Purpose of the group

To facilitate the political, cultural, educational and economic links between Taiwan and Scotland. 

Forthcoming meetings

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Annual Return/Report

Group Officers

Group Members

Non MSP Individuals

Blanca Kao - Secretary

Hsinyen Lai

Alex MacKinnon

Angel Lin

Ariel Liu

Brian McLeish

Candy Lotus

Chen Burger

Chen Yen Fa

Chia Ling Yang

Chimin Wu

Chiu Wen Hsiung

Craig Ballard

David Birrell

Deirdre Kinloch Anderson

Donald Anderson

Douglas Kinloch Anderson

Klaus Staubermann

Gari Donn

Helen Robertson

Hung-Chieh Chang

Ellie Casson

Emma Wheater

Eric Milligan

Hsien-Lin Ro

Ian Irvin

Ian McKee

Isabella Morton

Jack Lin

Jenny Chen

Jhenyi Wu

Jim Ramage

John Kinloch Anderson

John Leighton

Kevin McLoughlin

Li Feng Su

Lindsey Low

Lisa Hsu

Lord Andrew Hardie

Martin Bell

Martin Hunt

Maya Lu Luna Schumacher-Lu

Martino Chan

Mei Jung Fu

Michael Bates

Michael Clarke

Owen Kelly

Raffkas Liu

Robert Mitchell

Roger Huang

Ron Hewitt

Sheng-Feng Huang

Simon Chiu

Siobhan Paterson

Stephen Blackmore

Steve Cardownie

Thomas Lee

Tony A.T. Shek

Tuang Jung Lee

Wei Lee Ger

Wei Sheng Hong

Wingsie Ng

Winston Wu

Yen Yi Lee

Yi Chiao Chung

Mark Hughes

Rob Munn

Toni Taylor


Scotland Taiwanese Association (STA)

Scotland Taiwan Chamber of Commerce (STCC)

Taipei Representative Office (TRO) in the UK Edinburgh Office

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Cross Party Groups and GDPR

Please note that some Cross-Party Groups have external organisations that provide secretariat support to the Group. These organisations manage your information in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. The links to the privacy policies, of the organisations that have provided them to the Scottish Parliament are available on our website.

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