What are Cross-Party Groups?

Cross-Party Groups (CPGs) provide an opportunity for Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) to engage with external stakeholders on a particular subject.  

CPGs are not formal parliamentary business and should not be confused with the Parliament’s committee system. They do not have any power to introduce issues formally into the parliamentary or government systems.

CPGs do not have access to any financial or staffing resources, other than is necessary for CPGs to meet in the Parliament. Should CPGs require translation services, catering, travel costs for attendees/speakers or equipment (other than is publicly available in the meeting rooms), these costs cannot be met by the Parliament. Costs can be met by the external secretariat as long as any costs that exceed £500 are declared on the registration and annual return forms. CPGs can also charge all members of the Group a subscription to cover these costs. 

Applications for recognition as a CPG must be submitted to the Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee for approval and only those Groups approved by the Committee are permitted to use the title ‘Cross-Party Group in the Scottish Parliament’.

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