Purpose of the group

The Cross-Party Group on China seeks to promote relations between Scotland and China, not only in recognition of the crucial importance of China as an economic power, but also of the role of China as a cultural force. The Group seeks to work with organisations and authorities to increase cultural, educational and economic exchange between the two countries, to develop a dialogue with the Chinese Consulate in Edinburgh, and to engage with the Chinese community in Scotland. 

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Annual Return/Report

Group Officers

Group Members

Non MSP Individuals

Siyi Chen - secretary

James Anderson 

Nigel Archdale 

Alex Avramenko 

Eric Balish 

Ian Baxter 

Martin Bell 

Anouck Berthier 

Robert Brennan 

James Brodie 

Helena Brown 

Susan Brown 

Michael Burns 

Sharon Cheng 

Roger Collins 

Carole Couper 

Matt Cross

Robert Dalzell 

Jane Davidson 

Jim Dixon 

Feyrouz Djabali 

Gari Don 

Jane Duckett 

Carolyn Dunion 

Tariq Durrani 

Barbara Fennell-Clark 

Sheila Forbes 

Helen Ford 

Yuwen Fortune 

Linda Fu 

Natascha Gentz 

Yu Gonghua 

Ian Gow 

Katy Gow 

Cathy Gu 

Jessica Guo 

Michael Xin Guo 

Alexia Haramis 

Alistair Hamilton 

Megan Hammell 

Ross Haston 

Matthew Heap 

Nigel Hedley 

Caroline Henderson 

Jocelyn Heron 

Edmund Hoffie 

Loki Holbourn 

Zhang Hong 

Isabel Hui Lui 

Isabella Jackson 

Meryl James 

Richard Jin (Jin Ri)

Owen Kelly 

Greg Kennedy 

Savanna Kenny 

Jamie Kerr 

Alick Kitchin 

Marcus Kneen 

Peter Kwok 

Christopher Land 

Fan Lin 

Wei Lin 

Orchid Liu 

Catriona Llanwarne 

Elaine Logan 

Lindesay Low 

Martin Low 

Aofei Lu 

Linus Liu 

Mike Lynch 

Ping Ma 

Simon Macaulay 

Catriona MacDonald 

Eoghann MacColl 

Donald MacDonald 

Andrew Mackie 

Helen Mackie 

Nick Mackie 

Fiona Maclean 

James MacMillan 

Farai Magodo 

Clare Maitland 

Henry Maitles 

Judith McClure 

Jim McColm 

Susie McCosh

Archie McGlynn 

Petra MClay 

John McKenzie 

Judith McKerrecher 

Shaun McPhee 

Colin Mitchell 

Rosemary Mitchell 

Leigh Morris 

Tim Musson 

Kam Leung Ng (Tommy) 

Wing-Sie Ng 

Wing-Yan Ng 

Lola Nicolas 

Ruairidh Nicolson 

Gordon Ogilvie 

Margie Ogilvie-Stuart 

Patrick O’Kane 

Fiona Pate 

Siobhan Paterson 

Graeme Pearson 

Adam Purvis 

Shilong Quo 

Douglas Rae 

Jim Reid 

Lindsay Rinning 

Andrew Ritchie 

Ken Robinson 

Alan Salonika 

Ellie Sandercock 

Jim Scott 

Rachael Scott 

John Somers 

Marion Sporing 

Sean Sproull 

Jim Reid

Alicia Tawil 

Dorothy Thomas 

Ed Thomson 

Graham Thompson 

James Trolland 

Edward Tsang 

Iain Valentine 

Ziying Wang 

Oliver Wessely 

Karin Wilson 

Jonathan Wilson 

Andrew Welsh 

Nathan Woolley 

Alan Wright 

Jean J. Ye 

Deborah Yeo 

Lucy Young 

Angus Gonghua Yu 

Ping Zhang 

Dr Hong Zhang 

Kiren Zubairi


Angus Council 

Apple Green Homes 

Armadale Academy 

Asia Scotland Institute 

Baillie Gifford

Barclays Corporate 

Blackford Trust 

British Council Scotland 

Burness Paull LLP 

China Britain Business Council Scotland 

Clyde Blowers Capital 

Confucius Institute for Scotland at the University of Edinburgh 

Confucius Institute at the University of Glasgow

Confucius Institute for Scotland’s Schools at the University of Strathclyde 

Confucius Institute at the University of Aberdeen 

Confucius Institute at Heriot-Watt University 

Department of Asian Studies at the University of Edinburgh 

Dumfries and Galloway College 

East Ayrshire Council 

Edinburgh Academy 

Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce 

Edinburgh College 

Education Scotland 

G7 Consultants Ltd 

Glasgow Caledonian University 

Great Wall Consultancy 

Heriot-Watt University 

Howden Group 

Liberton High School 

Loretto School 

Lothian and Borders Police 

MacLean Commercial Consultancy 

North Lanarkshire Council 

Positive Solutions (Glasgow) 

Repsol Neuvas Energias UK Limited 

Ricefields Arts Centre 

Ridrum International 

Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh 

Royal Zoological Society of Scotland 

Scotland China Education Network (SCEN) 

Scottish Borders Council S

cottish Centre for Chinese Social Science Research at the University of Glasgow 

Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) 

Scottish Development International Scottish Financial Enterprise 

St George’s School Edinburgh

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