Scotch Whisky

Purpose of the group

The main purpose of the Cross-Party Group on Scotch Whisky is to promote a better understanding of the Scotch Whisky industry to members of the Scottish Parliament. The industry plays a key role in Scotland with regards to the economy, exports, jobs, tourism, the environment and tackling alcohol misuse. This group will provide the forum to discuss these important issues with MSPs from all parties alongside key people from within the Scotch Whisky industry.


Annual Return/Report

Group Officers

Group Members

Non MSP Individuals

James Johnston, Chair of The Malt Whisky Trail

Orchid Lui, UK Chinese Times


Scotch Whisky Association - secretary

Chivas Brothers


Perspectiva Consultants


Caledonia Public Affairs


Scottish Enterprise

Scottish Craft Distillers Association

Forth Ports

Stolt Tank Containers

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