Personal Information

  • Member for: Glasgow
  • Party: Scottish Green Party
  • Date of Birth: 18 March 1973

I've had the privilege of serving as an MSP for Glasgow since 2003, and have taken a particular interest in environmental issues like climate change, as well as equality and civil liberties, food, energy, IT, and more. Perhaps the best thing about this job is the wide range of issues to get involved in - no two days are the same.

Democratic politics is hugely important, but it only works well when you let your representatives at all levels know what you think, so please keep using this site to find out what your Parliament is doing and feel free to contact your MSPs.

Religious Affiliation:


Additional Membership Information:

Equality Network 
Friends of the Earth 



    1984-1991 Dumbarton Academy

    Manchester Metropolitan University 

    Career History:

    Lanarkshire Development Worker Gay Men's Services, PHACE Scotland

    Youth Worker Gay Men's Services, PHACE Scotland 

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