus legislation to be repealed in order to protect the rights of people with mental health conditions.

Committee Unanimously Approves General Principles of ‘Protection of Workers Bill’


The Economy, Energy and Fair Work Committee has today announced its unanimous support for the general principles of the ‘Protection of Workers Bill’ after it published its Stage One report on the bill.

MSPs find serious failings in medicines system which does not put patients first


A Scottish Parliament Committee inquiry into the supply and demand for medicines found an incoherent system which fails to put patients first.

Holyrood's Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee launches inquiry into a Green Recovery


Holyrood’s Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee has launched an inquiry into how Scotland can ensure that a green, just and resilient recovery is central in our response to the social and economic challenges of the COVID-19 health crisis.

Holyrood Committee seeks views on tougher penalties for ‘livestock worrying’


A draft law which would increase the penalties for dog-owners whose pets chase, attack or kill farmed animals is to be considered by a Holyrood Committee.

Progress has been too slow, Committee warns football authorities


Legislation and external regulation may be the only way to protect the rights of children and young people involved in youth football, a Scottish Parliament Committee has warned.

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