Future Of Football In Scotland

Purpose of the group

  1. To create a platform with key stakeholders, to discuss how football (and community football clubs) can help support the population being more active, linked to the overall National Active Framework.
  2. To highlight and promote the ‘Value of Football’ and how local communities using the Scottish FA/UEFA SROI work to help influence Government Policy. 
  3. Affordability – To debate and make recommendations on the issues of affordability for local community clubs accessing facilities.
  4. Accessibility (Community) – To debate and make recommendations on the issues facing local community clubs in relation to the accessibility of local facilities (for example, Schools lets, Community Asset Transfer).
  5. Accessibility (National) – To debate the accessibility of all Scottish football stadiums, highlighting best practice and make any suitable recommendations. 
  6. To create, a platform that highlights best practice in Scottish Football, which will enable the game to be driven forward at a national, grassroots and community level.

Forthcoming meetings

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Annual Return/Report


Group Officers

Group Members

Non MSP Individuals

Sheena McCulloch –Parliamentary Assistant to Richard Lyle MSP

Allan Stubbs –Parliamentary Assistant to Fulton MacGregor MSP

Edward Corson –Parliamentary Assistant to Richard Lyle MSP

Sean McLaughlin –Parliamentary Assistant to Christina McKelvie MSP

Lee-Anne Menzies –Parliamentary Assistant to Ash Denham MSP

Iain McMenemy –Stenhousemuir FC

Stewart McKenzie – Cumbernauld Colts FC


Scottish Football Association - secretary

Scottish Professional Football League

SPFL Trust

Scottish Women’s Football

Scottish Disabled Supporters’ Association

Scottish Football Supporters’ Association

Supporters’ Direct

Police Scotland


Professional Footballers’ Association


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