Purpose of the group

To develop and enhance links between Scotland and Malawi and to provide a forum for discussion on these matters.  

Forthcoming meetings

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Annual Return/Report

Group Officers

Group Members

Non MSP Individuals

Katie Allan

Anthony Andrew

Jim Atken

Enock Bamusi

Caroline Beck

Sandra Black

Anna Boni

Stuart Brown

Colin Cameron

Patrick Carrigan

Douglas Clarke

Robert Cleghorn

Daniel Cosgrove

Hatty Cumber

Ashley Douglas

Moira Dunworth

Brian Ferguson

Carol Finlay

Claire Footit

Jane Forster

Dr. Lore Gallastegi

Jane Gebbie

Grant Gebbie

Bob Garrow

Dermot Gorman

Maureen Gowans

Nigel Harper

Eileen Henderson

Lucy Hensher

Chrissie Hirst

Paul Johnson

Webster Kameme

Andy Kerr

David Knox

Crispin Longden

Hazel MacIver

Mitchell Manson

Grace Manyika

Angus McLeod

Alison O'Connell

Siobhan O'Connor

David Osborne

Lillian Owiti

Joyce Phiri

Cat Rawlinson-Watkins

Francesca Roberts  

Denis Robson

David Somervell

Alison Steele

Peter West

Amy Westerndarp

Ben Wilson

Adah Younger


Scotland Malawi Partnership - secretary

Celsius Jompy


Celsius Jompy

Church of Scotland

Edinburgh Malawi Cancer Partnership

Edinburgh Napier University

Education Scotland

EMMS International

Footit by Design

Friends of Mulanje Orphans (FOMO)


Hon Consul Malawi

Leprosy at Utale Village

Link Community Development

Mamie Martin Fund

Open University Scotland

R.S. Garrow Ltd

RCS Edinburgh

Scottish Community Climate Action

Sense Scotland

St Andrews University

Strathclyde University

Tear Fund

The Global Concerns Trust

Turing Trust


University of Glasgow

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Cross Party Groups and GDPR

Please note that some Cross-Party Groups have external organisations that provide secretariat support to the Group. These organisations manage your information in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. The links to the privacy policies, of the organisations that have provided them to the Scottish Parliament are available on our website.

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